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  • Brown Roy - Rocks (CD)


    1-CD Digipak with 36-page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.
    Roy Brown, one of the all-time greats of early rhythm ’n’ blues and jointly responsible for the breakthrough success of rock and roll – ROCKS!
    His Good Rocking Tonight from 1948 is regarded as an epitome of early rocking R&B and constitutes a cornerstone of R’n’R!
    That rocker and 29 additional tunes in the most comprehensive CD series on Bear Family Records® are pure energy from a fantastic blues shouter!

    The album features recordings from 1948-51 (DeLuxe), 1952-55 (King), 1956-58 (Imperial) and 1960 (Home of the Blues), including Rockin’ At Midnight, Boogie At Midnight, Butcher Pete, Hurry Hurry Baby, Gal From Kokomo and Ain’t No Rocking No More.
    Carefully mastered and accompanied by a detailed biography of Bill Dahl in the illustrated 36-page booklet, this CD fits seamlessly into the series of great rockers in our ROCKS series!

  • Briggs Lillian - Diddy Boppers – Juke Box Pearls (CD)


    1-CD Digipak with 36-page booklet, 32 tracks. Total playing approx. 77 min.

    With Lillian Briggs, the ’Juke Box Pearls’ CD series on Bear Family Records® brings a brilliant but little-appreciated artist into the limelight.
    32 songs from 1955 to 1961, located somewhere between pop and rock’n’roll.
    Mostly up-tempo numbers plus magnificently arranged pop, rarities and hits – including Diddy Boppers and three different versions of the classic I Want You To Be My Baby and two rare, previously unreleased recordings by the Lillian Briggs Orchestra.
    The 36-page color booklet includes a biography written by renowned music journalist Bill Dahl and many rare photos and memorabilia!

  • Various - Wonder of Woolworths! – The Embassy Records Story 1955-1962 (2CD) (CD)

  • McDonald Skeets - Rock It, But Don’t Wreck It – Singles As and Bs 1956-1962 (CD)

  • Beau-Marks - Clap Your Hands…Once Again! – Complete Singles 1959-1962 and More! (CD)

  • Gallion Bob - Wall To Wall Love – 1956-1962 (CD)

  • Carroll Johnny - Crazy Rockin’ – The Singles 1956-1962 (CD)

  • Martin Grady - In Session – Hillbilly, Rockabilly, and Beyond (CD)

  • Various - Chuck Berry Sound (CD)


    The Chuck Berry sound contains thirty up-tempo titles recorded from 1955 thru 1963. The Enrapturing rhythm rockers are cover-versions or inspired by the boss guitar man Chuck Berry´s legacy.

  • Merritt Max And The Meteors - Get A Haircut – The Complete Recordings 1958-1963 (CD)


    Max Merritt and The Meteors were New Zealand’s first and hottest rockin’ band who during the vibrant years 1959 through to 1963 championed the new music in their birth land and Australia. Rockstar Records collection Get A Haircut showcases the trailblazing sound of rock ’n’ roll music in the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres.” Rockstar Records present a 24 track CD album entitled Max Merritt and The Meteors, Get A Haircut. The CD album is programmed in chronological order and comprised of original and cover songs from the years 1959 through to 1963. The Rockstar Records anthology is shone upon Max Merritt and The Meteors who were the longest-lived and the most popular band from New Zealand in the rock ’n’ roll era. They were the hottest band to set the trend in New Zealand, and their legacy for this release comprises; four 45 RPMs and the songs from their LP C’mon Let’s Go.

    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

  • Various - School House Rock Vol.1 – School Is In! (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 34 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    On two individual CDs, Bear Family Records® explores an important stage of life that we have all gone through: School!
    34 Songs on this first edition describe what went on at school, the having to go, class tests, teachers – but also the exciting sides, pranks, school parties, romances, love and pain.
    The CD provides the soundtrack for our personal journey through time, garage rockabilly like Boppin’ High School Baby, Frankie Lymon’s Waiting in School, John D. Loudermilk’s tearjerker Yearbook, Frankie Avalon’s Teacher’s Pet or rockabilly bangers like High School Lover, and so on and so forth.

    In his humorous liner notes, head teacher Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber makes sure that nothing unseemly happens … despite the rock’n’roll.
    Fine re-mastering and plenty of illustrations in the booklet round off part one of the school project.

  • Starr Randy - Presley Style – Lost Elvis Songwriter Demos Vol. 1 (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 -page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

    Following the great success of P.J. Proby’s CD album of demo recordings, Bear Family Records® releases more elaborately produced demos recorded exclusively for Elvis.
    Between 1963 and 1968, Randy Starr wrote and produced around 70 songs in New York City, 35 can be found on this CD, six of which Elvis selected and recorded for the soundtracks of his feature films!

    A sensational number of 34 tracks released for the first time ever, mastered from copies of the original tapes.

    Randy Starr sings 14 songs, 13 are by Kenny Karen, the singers of the remaining tracks are Malcolm Dodds and Jerry Keller.
    The illustrated and extensive booklet contains detailed liner notes by British Elvis expert and collector Trevor Simpson, based on interviews he recently conducted with Randy Starr.

  • Jones Tom - Live Duets 1969-1972 (2CD) (CD)

  • Orbison Roy - Only The Lonely – 25 Unreleased Demo Recordings (CD)


    Only 200 copies have been made and it won’t be re-pressed.

  • Right Or Wrong 4CD Box set-0

    Jackson Wanda - Right Or Wrong (4CD Boxset + BOOK) (CD)


    Kaikki Wandan raidat vuosilta 1954-1962 Mukana upea kirja, Bear Familyn tyyliä! ! mahtavia kuvia, tämän jälkeen ei Wandan levyjä tarvi ostella, paitsi tietysti se jatkoboxi. 

    Queen Of Rockabilly & Rock`n`Roll.


  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 45 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of Imperial Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 -page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The 45th edition in the popular ’That’ll Flat Git It!’ CD series on Bear Family Records® explores the rockabilly and R’n’R catalog of Imperial Records, a genre-busting L.A. label.
    Among the popular rock stars on Imperial were Ricky Nelson, The Burnette Brothers, Merle Kilgore, Lew Williams, Laura Lee Perkins, Dennis Herrold, Jackie Walker and Bob Luman.
    Lesser known but musically by no means less important names round off the project.
    Extensive liner notes by Chicago music historian Bill Dahl and remastered recordings from the best possible sources provide additional listening pleasure – non-stop rocking!

    Lew Chudd’s Los Angeles-based Imperial Records had the roots music field covered like a blanket during the ‘50s: country, rockabilly, R&B (especially of the New Orleans variety), and several more sub-genres distinguished its catalog in great abundance.

    Bear Family’s ‘That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 45’ is devoted to a deep dive into Imperial’s vast archives, digging up 35 gems by some of the label’s top names. Three rockers by Imperial’s favorite teen idol Ricky Nelson are aboard, as are classics by The Burnette Brothers, Merle Kilgore, Lew Williams, Laura Lee Perkins, Dennis Herrold, Jackie Walker, and Bob Luman.

    But this series is known for its super-obscurities, so there are plenty of those on offer by Tommy Lomonte, The Leen Teens, Jay Blue, Sonny Anderson and Slick Slavin, just for starters.

    Freddy Fender in his formative years and New Orleans jump blues shouter Roy Brown are here too, and there’s a flat-out slab of romping Crescent City R&B by the fiery Gloria Jean Pitts. This set is a non-stop rocking delight!

  • Various - Monster-O-Rama Vol. 3 LP + CD (LP)


    No less than five vampire songs!!! Dracula is the big winner of the new Monster-O-Rama compilation, third of the name. But we also come across the abominable snowman, zombies, werewolves and even cavemen. Sacred bestiary. Funny, horror, illusions, tricks and a ghost train… El Vidocq gives us the idea of ​​cardboard monsters again. The Cramps in a broke film by Ed Wood, Nino Ferrer embarked on a Méliès-style journey… Because music also has its little effects!!! Rockabilly, Surf, Novelty, Rock, Cha-cha-cha… it’s going to groove seriously for Halloween. Songs in English, in Spanish, two titles in French (oh la la)…. There is even a Mexican title: Fake monsters, all around the world, united! And not to spoil anything, the superb cover illustrated by Alexandre Clerisse will delight all fans of the genre!

  • Various - Destination Jail Vol. 2 – 24 More Songs From Behind The Bars (CD)


    1-CD with 12-page booklet, 24 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

    With ’Destination Jail, Vol. 2’, Bear Family Records® offers another intriguing collection of blues and rhythm & blues obscurities and classics from the ’40s to the ’60s about life behind bars.
    It deals with the various elements of the US justice system: prison = county farm, chain gang; jail and penitentiary.
    Among the better-known highlights are Jailhouse Rock by Frankie Lymon, the heartbreaking Please Mr. Jailer by Wynona Carr, the Prisoner’s Song by Fats Domino – in this case a classic from the Anglo-Celtic tradition – and the tongue-in-cheek Good Morning Judge by Wynonie Harris.
    An exciting introduction to an important topic of Afro-American roots music, with liner notes by Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber and originals remastered with finesse.

    Incarceration is a frequent theme in American roots music, especially in blues and rhythm & blues. African American life in the New World started in chains and endured slavery and segregation. Despite significant changes initiated during the second half of the 20th century, equality has not yet reached all strata of society.

    The percentage of African Americans sentenced to time in prison is considerably higher than that of other demographic groups. Frequent analysis also reveals statistics that African Americans most likely receive longer prison sentences than white Americans.

    This is a sensitive topic, and one might wonder how this compilation of African American popular music from the 40s to 60s fits into the lighter and novelty-laden ’Destination’ Series. See and listen for yourself.

    In contrast to old-time and early country music, where the theme continued the Anglo-Celtic tradition of the murder ballad, jail, in the African American tradition, is no metaphor for self-reflection and transformation. Incarceration does not serve as a mirror of one’s self; it is the mirror image of a sickening society.

    With ’Destination Jail, Vol. 2′, Bear Family Records® offers an intriguing collection of blues and rhythm & blues – obscurities and classics dealing with life behind bars. The songs feature all the various elements of the US detention system: prison – county farm, chain gang, prison, and penitentiary.

    Among the better-known highlights, we find Jailhouse Rock by Frankie Lymon (who pleaded not to be a juvenile delinquent), Wynona Carr’s heart-breaking Please Mr. Jailer, Prisoner’s Song by Fats Domino – in this case, a classic form the Anglo Celtic tradition, and the tongue-in-cheek Good Morning Judge by Wynonie Harris.

    This compilation offers various styles. It also presents multiple viewpoints – from gallows humor, the laughing-to-keep-from-crying approach, the cry for help, and the promise of redemption.

    Bear Family Records®’ new compilation, ’Destination Jail, Vol. 2’ is an exciting and wallet-friendly introduction to a significant African American roots music topic.

  • Bond Eddie - Rocks (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

    Eddie Bond Rocks! 35-track CD on Bear Family Records® contains the very essence of Memphis rockabilly.
    14 recordings from Bond’s ‘50s career (recorded for Ekko, Mercury and Sun/PI), 15 tracks recorded for Millionaire, Stomper Time etc. in the ‘60s, and six songs from his rockabilly revival years of the 1970s.
    The booklet contains a detailed biography by Martin Hawkins based on interviews with Eddie Bond a.o., full session details and phenomenal period photos.
    Carefully re-mastered from original master copies and reliable sources.

    Very few singers had a better rocking pedigree than Eddie Bond. He was born in Memphis, so when he made his first discs in 1955 and 1956 he was at the epicenter of the new rockabilly sounds. He became identified as the ‘rockin’ daddy from ding dong Tennessee’ described in his best-selling disc.
    Through 1956 to 1959, Bond was hot stuff, playing shows with Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and all the other singers from Memphis whose music spoke to a whole new generation.

    Eddie Bond (1933-2013) started and ended as a country singer, but his bands always contained musicians who could play rockabilly with the best of them. From his first sessions to his last Eddie always chose to record some rocking songs. His Mercury discs with Reggie Young on guitar were classics of the rockabilly style. Later, Eddie became a Memphis disc jockey, night club owner, record label owner, and more.

    This rocking 35-track CD contains the very essence of Memphis rockabilly. Here are 14 recordings from Eddie Bond’s 1950s career (recorded by Ekko, Mercury and Sun/PI), 15 tracks recorded for his own and other local labels (Millionaire, Stomper Time etc.) in the 1960s, and 6 recordings from his rockabilly revival years of the 1970s when he became a favorite visitor to Europe. These are all high-quality rocking performances.

    The booklet contains a detailed biography by Martin Hawkins based on interviews with Eddie Bond and others, full session details and some phenomenal period photos.

    His obituary in the ‘Memphis Commercial Appeal’ said: ‘Mr. Bond was many things: a sharp wheeler-dealer with a silver tongue; a canny trend-watcher with a keen eye for talent, a slicked-back rockabilly cat with a country heart.’
    So, in other words, Eddie Bond rocks!

  • Various - Mighty Good – Boy meets Girls (3CD) (CD)


    Upea paketti Rockstar Recordsilta.

    This set features four complete episodes of “Boy Meets Girls” alongside excerpts from several other episodes. In addition to classic “must hear” sets by Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, you will hear Johnny Cash (in his first UK TV appearance) backed by Joe Brown and The Firing Squad, the “Italian Elvis” Little Tony, the versatile Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, Michael Cox, Adam Faith, Ronnie Hawkins, Jess Conrad and many others in performances which for the most part have not been heard since transmission in 1959 and 1960. The sleeve notes trace the development of the show and where possible, details for each episode have been provided, a task made difficult due to the scripts meeting the same fate as the TV episodes themselves. Jack Good was a pivotal force in the pre-Beatle years of British popular music. His influence on Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury and Johnny Kidd was essential to their success and his TV series (“6.5 Special”, “Oh Boy!”, “Boy Meets Girls” and “Wham!!”) were critical to the development of pop music TV in the UK – from “Ready Steady Go” all the way through to “The Tube”. British radio and TV archival practice (ie. throw it in the bin) has deprived original viewers and future generations of the chance to check out the mighty Good’s work but “Boy Meets Girls” has now, in part, been rescued from archival oblivion. Rockstar Records proudly presents “Mighty Good”. We think you’ll find that it’s rather good !

  • Joy Benny - Rocks (CD)


    1-CD Digipak with 36-page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    Bear Family Records® dedicates a CD album in its popular Rocks series to Benny Joy.
    For the first time ever, this R’n’R compilation combines his outstanding 1950s singles with a multitude of fantastic rocking band demos first released in the ’70s and ’80s!
    In addition to classics like Miss Bobby Sox, Crash The Party, Spin The Bottle, Button Nose, Rollin’ The Juke Box Rock and Little Red Book, Bear Family also provides lesser-known gems like Wild Wild Lover, Gossip, Gossip, Gossip, I’m Gonna Move, Love Zone, two instrumental rockers Money, Money and Rebel Rock and and and …!
    Carefully remastered edition; the beautifully illustrated booklet contains detailed liner notes by Roland Heinrich.

    Benny Joy, who was born on November 5, 1935 in Atlanta, Georgia and whose real name was Benjamin Eidson, was an American rock & roll and rockabilly singer who released singles for Tri-Dec, Dixie, Antler, Ram and Decca during his music career. In 1958, Joy managed to be one of the first rockabilly singers to be part of a European tour, alongside the Platters, Barry DeVorzon and numerous other artists. The tour went through Italy, France and Germany, among other countries.

    Benny Joy unfortunately failed to achieve commercial musical success and his singles are highly sought after in collector circles today, but he did have success as a songwriter under his civil name Benny Eidson and wrote songs for Marty Robbins, Jackie Wilson, Charlie Rich, Johnny Cash and Carl Smith, among others – and quite successfully!

    With the rock & roll and rockabilly revival of the 1970s and 1980s, his recordings were made available to the rock & roll public and hit like a bomb!

    Bear Family Records® focuses primarily on the rare demo recordings from 1957/’58 unearthed by Cees Kloop and White Label from the 1970s onwards, which are of incredibly good quality and recorded with a full band.

    Benny Joy died of cancer in October 1988 at the age of 52.

  • Dion - On The Dancefloor With Dion DiMucci (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 78 min.

    Bear Family Records® welcomes Dion DiMucci – one of the most successful artists of his generation – to our ’Dancefloor’ series.
    He was the lead singer in Dion and The Belmonts (I Wonder Why, A Teenager In Love, Where Or When) and as a solo artist landed major hits such as Lonely Teenager, Runaround Sue, The Wanderer, Ruby Baby and Donna The Prima Donna.
    This album, compiled by Nico Feuerbach with liner notes written by Bill Dahl based on a interview with Dion, describes Dion’s career from a ’50s rocker to a ’60s pop star!
    Dion: popular worldwide at the latest since the Warner film success ’The Wanderers’ in 1979.
    The American singer and songwriter Dion DiMucci, or Dion for short, was born in 1939 in the Bronx, New York City. With his vocal group Dion & The Belmonts, he landed the first doo-wop and R’n’R hits in the late 1950s. He left the Belmonts around 1960 and they continued to work without him.

    Dion is best known for his solo career with great pop hits such as Lonely Teenager, Runaround Sue, The Wanderer, Ruby Baby and Donna The Prima Donna. He skillfully combined elements of doo-wop, R&B and rock ’n’ roll and matured into a versatile and influential figure in the early years of rock music. Over time, he continued to develop as an artist, successfully exploring various genres such as blues and folk.

    Dion’s influence on the industry and popular music has been significant, his contributions from the early era of rock ’n’ roll have cemented his place among the greats of popular music. In 1989, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    With ’On The Dancefloor With Dion DiMucci’ Bear Family Records® releases an entertaining but above all danceable compilation of some of his greatest songs and beyond!

  • Various - Bear Family Records Rocks Vol. 1 (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 -page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    With more than 70 CD releases since 2002, the ’Rocks’ series on Bear Family Records® is one of the most successful and extensive in our catalog.
    Specializing in artist CDs full to the brim, ’Rocks’ presents R&B pioneers as well as popular and obscure rockers of various origins.
    The compilation ’Bear Family Records ROCKS, Vol. 1’ provides a thorough overview of the genre – featuring 30 outstanding rocking jumping R&B, R’n’R and blues performers such as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Jimmy Reed, Slim Harpo, the Drifters, etc.
    The ’Rocks’ series is characterized by excellent sound quality and informative liner notes by Bill Dahl from Chicago – as is the case here with this extremely entertaining cross-section.

    Bear Family’s mammoth series of ‘Rocks’ CDs have set a lofty standard for savage rocking. ‘Bear Family Records ROCKS, Vol. 1 – Rockers and Rhythm ’n’ Blues From The 1950s’ is sure to rip the roof off any no-holds-barred juke joint soiree, its 30 selections ranging from New Orleans R&B legends Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, and Smiley Lewis to guitar scorchers Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown and Bo Diddley.

    Chuck Berry and Little Richard show why they’re regarded as the fathers of rock and roll, though their forefathers Big Joe Turner, Amos Milburn, and Roy Milton and His Solid Senders illustrate that jumping R&B thrived long before the emergence of either one of them.

    The set offers plenty of rocking blues via Jimmy Reed, Little Junior Parker, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup, Champion Jack Dupree, and Slim Harpo, encompasses the era’s top vocal groups in the ‘50s R&B field with The Coasters, Drifters, Midnighters, “5” Royales, and Cadillacs, and pays loving tribute to the best lounge acts ever with storming entries by The Treniers and Louis Prima.

    Every one of these 30 artists has his or her own entry in the ‘Rocks’ series save one: Johnny Otis, whose Good Golly makes it obvious that he deserves the honor in the not-too-distant future. Get ready to rock, jump, and roll with this one!

  • Various - Spotlight on Sylvester Bradford – Ific (CD)


    Spotlight On Sylvester Bradford, Ific, Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-198) contains thirty recordings. The songs which Sylvester Bradford did not compose or co-compose feature him as either a harmony vocalist, or pianist, and usually he undertook both roles. His only solo release for Atco Records, I Like Girls, and I Live Just To Love You are reissued for the first time, as is Vodka by The Golden Highlights. Songs benefiting from Bradford’s imaginative writing, often with the assistance from his writing partner Al Lewis include; Tears On My Pillow, (Chuck Jacksons version is featured) I’m Ready (Fats Domino), Lovin’ With A Beat (The El Tones), Walkin’ Home From School, and Right Now, (Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps).

    This thirty song Koko Mojo album places the spotlight on an over-looked 1950s artist, whose contribution to music needs to be acknowledged. Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

  • Various - The Holiday Inn Label 100 Series Anthology – ”Slap-Back (LP+CD) (LP)


    Rockstar Records (RSR50102) 12-inch LP The Holiday Inn Label cherry picks sixteen Holiday Inn 45 RPMs and includes two Holiday Inn Jingles which have never been reissued. The 12-inch LP showcases the Memphis, Tennessee Holiday Inn label’s 100 series output, of which only a handful of the label’s titles have previously been reissued. The free CD which comes with the album contains all the 100 series output, plus one bonus song from the Klondike label which the company purchased. The 100 series was active from 1961 through to 1963, and the performers signed directly to the label were mainly unknown. The buy-in songs are from; Frank (Andy) Starr, Buck Griffin, and Charlie Feathers. This compilation is the most comprehensive reissue of the legendary label and provides a musical treat of; Rockabilly, Rock ’n’ Roll, Instrumental, and Popcorn music. Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany The Holiday Inn Label, Rock Star Records (RSR50102) 12-inch LP

  • Various - The Holiday Inn Label 100 Series Anthology – ”Slap-Back (CD)


    Rockstar Records (RSR50103) CD album The Holiday Inn Label reissues all the Memphis, Tennessee label’s 45 RPMs many of which have never been reissued. The CD includes two unissued Holiday Inn Jingles, and one bonus song from the Klondike label which the company purchased.

    ”The CD’s focus is placed upon the 100 series was active from 1961 through to 1963, and the performers signed directly to the label were mainly unknown. The buy-in songs are from; Frank (Andy) Starr, Buck Griffin, and Charlie Feathers. This compilation is the most comprehensive reissue of the legendary label and provides a musical treat of; Rockabilly, Rock ’n’ Roll, Instrumental, and Popcorn music.”
    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

  • Various - Buffalo Bop - Monster Bop (CD)


    Upea kauhu-rock`n`roll-rockabllly (Halloween) kokoelma!

  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 43 – Rockabilly & Country Bop From The Vaults Of Allstar Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The now 43rd installment in the popular rockabilly CD series with detailed label portraits on Bear Family Records® is dedicated to the Texas label Allstar Records.
    On Allstar itself and its two subsidiaries, Kool and Nu-Craft, great country and rockabilly recordings by well-known and rather obscure musicians have appeared.

    A fascinating mix of country songs and hard-hitting rockabilly by musicians like Johnny Bush, Eddie Noack, Rocky Williams and Wiley Barkdull a.o.

    In the extensive illustrated booklet, music historian Bill Dahl tells the story of the Houston-based label founded by Dan Mechura in detail, providing brief biographies and discographical details of each artist and recording.
    Re-mastered recordings from the best accessible sources.

    Dan Mechura’s Houston-based Allstar Records had a different business plan from the lion’s share of his country and rockabilly competitors. For a fee, Mechura and his cohorts would accept lyrics from amateur songwriters through the mail and fashion them into completed songs, recording the final product with a surprisingly impressive roster of singers and sidemen.

    By no means was everything Allstar and its Kool and Nu-Craft subsidiary labels done that way, but a fair amount was – resulting in some intriguing listening.

    Bear Family takes an in-depth look at Allstar’s obscure output on this edition of ‘That’ll Flat Git It!,’ uncovering some splendid obscurities by surprisingly well-known names.

    Johnny Bush’s first two singles came out on Allstar in 1958, and there are memorable entries by veteran country vocalists Link Davis, Eddie Noack, Lawton Williams, Earl Aycock, and Smilin’ Jerry Jericho.

    Adrian Roland’s Imitation Of Love beat the odds to become a national country hit in 1960, while Johnny Watson (not the famed blues guitarist), Bobby Clanton and The Citations, Jerry Matthews, Tommy Graham, and Mechura himself (as Daniel James with Rock Moon Rock) supply tough rockabilly, Rocky Williams tears through Rock Cinderella, and Wiley Barkdull’s insane guitar instrumental Tiger By The Tail rocks harder than anything coming out of Houston in 1964!

  • Joy Benny - Untold Stories – Rare and Unreleased Masters, Unearthed (10″LP+CD) (10``LP)


    Todella komia 10″LP ja CD paketti. Ei paljonkaan mene päällekkäin Rockstar julkaisun Little Red Bookin kanssa, joten ehdoton hankinta.

  • Reynolds Jody - The Endless Sleep Man 1958-1962 (CD)


    JODY REYNOLDS is no doubt destined to be erroneously remembered as a ’One Hit Wonder’ for his very first record, the million-selling ’Endless Sleep’.

    Once heard, never forgotten, its spooky, reverb-laden vocals and Al Casey’s rumbling guitar lent dramatic tension to the disc, bestowing instant ’killer’ status on it.

    However, his follow up, the similarly-crafted ’Fire Of Love’ (which would later be revived, memorably, by both the MC5 and Gun Club), also dented the US Top 100.

    Reynolds went on to record a powerful, wholly underrated body of work, which even includes a couple of Instro 45s, with his backing group The Storms, featuring him on lead guitar.

    This compilation is an attempt to anthologise all his releases between 1958-62, across seven different labels.

    Included herein are a number of sides which are serious collectors’ rarities, impossible to find elsewhere on CD.