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  • Lawrence Theo - A Country Mile (10``LP)


    No tulihan sitä myyntiin.

  • Lucky Steve & the Black Forest Ramblers - Got Something On My Mind (10``LP)

  • Cactus Candies - Candle Light Rodeo (10``LP)


    The Cactus Candies is a sweet and hot combo from Nantes, France, whose music is dedicated to the early era of country music: the hillbilly and western swing of the 1950s”.

  • Dead South - Easy Listening For Jerks Pt. 1 (10``LP)


    Part 1 of 2 EPs. Carter Family meets Addams Family in Easy Listening for Jerks, two new covers EPs by gold-certified prairie pickers The Dead South. Rich with quality finger picking and replete with harmonies, Easy Listening for Jerks offers many new moods of songs we think we know so well. Under a title that recalls the songwriting humour of Roger Miller and Steve Martin’s comedy stylings alike, the EPs offer a surprising and compelling mix of gravity and levity. Foggy Mountain Boys, but make it Beetlejuice.

  • Dead South - Easy Listening For Jerks Pt. 2 (10``LP)


    Part 2 of 2 EPs. Carter Family meets Addams Family in Easy Listening for Jerks, two new covers EPs by gold-certified prairie pickers The Dead South. Rich with quality finger picking and replete with harmonies, Easy Listening for Jerks offers many new moods of songs we think we know so well. Under a title that recalls the songwriting humour of Roger Miller and Steve Martin’s comedy stylings alike, the EPs offer a surprising and compelling mix of gravity and levity. Foggy Mountain Boys, but make it Beetlejuice.

  • Truffle Valley Boys - Looking For An Old Fashioned Church (10``LP)


    Founded in 2014 by Matt Ringressi and american roots music veteran Ruben Minuto (who continues to collaborate with the band occasionally), the Truffle Valley Boys have placed themselves at the forefront of the Blue Grass music scene in Europe.

    They perform authentic Blue Grass in the most uncompromising way, around a single microphone and using period instrumentation, with the utmost attention to musical and aesthetic details, a fiery drive and a healthy dose of good-natured entertainment!

    With thousands of miles traveled each year headlining major festivals and events, the band has won unanimous approval all over Europe for their live performances, and their records have received worldwide airplay and enthusiastic reviews on publications like Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Today…the Boys are even featured in a permanent exibith at the Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame And Museum in Owensboro, KY!

    The Truffle Valley Boys’ show is a real throwback to era gone by, and their music is a tribute to the genuine, raw and powerful sounds of the more obscure regional Blue Grass acts of the 1950s…full steam ahead, indee

  • Ranch Girls And Their Ragtime Wranglers - Kokomo / Tennessee Saturday Night (78 rpm single) (10``LP)


    Limited edition of 250 copies

  • Hop Skip Right Over That Stump-0

    Okeh Wranglers - Hop Skip Right Over That Stump (10``LP)

  • Barnyard Favorites 10``LP-0

    Smith`s Ranch Boys - Barnyard Favorites (10``LP)


    Loistava Hillbilly-rockabilly bändi. Kitarassa ex-Fly Rite Trio TK Smith!

  • Step It Up And Go!-0

    Tennessee Rhythm Riders ‎ - Step It Up And Go! (10``LP)

  • Rattlesnakes-0

    Wheels Fargo & the Nightingale - Rattlesnakes (10``LP)


    The original trendsetting band composed by well known musicians of the italian rockabilly scene, Wheels Fargo & the Nightingale bring on stage a different kind of hillbilly vintage sound unheard in these areas that quickly infected many bands around Europe with the rough sound of banjo, mandolin and fiddle. The quintet presents a choice of traditional 30’s to 50’s country-bluegrass songs, filtered by a strong boppin’rhythm, plus many original compositions, lyrics and music by Antonella Tambakiotis.
    Antonella’s extremely high-toned leading voice supported by bluegrass style choruses, banjo, double bass, rhythm guitar, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar and washboard , strongly marks this unique Wheels Fargo & the Nightingale vintage combo.

    The band toured all the most important european Rockabilly, country and roots festivals like Rhythm Riot (UK), Walldorf Rock’n’ Roll Weekender Germany (two editions) , Vintage Roots Festival Italy (two editions), Motorcycle Gang Jamboree Italy, Hillbilly Rumble Germany, Good Rockin’ Tonight France (two editions), Moondogs Weekender Italy, Nicole’n’Roll Weekender France, Mirande Country festival France, Dream Fish Custom France, Wien Rockabilly Attack Austria, Summer Jamboree Italy, American Journey’s festival Cambrai (FR) . In 2014 the band successfully toured Russia ( Moscow and Saint Petersbourg) , plus Greasy Days Festival South France, Old Drippers Fest France, Hemsby #53 England, Craponne Country Rendevouz France.. 2015 the band minitours Copenhagen (Denmark), Monster Hot Rockers France, South Side Rumble Swiss, The Rose Maddox Tribute Night Montrevel en Bresse, Trash Town Rockabilly Weekender 2016 (CH), Hoedown Weekender #5 (UK) ….and many more to come!

  • Banjara 10"LP-0

    Don Cavalli - Banjara 10″LP (10``LP)


    Upea uutuus ! Erittäin rajoitettu painos!

  • Bungalow Sessions - Original Soundtrack from the Directed by Nicolas Drolc-0

    Various - Bungalow Sessions – Original Soundtrack from the Directed by Nicolas Drolc (10``LP)

  • Bonanza 10"EP-0

    Hardwrights / Mad Sin / Pornomat - Bonanza 10″EP (10``LP)

  • Rock Me Daddy-O-0

    Mike Penny & His Moonshiners - Rock Me Daddy-O (10``LP)


    Mike Penny & his Moonshiners are back with their third album by Rhythm Bomb Records and reconnect with “Texas Boogie”. Musically richer and more sophisticated, they continue to follow the path that their idols have established at the end of the forties up to the beginning of the 1950s: with “Rock Me Daddy-O”, the Country & Western elements move in the background and are replaced by Jumping Jive, Boogie and Rhythm’n Blues (greetings from Bill Haley). This makes “Rock Me Daddy-O” the most danceable album from the five Hillbillies and should not be missing at any party.

    Worth mentioning in addition to the danceable Jive numbers such as “Daddy-O-Rock”, “Rompin’ Stompin’”, “Diggin’ The Boogie”, “Jump Jack Jump” or “How long must I wait”, a cool stroll version of the Indie-Song “Creep” (by Radiohead) as well as a cover of “18 Miles to Memphis”, which sounds almost as if it was the actual original version of the Stray Cats title.

    “Rock Me Daddy-O” sounds both vintage and modern at the same time. This is quite intended because with the recording of the new album, Mike has also fulfilled his youth dream and built up his own studio with a mix of old analog and new digital technology. That certainly explains the long production time of one year.

  • Riot In The Streets / Better Man Than Me-0

    Lafarge Pokey - Riot In The Streets / Better Man Than Me (10``LP)


    RSD 2017 Release. 1500 copies only!

  • The New West-0

    Burdette Joe - The New West (10``LP)

  • Live At Abbey Road (RSD)-0

    Cadillac Three - Live At Abbey Road (RSD) (10``LP)


    Live At Abbey Road Vinyl Session Captures Bold Sound

    Spirited Trio Wraps First Leg of The Black Roses Tour

    NASHVILLE, TN (March 23, 2017) – THE CADILLAC THREE will exclusively release a special, limited-edition vinyl, LIVE AT ABBEY ROAD, for Record Store Day on April 22 in the US and UK. From the legendary North London studio, TC3 recorded live versions of several tracks from their critically acclaimed debut album BURY ME IN MY BOOTS. The Nashville natives poured into lyrics rooted in their Southern upbringing while showcasing their instinctive musicianship with electric guitar bends, unique lap steel slides, robust drum beats and gritty vocals.

    “We’re three guys from Music City, where some of the coolest grooves and talented players from any genre have recorded,” said Grammy nominated frontman and songwriter Jaren Johnston. “So many of those influences are on what we do today, and I think fans will feel it in the energy from these live tracks.”
    Drummer Neil Mason added, “It’s still pretty surreal that we’ve gone from high school days of rehearsing in my parents’ basement to selling out shows in the UK and being invited to record at Abbey Road! We wanted this Record Store Day exclusive to be a special way for our fans to enjoy these bucket-list moments too.”

  • Closer -0

    Rateliff Nathaniel - Closer (10``LP)


    Nathaniel Rateliff adds a companion EP to his latest album release ”Falling Faster Than You Can Run” -The New York Times said of singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff Pensive, Rousing, Stark, Eloquent. Cash Echoes, while Q Magazine described him as warm and intimate somewhere between M. Ward and Bill Callahan. Rateliff has performed on Later With Jools Holland and was also given 4-Star reviews in Magazines such as Mojo, Uncut, and Q. Among countless dates touring the U.S.(including Emmylou Harris, Dry The River, Red Rocks with Rodrigo Y Gabriela recently) he has also shared the stage with Robert Plant, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Wilco, Bon Iver, CAKE, Tallest Man On Earth, and Delta Spirit, among many others. Nathaniel Rateliff along with Ben Howard, The Staves and Bears Den was featured in the Documentary Film Austin To Boston which Premiered during the London Film Festival Oct 2014

  • Space Rangers-0

    Los Santos - Space Rangers (10``LP)


    Many lightyears from Texas Los Santos encounter music no man has heard before: Surf from Saturn, twangy guitars from Titan, accordions from Aldebaran and rhythms from Regulus no human has ever boogied to. Country, Surf and Tex-Mex from outer space now add to Los Santos’ soundscapes.

  • Factory Girl -0

    Gidden Rhiannon - Factory Girl (10``LP)


    Released for Record Store Day 2015 (27 Nov 2015)

    Recorded at The Village, Los Angeles, CA; House Of Blues, Nashville, TN; Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA
    Mixed at Olympic Studios, Los Angeles, CA and The Village, Los Angeles,

  • Sale! It`s Star Time ! (Limited 10" Red Vinyl)-0

    Star Time Playboys - It`s Star Time ! (Limited 10″ Red Vinyl) (10``LP)

    Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €7,50.

    The Star Time Playboys are a new instrumental trio from Slovenia.The band is the brainchild of Urban Zotel, the young guitarist who is joined by the almighty rhythm section, twins Bostjan (double bass) and Grega Copek (drums).

    Their name was inspired by Urban’s favourite band (Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys) which was chosen on the spot when they were booked to play their first gig.

    The Star Time Playboys formed at the end of 2015 and after three months of performing at local events decided to go to the studio and record some of their songs. It was the begining of the album ªIt’s Star Time!´ which features eight original songs written by Zotel. For some of them Urban had a clear idea where he wanted to take them as the melodies have been in his head for a while. The other instrumentals were created quickly during the recording process and evolved into the album that is all killer no filler! We can assure you that sooner or later you will catch yourself whistling their tunes.

    The first song that Urban wrote was ªI’m Surfish´ and its raw take was put on YouTube in February 2016. It was inspired by Dick Dale and blues legends Freddie King and Long John Hunter.

    ªIt’s Star Time!´ is a blend of rockabilly, surf, western swing and jump blues with the distinctive Star Time Playboys sound influenced by legendary guitarists like Jimmy Bryant, Junior Watson, Chet Atkins, Ike Turner, Jimmie Rivers and Jim Capilongo (The Little Willies).

    The songs were recorded live at the local studio `mocl and mastered by the one and only Axel Praefcke, a musician and producer of Berlin’s renowned studio Lightning Recorders, but who is best known as a member of the world famous bands Cherry Casino & The Gamblers, The Round Up Boys, Ike & The Capers, Spo-Dee-O-Dee and others.

  • Lone Wolf-0

    Wilkes Jessica Lee - Lone Wolf (10``LP)


    Lone Wolf, the 2015 debut release from Jessica Lee Wilkes, will scorch you with the fire of a fearless femme fatale. Hearkening back to 1950s rock ’n roll and rhythm and blues, Wilkes injects these forms with a raw vigor that shakes the dust off a classic sound. The 5-song EP finds Jessica belting through heavy grooving numbers featuring an accomplished studio band: Jason Smay (JD McPherson) on drums, Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets) on guitar, Kellie Everett (The Hooten Hallers) on saxophone, and Jessica on electric bass. Complete with swinging brass parts, surf-inspired guitar licks, and punchy handclaps, Lone Wolf is an infectiously timeless record, and picks up where Jessica left off as bassist and co-lead vocalist for The Dirt Daubers. With Lone Wolf, her empowering aura and skillful musicianship continues, leaving no question of her rightful place as a commanding front woman.

  • Cash Cover With Attitude-0

    Johnny Horsepower - Cash Cover With Attitude (10``LP)


    Tiukka rockabilly tribute Johnny Cashille. Kansista vielä pisteet kotiin…

  • Same-0

    Western Toneflyers - Same (10``LP)


    Loistava Hillbilly Western Swing bändi ruotsista.

  • 7th St. Breakdown/Checkmate (78 rpm-Red Vinyl)-0

    Kingman Ashley (Fly Rite Boys) - 7th St. Breakdown/Checkmate (78 rpm-Red Vinyl) (10``LP)


    HUIPPU! AIVAN HILLITTÖMÄN HYVÄ INSTRUMENTAALI SAVIKIEKKO!! MUKANA DOWNLOAD KOODI MYÖS!! 78rpm on red vinyl!! Guitar and Mandolin! Comes with a download card for those with out a turntable.packaged in a antique green sleeve….