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  • Hayseed Dixie - Let There Be Rockgrass (2LP, RSD) (LP)


    1000 LPs pressed for RSD UK.

  • Yoakam Dwight - The Beginning And Then Some: The Albums of the ’80s (4LP, RSD) (LP)


    Includes rarities!!!!

  • Croy And The Boys - What Good’s The Medicine? (LP)

  • Boxmasters - 69 (LP)

  • Ferrell Sierra - Trail Of Flowers (LP)


    One of the brightest young luminaries in roots music today, Sierra Ferrell brings a dose of beautifully strange magic to everything she touches. On her new album Trail Of Flowers, brought to life with producer Eddie Spear (Zach Bryan, Brandi Carlile, Chris Stapleton) and additional production by Gary Paczosa (Alison Krauss, Dwight Yoakam, Gillian Welch) she expands her sound while deepening the urgency of her songs, often revealing a wealth of wisdom within her wildly imaginative storytelling.

  • Secret Sisters - Mind, Man, Medicine (Indie, Signed) (LP)


    LP, Opaque Jade Vinyl, Gatefold, Obi Marketing Strip, Signed, Limited edition.
    Release Date: Mar 29, 2024

  • Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - Revelations (Indie, Orange) (LP)


    LP Translucent Orange w/Black Swirl Vinyl

    Release Date: Mar 29, 2024

  • Haavisto Marko & Poutahaukat - Onnentalo (LP)

  • Jinks Cody - Change the Game (LP)


    Uusi albumi. Ilmestyy myöhässä. Nyt CD:nä … Ei vielä LP:nä.

  • Crockett Charley - $10 Cowboy (Indie, Blue) (LP)


    LP Opaque Sky Blue Vinyl
    Release Date: Apr 26, 2024

  • LaFarge Pokey - Rhumba Country (Indie,Gold) (LP)


    LP, Hi-Melt Gold Vinyl, Autographed Dance Card, Glitter Gatefold, Printed Sleeve, Marketing Sticker

    Release Date: May 10, 2024

  • Brood Elliot - Country (LP)


    Canadian folk rock lifers Elliott BROOD have launched a new two-album project: a set of two short albums titled Town & Country. The first half, Town, arrives on November 3 through Six Shooter Records. With base notes of Texas country, full bodied Americana and flutters of rim-shot percussion, Elliott BROOD infuse their own experiences into the 1970s hit. Transformed into a true country ripper, “Bluebird Wine” chirps and hops along with a peppy verve. True to form, Elliott BROOD layer on their signature stomp and clap sound and their unique blend of vocal tones, creating an elixir of lifestyle, a feeling to imbibe that brings joy and fullness.

  • Hurray for the Riff Raff - The Past Is Still Alive (LP)

  • Stand Tall-0

    Ringenberg Jason - Stand Tall (gatefold) (LP)


    Vihdoinkin myös vinyylinä.

  • Mitch Polzak & The Kaw-Ligas - Down South Blues (LP)


    Hieno country-rockabilly albumi.

  • McCall Taylor - Mellow War (2LP)


    The album ”Mellow War” by Taylor McCall, released by Black Powder Soul Records is a captivating musical journey that combines elements of folk, rock, and soul. With its introspective lyrics and heartfelt melodies, this album offers a unique blend of introspection and storytelling.From the moment you press play, you are transported into a world where emotions run deep and every song tells a story. Taylor McCall’s soulful vocals effortlessly convey the raw emotions behind each lyric, drawing listeners in with their authenticity and vulnerability.Throughout the album, McCall seamlessly blends different musical styles, incorporating elements of folk, rock, and soul to create a sound that is uniquely his own. The instrumentation is rich and diverse, featuring acoustic guitars, lush strings, and soulful piano melodies that perfectly complement McCall’s evocative lyrics.”Mellow War” is an album that invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences while immersing themselves in Taylor McCall’s heartfelt storytelling. Whether you’re a fan of folk music or simply appreciate honest songwriting delivered with passion and conviction, this album is sure to captivate your heart and leave a lasting impression.

  • Chatham County Line - Hiyo (Indie, Autographed) (LP)


    Hiyo is a coming out party in a lot of ways for a band that has been a staple of the American Folk-Country Music scene for over two decades. Co-Produced and engineered by Nashville’s Rachael Moore and including performances by Jamie Dick (Drums), John Mailander (fiddle) and Maya de Vitry (vocals), the album Hiyo pushes the sound of CCL past anywhere it has been before. For a band that spent 15 years performing around a single microphone, CCL has found new inspiration in all of the sounds the world has to offer.

    ”Synthesizers, drum machines, banjo…the world is really open right now to what constitutes folk music and we are grabbing on to that inspiration with both hands and not letting go,” says leader Dave Wilson.

    Produced by Rachael Moore & Dave Wilson. Recorded & Mixed by Rachael Moore (George & Tammy) at Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC. Mastered by Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab in Nashville, TN.

  • Lund Corb - El Viejo (Indie Exclusive, Autographed) (LP)


    LP Autographed Clear with Black & White Splatter Vinyl, Jacket, Sleeve, Marketing Sticker

    “I’ve been wanting to make a record like this for a long time. The band, Franny and I produced it ourselves in my living room with no adults present. It’s all acoustic, not an electric lick on the album…banjos and mandos and string basses and stripped-down drums. I put a ton of work into the tunes and I’m pretty proud of this batch. Had a little help from my old co-writing pal Jaida Dreyer on a couple, also wrote a good one with my screenwriter buddy, Brian Koppelman. Lots of gambling songs and lots of minor keys. And my band guys absolutely killed it too, they’re all badasses.

    I’m dedicating the record to my old compadre, Ian Tyson, who passed away a few months back. I’ve named the album for him as well. ‘El Viejo’, or ‘the old one’ is what our mutual friend Tom Russell took to calling him in later years. The title track is a pretty special one for us.

    We had a blast making this thing, and we hope you enjoy it too.” – Corb Lund

  • Dropkick Murphys - This Machine Still Kills Fascists (LP)


    Dropkick Murphys history with Woody Guthrie dates back decades, from covering ”Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight” on their 2003 album Blackout, to using some of Guthrie’s writing about Boston in their immortal hit ”I’m Shipping Up To Boston”. But on their latest album, This Machine Still Kills Fascists, Dropkick Murphys have crafted an entire record around the seminal American folk icon, bringing Woody Guthrie’s perennial jabs at life-many of which are from the 1940s and ’50s-into the present, with the resulting music eerily relevant to today’s world. The idea for the collaboration had been percolating between Guthrie’s daughter Nora and the band for more than a decade, with Nora curating a collection of her father’s never before-published lyrics for the band over the years. The result is one of Dropkick Murphys most unique releases, and the culmination of two like-minded rebellious artists collaborating, albeit nearly a century apart.

  • Watson Dale - Starvation Box (Ltd, Marble) (LP)


    Uusi albumi. UPEA ALBUMI! Taitaa olla kautta-aikojen paras albumi Dale Watsonilta. ”Hakki”

    Cult country icon Dale Watson strips down to the bare bones on this magnificent acoustic album!

    Watson has crafted a haunting album with 11 superb original songs that draw inspiration from Delta blues, folk and country as well as a fantastic cover of Percy Mayfield’s ”Like A Stranger In My Own Hometown!” Will be supported with record release events at the legendary Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX and at the Armadillo Palace in Houston, TX!

  • Dead South - Chains & Stakes (LP)


    Release Date: Feb 9, 2024

    The Dead South get more adventurous and confident with each new album. For their fourth album, they brought producer Jimmy Nutt to Mexico City, where they recorded 13 songs full of storylines, family trees, grudges, insurance scams, bacon, funerals, banjo riffs and more.

    The Dead South master banjo rolls and lightning-fast mandolin tremolos, three-part harmonies and songs with classic themes – murder ballads, infidelity, ghosts and the like – with a wink and a smile. Where bluegrass meets Bach meets Billy Talent, for fans of Frank Sinatra and Tool alike, you’ll find The Dead South’s ”Chains & Stakes”. ”Chains & Stakes” is truly a Dead South collection in the balance of darkness and lightness that defines their distinctive style.

  • Vandoliers - Forever (Gold & Black Splatter) (LP)


    Reissue 2019 release.

    Vandoliers were the next wave of Texas music. The six-piece Dallas-Fort Worth group channels all that makes this vast state unique: tradition, modernity, audacity, grit, and-of course-size. Forever puts it all together for an enthralling ride down a fresh Lone Star highway. Produced and recorded by Adam Hill (Low Cut Connie, The Bo-Keys, Deer Tick, Don Bryant, Zeshan B) at American Recording Studios in Memphis, TN, the band’s third album (and first with Bloodshot) Forever is a mix of youthful and defiant punk, rugged Red Dirt country, and vibrant Tejano. The full-length’s 10 songs blend emblematic rock ’n’ roll with bold horns, violin, and a slather of twang reflecting where the band is from, where they’ve been and, eventually, where they’ll be headed. It’s regional and universal all the same

  • Rockin' Bonnie Western Bound Combo - Keepin’ The Reins Slack (LP)


    Rockin Bonnie and the Western Bound Combo has struck lightning for the second time with their newest recording effort. This album contains some fresh new original songs and a few truly great classic numbers that create one seamless venture into the world of western swing and honky tonk. The musicianship is top notch with outstanding performances by all and a few duets that could stand up to any of our hillbilly heroes from years gone by.
    Recorded live old school adds to the infectious grooves and spirit that gives evidence to the notion that they’re all having a ball doing it. This is an album I think you will definitely cherish in your collection.

  • Curtis Ryan - Ain’t Ever Easy (LP)


    The muscular, chooglin’ beat of the country funk heater ”Can’t Take Back” opens Ryan Curtis’ sophomore album ’Ain’t Ever Easy.’ Like a steam train gliding into some high desert station, it bears the strong vintage machinery of Curtis’ ”alt-country from the high country” sound. The song lopes in on oozing guitar and keys over a backbeat that pulses sexier than a breakup song has the right to be. Regret has rarely sounded this happy, but Curtis is capable of turning love and loss into dripping hot, powerful songs. Over the last decade the various styles of country have become Curtis’ stock-in-trade. With a gravelly growl he paints cinematic pictures of picaresque people from the Midwest and the badlands; down and out townies, bar room drifters, forlorn lovers, and resilient loners fill his visionary tales, mournful subject matter he turns into country gold. The best thing about Ryan Curtis albums is his ability to cover all the country sub-genres: ballads, western music, honky-tonk, country-rock are all in his oeuvre. ’Ain’t Ever Easy’ is the best example to date.

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    Town Mountain - Lines in the Levee (Orange Vinyl, Autographed) (LP)

    Original price was: €29,50.Current price is: €22,00.

    Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Town Mountain is the sum of all its vast and intricate influences — this bastion of alt-country rebellion and honky-tonk attitude pushed through the hardscrabble Southern Appalachian lens of its origin.

    With their latest album, Lines in the Levee, Town Mountain creates a collage of sound and scope within the same template of freedom found in the round-robin fashion of the musical institution that is The Band — a solidarity also found in the incendiary live shows Town Mountain is now revered for from coast-to-coast, this devil-may-care gang of strings and swagger.

    Recorded at Ronnie’s Place (part of the Sound Stage Studios) on Music Row in the heart of Nashville, Lines in the Levee is a bona fide workshop in the seamless blend of Americana, country, bluegrass and folk roots — this crossroads of deep influences and cultivated visions each member of Town Mountain brings to the table.

  • Stapleton Chris - Higher (LP)


    Current ACM Entertainer of the Year, Chris Stapleton is set to release his 5th Studio Album- Higher on November 10th. The album will include 14 songs including the first single-“White Horse”. Chris has won numerous awards including eight Grammy Awards, 10 Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards including current Entertainer Of The Year, and 14 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards. He was named the ACM’s Artist-Songwriter of the Decade.

    In 2023, Rolling Stone ranked Stapleton at number 170 on its list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time.

  • Bloodshot Bill - Psyche-o-billy (LP)

  • II (LP+CD)-0

    Vaeltava Vitsaus - II (LP+CD) (LP)


    Poutahaukoista ja Badding Rockersista tutun Marko Haaviston salarakas country nousee taas pintaan. TulevanII -albumin kappaleista vastaa muuten Haavisto itse, mutta levyn päättää Freud, Marx, Engel & Jung -laina Jotkut päivät on kultaa. Levystä ilmestyy painos, joka sisältää sekä LP-, että CD-levyt samoissa kansissa.

  • Raygun Cowboys - Fortune and Glory, Pleasure and Pain (LP)


    Uusi albumi. Toimii. Hyvä sekoitus kantria, rockabillyä ja psychobillyä. CANADA!

  • IV and The Strange Band - Hang Dog (LP)


    No nyt.. Kunnon kantria.