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  • Williamson Sonny Boy - ”Jazz Classics” N° 17 (10``LP)


    Upea ranskalainen julkaisu. 195?

  • Cobras - Caught Live (10``LP)

  • Crayton Pee Wee - Peace Of Mind (10``LP)

  • Volume 1 -0

    Little Willie Littlefield - Volume 1 (10``LP)

  • Black Patti - Favorite Requests (10``LP)


    The record contains 5 songs that have never been released/recorded by the band, so its brand new recordings, done at Black Shack Recording studios in Calw, Germany. The releases before feature Black Patti as a duo, now they have invited Roberto Luti on slide guitar and Ryan Donohue on double bass. Roberto Luti is pretty famous for his appearances at ”Playing For Change”, a non profit organisation that produce videos involving musicians all over the world. They got combined +3M views alone on Youtube. Ryan Donohue is a New Orleans based guitar/bass player who is living in Munich right now. Black Patti LP 10inch vinyl

  • Howlin’ Wolf - Boy, You Got More Blues Here! Vol. 2 (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl with booklet, 45 RPM, 10 tracks, total playing time 28:40 min.
    Second album with more great recordings from the earliest sessions (1951 and 1952) featuring Chester Burnett aka The Howlin’ Wolf.
    The recordings were made by Sam Phillips at his Memphis Recording Service.
    At the time, these recordings remained unreleased!
    These masters and alternate versions were discovered decades later.
    Howlin’ Wolf is one of the giants of the blues with his hard electric blues style and his unique voice that is just bursting with power.
    Guitarist Willie Johnson – one of the first to get such brutal sounds out of an amp in the blues … luckily the amp barely survived those sessions.
    Digitally copied from the original sources and currently remastered for the vinyl edition using state-of-the-art studio technology: both 10″ albums sound fantastic!
    The liner notes and discographical details in the illustrated booklet are by British blues expert and music historian Martin Hawkins.
    Also available: ’Boy, You Got The Blues There!’ (BAF14031) with another 10 originally unreleased early Memphis recordings.

    This and the recently released 10″ vinyl LP ’Boy You Got The Blues There!’ (BAF14031) provide radically remastered early recordings that already reflect the later Chicago blues style of one of the most important exponents of the blues ever!

    Captured between May 1951 and early 1953 at the Memphis Recording Service by producer and engineer Sam Phillips, these very first recordings of Chester Burnett aka The Howlin’ Wolf were made when the singer, guitarist and harmonica player was already over forty years old.

    A true Methuselah among fellow bluesmen, his modest reputation at the time was an insignificant local radio show across the Mississippi River at KWEM in West Memphis.
    It was Sam Phillips who first saw the man’s potential. He had never heard a voice like that, that power, that manliness.

    That very spring of 1951, Phillips sold his Wolf recordings to Chess Records in Chicago. The first release, How Many More Years, became a national R&B hit at number four on the charts that summer.

    The Howlin’ Wolf recorded for Sam Phillips in Memphis for only two years; that time was enough for him and his band with congenial guitarist Willie Johnson to perfect many of his signature phrases, howlers, rhythms, grooves, riffs and solos.

    Sam Phillips captured all of these moments of musical development in the ten tracks on this album (and in the ten other recordings on the companion album, ’Boy, You Got The Blues There!’), which lay unreleased in Phillips’ band archives for twenty-five years until they were finally rediscovered.

    These recordings signify a milestone in the development of a modern electric blues style of playing after World War II. Never before had such gruff, loud and frightening sounds been recorded and released! The music from these Memphis sessions is vital to all blues fans and never sounded better!

  • Turner Big Joe - Blues No. 5 – Big Joe Is Here (10``LP)


    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – limited collectors edition, exclusively from Bear Family’s Onlineshop and Mailorder – no reseller conditions

    1-LP 10”, light blue vinyl, limited to 500 copies. 10 tracks. Total playing time 26:20 min.

    10inch LP (limited edition – light blue vinyl)

    10 tracks. Unique 10inch in the 11000 LP collectors series.

    Reissue of the rare French 10″ LP Atlantic 332015 from 1962!
    Reproduction of the original cover of the exclusive French edition.
    Carefully remastered for this LP release and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    Limited edition of 500 copies in colored vinyl!

    In 1959, Big Joe Turner’s album ’Big Joe Is Here’ was released as a regular long-playing record, at first in the U.S. on Atlantic 8033. Three years later, the French Atlantic label took down two tracks – Don’t You Cry and After My Laughter Came Tears – from the original LP and released ’Big Joe Is Here’ as a 10inch LP under the new title ’Blues No. 5’ with a different cover under catalog number 332015.

    The recordings for ’Big Joe Is Here’ or ’Blues No. 5’ were made in the late 1950s after Big Joe Turner had landed great rhythm and blues and R’n’R hits a few years earlier.

    In those days Turner took his cue from Kansas City combo jazz, singing blues ballads and occasionally letting his rock side break through. An atmospherically dense and soulful work.

  • Howlin’ Wolf - Boy, You Got The Blues There Vol. 1 (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl with booklet, 45 RPM, 10 tracks, total playing time 28:50 min.

    Howlin’ Wolf’s earliest recordings (1951 – 1953), recorded by Sam Phillips at his Memphis Recording Service and unreleased at the time!
    Alternate versions and unreleased masters discovered more than 25 years later.
    Brutal, primal electric blues from one of the true greats of the genre!
    Willie Johnson’s guitar amp barely survived these sessions.
    Digitally copied from the original sources and currently remastered for the vinyl edition using state-of-the-art studio technology.
    Liner notes and discographical details in the illustrated booklet by British blues expert and historian Martin Hawkins.
    Coming soon: ’Boy, You Got More Blues There’ (BAF14032) with another 10 originally unreleased Memphis recordings.

    This 10” vinyl LP contains music that cemented the style of one of the greats of the Mississippi blues and later of Chicago rhythm and blues.

    Between May 1951 and early 1953 the Howlin’ Wolf, Chester Burnett, made his first-ever recording sessions. They took place in Tennessee at the Memphis Recording Service, where producer and engineer Sam Phillips was not afraid to take a chance on a singer who was already over forty years old and whose then small claim to fame was a local radio show across the river at KWEM in West Memphis.

    In fact, nothing would have stopped Phillips recording the Wolf. Phillips was captivated by his voice. He was the first to hear and understand the man’s potential.

    Sam Phillips said that he heard Wolf on the radio and got word to him at KWEM that he would be interested in recording him. He placed him under contract in spring 1951, and sold Wolf’s recordings to Chess Records in Chicago. The first release, How Many More Years, became a national number four R&B chart hit that summer.

    Chester Burnett, the Howlin’ Wolf, only recorded in Memphis for two years, but that was time enough for him and his band with the ingenious guitarist Willie Johnson to perfect many of his trademark phrases, howls, rhythms, riffs, and solos.

    Sam Phillips captured all these moments of creation in the ten tracks in this album (and in ten more in the linked album ‘Boy, You Got More Blues There’ – BAF14032) which remained unissued in Phillips’ tape boxes for over twenty-five years until rediscovered.

    So, what you hear in this album is vitally important blues music, and it’s supremely good.

  • Various - Badass Boppers Vol. 2 (10``LP)

  • ZZ Top - Expect No Quarter (2 x10″LP) (10``LP)


    First Edition of 2000 copies. Limited / Numbered. Green & Purple Vinyl, Gatefold.

    Live show from the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, 1980.

  • More Hot Rockin` Tracks-0

    Various - More Hot Rockin’ Tracks (10``LP)

  • Clearwater Eddy - A Real Good Time (10``LP)


    Jatkoa upeaan 10″ albumi sarjaan.

  • Stomp Gordon - Damp Rag – The Killa Dilla From Columbus, Ohio (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP vinyl (10inch) with 8-page booklet, bonus CD, postcard. 10 tracks (LP), 22 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), approx. 70 min. (CD).

    It is one of the fundamental principles of Bear Family Records® to give room to artists who would otherwise remain undiscovered in the jungle of reissues.
    We present on LP plus bonus CD the complete works of pianist and jump blues shouter Stomp Gordon, whose stage show eclipsed even the piano attacks of Jerry Lee Lewis, the ’Killer’!
    On LP and CD combined, we deliver those 17 recordings Stomp Gordon made between 1952 and 1956 for Decca, Mercury, Chess and Savoy – there’s no more material out there!
    In addition to the 17 recordings by Stomp Gordon, there are 5 more bonus tracks by other performers, covering, among other things, the U.S. television series ’Dragnet’ and Dr. Kinsey and his ’Kinsey Report’.
    For the first time ever, a complete vinyl LP is dedicated to Stomp Gordon!
    The liner notes were written by R&B and blues expert Bill Dahl from Chicago.
    The 10″ LP includes a booklet, a CD and a postcard.

    In four short years, piano-pounding jump blues shouter Stomp Gordon made enough of an impression on record buyers and a Bear Family Records® LP completely dedicated to him was long overdue. Stomp earned his nickname: he pounded the 88s with his bare feet onstage.

    The Columbus, Ohio native’s performing attire was as wild as anyone’s this side of Cab Calloway, and his houserocking music reflected that flamboyance. Recording for Decca, Mercury, Chess, and Savoy between 1952 and ’56, Stomp roared his way through Damp Rag, Oooh Yes!, Hide The Bottle, The Grind, and Ride Superman, Ride with an intensity that presaged rock and roll, often aided by his faithful tenor saxman Little Hiawatha Edmondson.

    Stomp should have been a primordial rock and roll star, but his career was cut way short when he was found dead in his parked car on a Harlem thoroughfare, aged only 31. But the man with the magical tootsies packed some serious rocking into a tragically truncated timeframe—and all his great sides are on full display here.

  • Gaines Roy - Dee Dat Dee Dum Dum (10``LP)


    Yes! upea 10″ albumi! Kaikki parhaat samassa!

  • Various - Beale Street Beats Vol. 1 – Home Of The Blues (10``LP)


    Ilmestyy 08.10.2021. Tullaan myymään loppuun. Kannattaa tilata nopeasti, eli heti.

    • Memphis, Tennessee: large urban metropolis on the Mississippi River, home to such legendary record
    labels as Sun, Stax, Hi Records and … Home Of The Blues!
    • On two single high-quality 25cm LPs, Bear Family Records® presents an overview of the creative years
    of this underrated label that released great rhythm ’n’ blues, soul, blues and rock ’n’ roll throughout the
    early 1960s.
    • Volume 1 with a focus on blues-laden recordings.
    • This LP delivers rare tunes that are hard to find on the original format, recordings by Dave Dixon, Willie
    Cobbs and Jimmy Dotson, among others.
    • The 8-page four-color folder includes extensive liner notes by Chicago music expert Bill Dahl, with
    photos from the label archives.
    • Sebastian Klebe’s elegant graphic design looks very appealing.

  • Moore Rudy Ray - Step It Up And Go (Red) (10``LP)

  • Walker T-Bone - Classics In Jazz (Ltd.) (10``LP)


    What DiMaggio was to baseball, what Lindbergh was to aviation, Aaron (T-Bone) Walker is to the Blues. No orthodox singer, T- Bone has no eyes — never did have — for croon-ing Hit Parade ballads of the moment. His forte is the twelve-bar Blues, which he treats three ways while accompanying himself on a polished electrically amplified guitar. T-Bone’s ”ways” include (1) fast Blues, (2) slow Blues and (3) slowest Blues, and he wheels ’em and deals ’em. more times than not, in precisely that order.& ,

    With Les Hite’s California orchestra, then in the 1940s with Freddie Slack, Walker attracted unusual attention as a guitarist and Blues bawler. Finally, as it must to all deserving men, success brought success to T-Bone and his titanic talents. He went out on his own, ”just for myself,” and recorded a dozen or more best-selling records among his other accomplishments. The best of these are presented between these covers.

    & ,The Blues, T-Bone is adamant, can mean most anything lyrically. Happy times, frustrating times, plain bad times. You’ll hear these moods— and more — as T-Bone paints pictures in indigo throughout the selections within this package. Onstage …Center … Front …The Great T-Bone and his Guitar!

  • NRBQ - Interstellar 10″EP (10``LP)


    Side One recorded January 24, 1970 at Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati, Ohio by Rick Lemker. Side Two recorded October 11, 1970 at Folly Farm, Clinton Hollow, New York

  • Down At The Ugly Men's Lounge Vol. 4 (10"LP + CD)-0

    Various - Down At The Ugly Men’s Lounge Vol. 4 (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)

  • Down At The Ugly Men's Lounge Vol. 2 (10"LP + CD)-0

    Various - Down At The Ugly Men’s Lounge Vol. 2 (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)

  • Things Are So Slow -The Legendary Chance Masters -0

    Hutto J.B.And His Hawks - Things Are So Slow -The Legendary Chance Masters (10``LP)


    Upea japsi julkaisu!

  • Rock With Me Baby-0

    Bonner Juke Boy - Rock With Me Baby (10``LP)


    Jatkoa hienoon 10″ sarjaan!

  • She’s A Rainbow 10" (RSD)-0

    Rolling Stones - She’s A Rainbow 10″ (RSD) (10``LP)


    The Rolling Stones release a special, limited edition of “She’s A Rainbow” (Live) at U ARENA, PARIS 25/10/17.

  • Confessin' the Blues 5 x 10"LP boxset-0

    Various - Confessin’ the Blues 5 x 10″LP boxset (10``LP)


    Confessin’ the Blues collects the greatest bluesmen ever and provides a perfect study of the genre. The tracks on the various formats of the release have been chosen by The Rolling Stones in collaboration with BMG and Universal.

    Confessin’ the Blues includes tracks by the biggest blues pioneers including Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Big Bill Broonzy and Robert Johnson.

    Confessin’ the Blues will be available as a 2-CD set, 2×2 Vinyl LP sets and a 5×10″ Vinyl book-pack (mimicking the original 78 RPM releases).

    All versions include liner notes by music journalist Colin Larkin and the book-pack contains removable art card prints by noted blues illustrator Christoph Mueller. The album cover artwork comes courtesy of Wood, who has added his own personal twist to the project by painting his interpretation of a bluesman.


  • Down Home Train-0

    Diddley Bo - Down Home Train (10``LP)


    Jatkoa upeaan 10″ sarjaan!

  • Five Minutes To Midnight -0

    Various - Five Minutes To Midnight (10``LP)


    Limited edition!

  • Graveyard Tramps Eat The Forbidden City Dog Food DOUBLE (2 x 10"LP)-0

    Various - Graveyard Tramps Eat The Forbidden City Dog Food DOUBLE (2 x 10″LP) (10``LP)


    Nearly 30 years ago, a now legendary LP by the name of ‘Forbidden City Dogfood’ was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The release on VIP VOP Recs spawned many imitators such as ‘Wavy Gravy, 4 Hairy Policemen et al’ and paved the way for the equally legendary ‘Purple Knif Show’…

    What few folk knew was that ‘Forbidden City Dogfood’ was actually less than half of the compilation made by Lux Interior…Here for the very first time the entire recording is now available, fully complete and weighing in at well over an hour of crazy, whacky sounds from the Maestro of Mad himself.

    Remastered from the original source, these obscure Rockabilly, Surf, R&B tracks will wow you now as then…interspersed with B-Movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs, you just know it’s better than good !…..Won’t be around for long, so get it while you can.   

    Limited edition of 1.000 copies. Get it while you can.                                                  

  • The Weekend Starts Here! - Mod Sounds From The Late 50s And Early 60's-0

    Various - The Weekend Starts Here! – Mod Sounds From The Late 50s And Early 60’s (10``LP)


    Strictly limited to 500 copies!

    On this limited edition 10“ you’ll hear tunes the Modernist cherished in the early 60’s. An ultracool mix of danceable Rhythm & Blues, Hammond Jazz, raw electric Blues from labels like Chess and Excello and something that mutated into Soul in the years to come. As there was no proper distribution at the time and one could not fly to the United States to buy records like today (prices for flights were enormous) these tunes could only be heard in Clubs like The Scene or Flamingo spun by forward thinking DJ’s like Guy Stevens.

    Mod is a subculture that began in London in 1958 and spread throughout Great Britain and elsewhere, eventually influencing fashions and trends in other countries, and continues today on a smaller scale. Focused on music and fashion, the subculture has its roots in a small group of stylish London-based young men in the late 1950s who were termed modernists because they listened to Modern Jazz. Significant elements of the mod subculture include fashion (often tailor-made suits); music (including Soul, Ska, and R&B); and motor scooters (usually Lambretta or Vespa(. The original mod scene was associated with amphetamine-fuelled all-night dancing at clubs.“ (Wikipedia)

  • Monkey`s Uncle-0

    Sharpe Ray - Monkey`s Uncle (10``LP)


    Loistava jatko!

  • Blues With A Beat-0

    Howlin` Wolf - Blues With A Beat (10``LP)


    Jatkoa upeaan sarjaan. Ei ainuttakaan huonoa biisiä.