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  • Blaze Foley - If I Could Only Fly / Let Me Ride in Your Big Cadillac (7 single/EP)


    Back in 1979, Blaze Foley presented his first single. If I Could Only Fly / Let Me Ride Your Big Cadillac was released by short life label Zephyr Records and A side song became one of most loved songs from Blaze. The 7″ became a high collector’s item and Mapache Records brings for the first time a stand alone reissue of this legendary 45 r.p.m. record.

  • Thompson Hayden - This Is Country + 2 (7 single/EP)


    Hayden Thompson was one of the big names in the European rockabilly revival of the 1970’s, due to the discovery of his unreleased tracks on Sun Records. The fact is that his only single with Phillips International left behind a bunch of classics like Mama Mama, Fairline Rock or Rockabilly Gal, which had to wait 20 long years to come out of the can.

    But Hayden had continued his musical activity since his early days, and in 1961 he worked again with his old Sun Records friends Roland Janes, at his new Sonic Studio, while he was working on launching his own label, Rolando.

    Hayden recorded three songs there, but nothing happened, waiting more than 25 years to be released on Bear Family Records great LP – Fairline Rock LP in 1988, collecting some of the rarest and unreleased Hayden’s early sides.

    THIS IS COUNTRY and I WANNA GET HOME are great country rockers with strong early 60’s feelin’ and some boom-chicka-boom too, both written by Hayden himself.
    On the other hand, Hayden’s cover of Leiber and Stoller’s classics KANSAS CITY, rocks on its own, with the help of Travis Wammack’s super -stinging guitar.

    Three songs collected in the same session now released for the first time all together, in the sacred form a 7inch vinyl record, cut a 45RPM

  • Parton Dolly - Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) / Makin’ Believe (Red 7″ Vinyl) (7 single/EP)


    Witness the beginning of country legend Dolly Parton on this collectible 7″ vinyl featuring vintage tracks!

    Both tracks were recorded in Nashville 1963 by a 16 year old TN born vocalist looking for her big break…and finding it!

  • McCullough Lloyd And The Driftin' Hillbillies - Oh Darling / Watch That Girl (7 single/EP)


    1955 julkaistun singlen repropainos.

  • Jones George - Maybe Little Baby / Gonna Come Get You (Alt. take) (7 single/EP)


    1959 Dixie recordings.

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin’ Band / Who’ll Stop The Rain (Live, RSD) (7 single/EP)


    Exclusive release for Record Store Day – Drop 2, limited to 9000 copies

    The legendary 1970 Royal Albert Hall performance released for the first time

    Side A: Recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London, April 14, 1970
    Side B: Recorded at the Oakland Coliseum, January 31, 1970

  • Jennings Waylon / Clark Sanford - My Baby Walks All Over Me / It’s Nothing To Me (7 single/EP)

  • Hollis Albin (The Louisiana Coon Hunter) - Vee Eight Ford Boogie / Uncle Earl Don’t Stand Alone (7 single/EP)

  • Riley Billy Lee - In Action EP (7 single/EP)


    Originally issued in France in 1966 and very rare to find, The 45s comes in a original sleeve with flap back high gloss paper. and Vogue label

  • Nrbq - I’m Not Here / All I Have To Do Is Dream (7 single/EP)


    Very limited single

  • Dylan Bob - Blind Willie McTell (7 single/EP)


    This 7″ was only available through indie records stores or direct through Third Man Records.

    Recorded April 11 1983 at the Power Station, New York City.

    ”Blind Willie McTell” was the first track seriously worked on at the ’Infidels’ sessions and the last attempted as recording concluded almost a month later. In the end, it did not make the ’Infidels’ album, but in 1991, the acoustic piano-guitar version that Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler recorded the last day was released on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3′. This 7″ features two previously unreleased takes of the song, with the A-side being exclusive to this vinyl release. The B-side (take 5) is included as part of ’Springtime In New York: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 16 (1980-1985).’

  • McKown Gene - Ghost Memories / Incidentally (7 single/EP)


    New reissue.

  • Nelson Willie & Karen O - Under Pressure (RSD) (7 single/EP)


    Karen O & Willie Nelson covering the classic Queen / David Bowie track. Exclusive b-side

  • Earle Steve & The Dukes / Justin Townes Earle - The Saint Of Lost Causes (RSD) (7 single/EP)


    In the winter of 2021, Steve Earle & The Dukes released J.T., an eleven-song recording that consists of ten Justin Townes Earle songs and one Steve Earle original. The album was released to critical acclaim and Steve Earle’s proceeds from the record are continually being directed to a trust for his granddaughter, Etta (Justin’s daughter). In honor of Justin Townes Earle and the record his father recorded, New West is proud to present a split 7″ featuring two versions of an indelible Justin’ Townes Earle song. The double A-side single features ”The Saint Of Lost Causes.” as performed by Justin from his 2019 album of the same name as well as Steve Earle & The Dukes’ version from the J.T. release. This split 7” single will be pressed on yellow vinyl and limited to 5000 copies worldwide.

  • Sovine Red - You Used To Be My Baby / Leave Me Alone


    2nd pressing USA. Original Decca label sleeve. 1958 klassikko!

  • Monroe Bill - Christmas Time’s A-Coming / The First Whippoorwill


    2nd pressing USA. Original Decca label sleeve.

  • Monroe Bill - Precious Memories / Jesus Hold My Hand


    Orig USA. Original Decca label sleeve.

  • Tell It Like It Is EP-0

    Gibson Don - Tell It Like It Is EP (7 single/EP)


    Don Gibson arrived at Nashville’s music premier league a little bit late. Born in Shelby, North Caroline in 1928, it wasn’t until thirty years later, in 1958, that he achieved his well-deserved recognition as stylist and songwriter with his big hit Oh Lonesome Me.

    The fact is that Don was an extremely complete musician, good singer and guitarist, but it would be in his role as a composer where he would stand but especially. being sometimes compared to Hank Williams himself.

    In this EP four of his compositions are collected for the first time at 45 rpm. TELL IT LIKE IT IS and WHO CARES FOR ME are two great songs that remained unreleased until the early 80’s.

    Side B contains two alternate takes of Don’s well known late 50’s songs, SWEET SWEET GIRL, also covered by Warren Smith at Sun, and the fabulous DON´T TELL ME YOUR TROUBLES. Both different enough to the official takes to deserve this 45 rpm release.

  • 1952 Radio Audition EP (Black Friday)-0

    Williams Hank - 1952 Radio Audition EP (Black Friday) (7 single/EP)


    Rare recordings from Hank Williams’ 1952 radio show auditions for the first time ever on vinyl.

  • Alternatively EP-0

    Cash Johnny - Alternatively EP (7 single/EP)


    Important – Due to a mistake when pressing this first edition, the labels have been swapped. ”Eli etiketit väärinpäin ekassa painoksessa”

    The newest sensation in the country music field, Arkansas-born Johnny Cash has consistently made a healthy profit for the Sun company over the last few years. Here we offer some lesser-known alternative versions of some of his biggest hits for the Memphis record label.

  • Sometimes Even I Can Get Too High / It's All Going To Pot" (w/ Merle Haggard) (Black Friday)-0

    Nelson Willie - Sometimes Even I Can Get Too High / It’s All Going To Pot” (w/ Merle Haggard) (Black Friday) (7 single/EP)


    It’s said that legends aren’t born—they’re grown. Willie Nelson, an enduring American icon and tireless supporter of marijuana legalization, offers the latest hit from his stash, a humorous ode to the sweetest of leaves as only Willie can do it. “Sometimes Even I Can Get Too High,” a new song from the sessions for Willie’s latest album, Ride Me Back Home Is backed with “It’s All Going To Pot,” another 420 favorite from Django and Jimmie, Willie and Merle Haggard’s 2015 album.

  • Let It Roll (Boppin’ Hillbilly) / Let It Roll (Boppin’ Rockabilly)-0

    Douglas Glenn - Let It Roll (Boppin’ Hillbilly) / Let It Roll (Boppin’ Rockabilly) (7 single/EP)


    One for the Rockin’ DJs out there, this knockout double A Side 45, features two very different versions of Glenn’s hard to find 1956 Decca release, ‘Let It Roll’. On one side we have the original “bop-a-licious” Hillbilly version, and on the flip-side, is a stripped down, “primitive” Rockabilly version, minus fiddles, and complete with a knockout guitar break, not featured on the original Hillbilly version. This hot Rockabilly bopper was recorded for a radio broadcast circa ’56, and is laid down to wax for the very first time. Grab a copy while you can, we’re only pressing 500 of these 7” beauties in stunning limited edition Orange Vinyl…. once their gone, their solid gone, dig it!

    • Limited Edition (only 500 pressed on Orange vinyl);
    • Double A Side boppin’ floor filler;
    • Features a previously unreleased Rockabilly version of ‘Let It Roll’;
    • Stunning special Orange Vinyl pressing.
  • Canta En Español (RSD, Picture Disc)-0

    Cash Johnny - Canta En Español (RSD, Picture Disc) (7 single/EP)


    Hieno kuvalevy! Limited edition of 500 numbered copies !!!

  • The First Recordings, 1938 (RSD, Red)-0

    Williams Hank - The First Recordings, 1938 (RSD, Red) (7 single/EP)


    First Songs Ever Recorded By Hank Williams!
    80th Anniversary Of These Historic Tracks
    Available For The First Time On Vinyl
    Exclusive Pressing On Red Wax

    RSD Black Friday release 2500 copies pressed.

  • Root Beer / Slaver Lover-0

    Jones George - Root Beer / Slaver Lover (7 single/EP)


    1962 marked a new Era for George Jones, it was a time for change not at least in his singing style , which would prove to be an influence on many others,  He began to sing in lower registers and together with his distinctive phrasing, it gave him a whole new sound leaving behind the edging nasality of his previous Starday – Mercury Recordings.

    Jones took his first steps on United Artists in January of 1962. He recorded an entire album in one day at the Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville. The album would be called ”THE NEW FAVOURITES OF GEORGE JONES”, and was produced by Pappa Daily.

    The best musicians in their fields were used for this session,  and just when you didn’t think could get any better The Jordanaires provide the great harmonizing for ROOT BEER.

    SLAVE  LOVER  was originally issued on the album THE NOVELTY SIDE OF GEORGE JONES , back in 1963 but was in fact recorded three years earlier at the Owen Bradley Studio, you won’t hear  steel guitar, just good rocking music  in both tracks. Only the best musicians were used on these recordings. The ”Jones – Paycheck” team remained, but now with Donald Lyttle , a twenty year old talented singer and bass player from Ohio who took a chance on Nashville and played with Jones  throughout the mid 60’s.

    This is the first time anywhere that both of these tracks appear on 45 rpm.
    So Roll that Rig! put yours ears on and play this record!

  • Shakin' The Blues EP-0

    Young Donny - Shakin’ The Blues EP (7 single/EP)


    Ihan klassikko kamaa!!

  • Snowball EP-0

    Young Faron - Snowball EP (7 single/EP)


    FARON YOUNGSnowball EP 7″ – Deluxe edition with raw paper.

    Faron Young was born on February 25, 1932 in Shreveport, Louisiana.   This fact made him to know from the start the big bang of rock´n´roll and rockabilly, genres that will influence his country music ways.

    The rock´n´roll explosion of mid 50´s made to change a lot of things in the USA´s discography industry, and suddenly every record company began to search desperately his own Elvis Presley.

    Big lables as Capitol Records even forced their own singers to step into the big beat, and that´s what happened with Faron Young.   Faron´s rock´n´roll recordings where an accident forced by the circunstaces, but at least Faron was into the supposed age to fit on the new rhythm, and his friendship with Elvis Presley from his Louisiana Hayride days help him to feel more cofortable in that field thant others of his country & western colleages.

    Anyway Faron was a country singer and as soon as the likes for rock´n´roll decreased at the end of the 50´s he came back deep into is old honky tonk sound.

    But nonetheless the rock´n´roll days of Faron Yound gave us some fantastic songs, as always superb backed by the Nashvile´s A-Team and produced with a great sound quality, as usual on every recording from the Owen Bradley´s studio.  
    In this EP you´ll find four great songs, swinging from strong rockabilly sounds to pop and jazz flavoured tunes.   You won´t find the Faron´s country roots on this tracks but anyway his brief rock´n´roll affaire is highly enjoyable!

  • I''m Gonna Live Some Before I Die EP-0

    Young Faron - I”m Gonna Live Some Before I Die EP (7 single/EP)


    FARON YOUNGI´m Gonna Live Some Before I Die EP 7″ – Deluxe edition with raw paper.

    Faron Young was born on February 25, 1932 in Shreveport, Louisiana.   This fact made him to know from the start the big bang of rock´n´roll and rockabilly, genres that will influence his country music ways.

    In  his ten years at Capitol Records, where he was introducted from legendary  Capitol´s A&R man Ken Nelson himself,  his music developed from hillbilly and honky tonk in the early 50’s to sofisticated rock´n´roll and pop at the end of the decade, to came back strong to his honky tonk roots at the early 60’s.

    This EP collect four fantastic examples of his country ways  from the mid 50’s, when Faron was one of the most sucessed young singers in country & western. 

    Some of the greatest studio musicians from the 50´s are backing Faron on these tracks, including guitar luminaries as Hank Garland, Chet Atkins or Grady Martin and the whole Nashville´s A-Team.   Country with a feet into rockabilly, that’s what you´ll find on this EP, so turn up the volume and enjoy!

  • Along Came You / Feeling single, Seeing Double-0

    Jones George - Along Came You / Feeling single, Seeing Double (7 single/EP)


    Viimoisen päälle upea ja hyvä single!

  • I'm A Long Gone Daddy The Honky Tonkin' Sound of...6 x EP (SLIPCASE BOXSET)-0

    Williams Hank - I’m A Long Gone Daddy The Honky Tonkin’ Sound of…6 x EP (SLIPCASE BOXSET) (7 single/EP)


    Viimeisen päälle hieno EP paketti!! Rajoitettu 500 kappaleen painos!