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    Gentry Bobbie - Girl From Chickasaw County – The Complete Capitol Masters (2CD) (CD)

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    Upea tuplacd.

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    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Fyfty (4CD boxset) (CD)

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    LP Sized boxset. Limited edition.

  • Campbell Glen - I Am A Lineman For The County – Sings Jimmy Webb (CD)


    UK collection.

  • Irby Jerry - Boppin Hillbilly Series (CD)



  • McDonald Skeets - Rock It, But Don’t Wreck It – Singles As and Bs 1956-1962 (CD)

  • Gallion Bob - Wall To Wall Love – 1956-1962 (CD)

  • Hal Lone Pine - I Heard The Bluebirds Sing (CD)

  • Various - Tennessee Waltz – The Many Moods of a Smash! (CD)

  • Martin Grady - In Session – Hillbilly, Rockabilly, and Beyond (CD)

  • Davis Stu - Red River Jamboree – Canada’s Trail Riding Cowboy Troubadour Sings (CD)

  • Williams Doc and The Border Riders - Country Music Favourites from Wheeling, West Virginia (CD)

  • Adams Kay - Little Pink Mack (3 bonus tracks) (CD)


    Highway Heroine Bakersfield Twang backed by the Buckaroos!

    Got your ears on? This album collects Kay Adams’ live studio cuts from the Buck Owens Ranch Show. Along with Tammy, Patsy and Loretta, Kay was one of country’s first female artists who elevated women in the genre. Gritty and country-to-the-bone, let this one spin & cut a rug!

    Most of the Ranch Show songs Adams didn’t draw from her regular repertoire were tunes recorded by Buck Owens at some point, including “We’re Gonna Let the Good Times Roll,” “Number One Heel,” “Down, Down, Down,” and “Loose Talk.” But her Ranch Show renditions reveal a singer just as deserving of Bakersfield royalty status as the head honcho himself. She’s indomitable, inconsolable, or incorrigible as the moment demands. And whichever emotion she conveys, she achieves a pope-on-a-polygraph level of believability. Adams’ Ranch Show recordings are a hell of a legacy all on their own.

    When Adams tucks into “Silver Threads and Golden Needles,” things come full circle in multiple ways. “That was the first song I ever sang for Dave Stogner, and I used to sing that with my dad’s band,” she explains. That crucial catch in her voice signified that she was still every bit the Vernon-bred country girl who chimed in on her father’s gigs. But she was also the loud, proud woman unafraid to rock that tune up years before Linda Ronstadt tackled it.

    Also available on LP!

  • Various - Shotgun Boogie – Rhythm & Blues Goes Country Vol.1 (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.
    There has always been a lively exchange between musicians in the USA – regardless of skin color.
    With ’Shotgun Boogie’, Bear Family Records® documents in text and sound how R&B musicians successfully covered songs from the country music songbook.

    Smiley Lewis sings Link Davis’ Big Mamou, Joe Liggins Johnnie Lee Wills’ Rag Mop, Sonny Knight sings Hank Williams’ country tearjerker Lovesick Blues, the Crows cover Bill Carlisle’s No Help Wanted, Guitar Jr. brilliantly interprets Harlan Howard’s Pick Me Up On Your Way Down and Cecil Gant grooves through Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Shotgun Boogie.
    29 carefully remastered recordings from the best sources.

    Liner notes by the renowned music expert Bill Dahl with biographical and discographical details.

  • Jones Tom - Live Duets 1969-1972 (2CD) (CD)

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    Thomas B.J. - In Remembrance—Love Songs & Lost Treasures (CD)

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  • Cash Johnny - I Shall Not Be Moved (CD)


    Contains over 40 minutes of previously unreleased material from the legendary 1961 Nashville sessions.

  • Various - Destination Jail Vol. 2 – 24 More Songs From Behind The Bars (CD)


    1-CD with 12-page booklet, 24 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

    With ’Destination Jail, Vol. 2’, Bear Family Records® offers another intriguing collection of blues and rhythm & blues obscurities and classics from the ’40s to the ’60s about life behind bars.
    It deals with the various elements of the US justice system: prison = county farm, chain gang; jail and penitentiary.
    Among the better-known highlights are Jailhouse Rock by Frankie Lymon, the heartbreaking Please Mr. Jailer by Wynona Carr, the Prisoner’s Song by Fats Domino – in this case a classic from the Anglo-Celtic tradition – and the tongue-in-cheek Good Morning Judge by Wynonie Harris.
    An exciting introduction to an important topic of Afro-American roots music, with liner notes by Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber and originals remastered with finesse.

    Incarceration is a frequent theme in American roots music, especially in blues and rhythm & blues. African American life in the New World started in chains and endured slavery and segregation. Despite significant changes initiated during the second half of the 20th century, equality has not yet reached all strata of society.

    The percentage of African Americans sentenced to time in prison is considerably higher than that of other demographic groups. Frequent analysis also reveals statistics that African Americans most likely receive longer prison sentences than white Americans.

    This is a sensitive topic, and one might wonder how this compilation of African American popular music from the 40s to 60s fits into the lighter and novelty-laden ’Destination’ Series. See and listen for yourself.

    In contrast to old-time and early country music, where the theme continued the Anglo-Celtic tradition of the murder ballad, jail, in the African American tradition, is no metaphor for self-reflection and transformation. Incarceration does not serve as a mirror of one’s self; it is the mirror image of a sickening society.

    With ’Destination Jail, Vol. 2′, Bear Family Records® offers an intriguing collection of blues and rhythm & blues – obscurities and classics dealing with life behind bars. The songs feature all the various elements of the US detention system: prison – county farm, chain gang, prison, and penitentiary.

    Among the better-known highlights, we find Jailhouse Rock by Frankie Lymon (who pleaded not to be a juvenile delinquent), Wynona Carr’s heart-breaking Please Mr. Jailer, Prisoner’s Song by Fats Domino – in this case, a classic form the Anglo Celtic tradition, and the tongue-in-cheek Good Morning Judge by Wynonie Harris.

    This compilation offers various styles. It also presents multiple viewpoints – from gallows humor, the laughing-to-keep-from-crying approach, the cry for help, and the promise of redemption.

    Bear Family Records®’ new compilation, ’Destination Jail, Vol. 2’ is an exciting and wallet-friendly introduction to a significant African American roots music topic.

  • Various - Beatin’ On Country Music (CD)


    -CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    Excuse me? Country music performed by 1960s beat bands? You bet!
    Crazy CD compilation with The Merseybeats , the Nashville Teens, The Downliners Sect, Remo Four, Searchers, Hollies and the Spencer Davis Group, by Mike Warner and the New Stars, The Incrowd, Sonny Webb and the Cascades, Jerry Williams and the Violents a.o. on Bear Family Records®.
    They cover ”You Are My Sunshine, Sixteen Tons, Sea Of Heartbreak, I Walk The Line, Georgia On My Mind, Danny Boy and Jambalaya, a.m.o.”
    Detailed liner notes by Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber in the richly illustrated booklet.
    Carefully remastered recordings from the best available sources.

    Beat and country music? You must be joking? It may seem ridiculous to look for country roots in beat music: The 1960s and everything they stood for appear to be galaxies away from the conservative traditionalism of the country establishment.

    In his excellent book ’Say It One Time For The Broken Hearted,’ English music journalist and writer Barney Hoskins traces country music’s contributions to the development of soul music in the early ’60s. So maybe it’s also worth checking out the country in beat music?

    This collection offers writers as varied as Charlie Rich, Hank Williams, John D. Loudermilk, Hoagy Carmichael, and Boudleaux Bryant – to name just a few. And the beat bands chose many evergreens and rare gems along the way. You will enjoy classics like You Are My Sunshine, Sixteen Tons, Sea Of Heartbreak, I Walk The Line, Georgia On My Mind, Danny Boy, and – of course – Jambalaya!

    Well-known bands like The Merseybeats, The Nashville Teens, The Downliners Sect, The Remo Four, The Searchers, The Hollies, and The Spencer Davis Group rub shoulders with the more obscure formations like Mike Warner and the New Stars, The Incrowd, Sonny Webb and the Cascades, Jerry Williams and the Violents. The beat parade is led by top Bear Family Records® sellers like King Size Taylor, Tony Sheridan, Lee Curtis, and The Lords.

    Nico Feuerbach dug deep into his record collection and offers 30 country compositions or songs connected to the country field interpreted by beat bands from The Hague, Holland – Wellington, New Zealand – Liverpool, England – and Bielefeld, Germany (and many more cities in between).

    Some songs might not be country songs in a strict sense – some have a folk background, and some have mixed origins – but all are connected to country stars and the genre in general.

  • Cash Rosanne - The Wheel (2CD Deluxe Edition, 30th Anniversary Edition) (CD)


    Rosanne Cash left Nashville in the early 90’s. The first album she recorded in New York with John Leventhal, The Wheel, celebrates 30 years with an exclusive 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition that features a 2023 Remastered version of the original album and an additional 11 tracks from the 1993 Live from Austin City Limits and Live from The Columbia House Records Radio Hour sessions, making their digital debut. Rosanne says of the album, ”It’s satisfying and sweet to re-introduce The Wheel in this thirtieth anniversary year. I can’t look back at that time and separate the music from Love. What was true then has become more true and more alive every day since. We listen to this record now, and wish we had mixed the vocal a little louder on this track, or had a different guitar sound on that track, but honestly, it’s perfect for it’s time and place. I have a friend who doesn’t believe that artists evolve, but that there are only different stages and expressions. I’m not sure about that, but in either case, I’m so grateful for The Wheel. It turns out I can’t orchestrate the movement of the stars. They do that all on their own.”

  • Bush Johnny - Undo The Right / Funny How Time Slips Away (CD)


    2 albums. 2CD set Double Par.

  • Smith Carl - Columbia Country Classics- Essential 1950-1956 (Käytetty CD)

  • Nelson Willie - 90: Live At The Hollywood Bowl by Willie Nelson (Deluxe 2CD+Blu-Ray) (CD)


    Willie Nelson 90 Live At The Hollywood Bowl, is the definitive music release of the star-studded concerts celebrating Willie’s 90th birthday. The concerts were recorded live on April 29 and 30, 2023 at the legendary Hollywood Bowl and include one-off performances by Willie Nelson, Allison Russell, Beck, Billy Strings, Bobby Weir, Booker T. Jones, Buddy Cannon, Charley Crockett, Charlie Sexton, Chris Stapleton, Daniel Lanois, Dave Matthews, Dwight Yoakam, Edie Brickell, Emmylou Harris, Gary Clark Jr, George Strait, Jack Johnson, Jamey Johnson, Keith Richards, Kris Kristofferson, Leon Bridges, Lily Meola, Lukas Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Margo Price, Micah Nelson (Particle Kid), Miranda Lambert, Nathaniel Rateliff, Neil Young, Norah Jones, Orville Peck, Rodney Crowell, Rosanne Cash, Sheryl Crow, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Stills, The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, Tom Jones, Tyler Childers, Warren Haynes, Waylon Payne, and Ziggy Marley.

    The deluxe 2CD+Blu-Ray includes 3 hours of video performances from the concert, 3 video bonus performances, 39 audio tracks, and a multi-page booklet

  • Parton Dolly - Rockstar (2CD) (CD)


    Uusi albumi.

  • Carlisle Cliff - Mouses’ Ears and Barnyard Metaphors 1930-1937 (CD)


    These are Vintage (1930s) Country recordings, comprising risqué, double-entendre songs and others of a similar ilk, with plenty of yodelling – effectively, the po’ white trash equivalent of pre-war Blues.

    While Country artists chasing mainstream acceptance were generally cautious, CLIFF CARLISLE routinely ignored the boundaries that had been drawn in the sand.

    Indeed, Carlisle was perhaps the man for whom the concept ’Non-PC’ might have been invented.

    And in an era when Blues musicians routinely sang ’risqué’ material, heavy with innuendo, he gave them a run for their money.

    This compilation draws from the seedier side of Cliff’s recorded legacy, concentrating on his ’earthy’ repertoire.

    He sings, joyously, of his little mama’s ’mouses’ ear’ (and boasts of ’hauling her ashes’), of ’barnyard sex’ (Cliff was fascinated by the activities of cocks and pussies), of ’wild cat mamas’ and ’pay-day fights’, the horror of being ’married alive’, and much, much more.

  • Grandpa Jones - Bread and Gravy – The Complete Recordings 1952-1955 (CD)


    A superstar of traditional country music and bluegrass for over half a century, and a regular on Nashville’s ’Grand Ole Opry’ from the 1940s until (quite literally) the day he died, Louis Marshall ’Grandpa’ Jones had a longevity that few of today’s top country talents will ever be able to match. He was far from being a Grandpa when he first recorded in the 1940s, but his whiskery, curmudgeonly persona caught on quickly with the public and kept him popular until he was a Grandpa several times over in real life.

    Grandpa was a prolific artist from the minute he first set foot in a recording studio. His many earlier and later 1940s and 50s recordings have been comprehensively anthologised in the digital era. Somewhat surprisingly, though, nearly four years’ worth of recordings that he cut for RCA Victor between 1952 and 1956 have largely been overlooked by compilers – until now, that is.

    ’Bread And Gravy’ brings together every single one of Grandpa’s recordings from this period, with many of them being reissued for the first time in nearly 50 years and, indeed, some of them for the first time ever! As well as thirty solo recordings – all of them cut with the cream of 50s Nashville’s session musicians – you’ll find duets with his wife Ramona and Kitty Wells’ daughter Ruby – plus 5 duets with his great friend, comedienne Minnie Pearl.

    As a further bonus, we include all of Minnie’s own solo recordings from the same period – and in most cases, the same sessions – as her duets with Grandpa.

    This is unvarnished hillbilly music, the likes of which is seldom heard in a Nashville recording studio anymore. ’Bread And Gravy’ is a window on a world long since passed, but still as highly enjoyable to look through (and listen to!) as it was more than 70 years ago.

  • Howdy Glenn - I Can Almost See Houston: The Complete (CD)


    While Black influences are inextricably intertwined with the formation of the genre, there is a very short list of Black country performers who made a splash on the national charts or the public consciousness in the 20th century.

    After winning the 1974 ”Trucker’s Jamboree” at the Hollywood Palladium, Inglewood California firefighter Howdy Glenn began a recording career that not only gained him regional hits on an independent label, but found him appearing to rapturous crowds whenever and wherever he performed live. After singing at the Academy of Country Music’s general meeting, he was signed to Warner Bros. Records by Andy Wickham (who had also signed Joni Mitchell, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Buck Owens, and more). Warner Bros. Released his first Wickham-produced single in 1977.

    His second, a cover of Willie Nelson’s ”Touch Me,” spent six weeks on the charts. Glenn headlined at Gilley’s in Pasadena, Texas, and found himself nominated for the ACM’s Top New Male Vocalist award. It appeared as though country music had a possible new star on the rise.
    But, as happens inexplicably for some artists, after a few singles, and more material left in the can, a new album from ”The Singing Fireman” (as he was dubbed by Warner Bros.) never materialized. Glenn’s early singles were compiled on the Indian Head label LP I Can Almost See Houston, and he recorded another single, released on his own Fire Records imprint. Both failed to land further success, and Glenn continued on with his career in firefighting.

    I Can Almost See Houston: The Complete Howdy Glenn collects all the recordings and reexamines the importance and legacy of Howdy Glenn.
    Containing all 8 of his singles, plus 6 newly mixed, previously unissued tracks from the Warner Bros. #vaults, plus an outtake from his Fire Records sessions, this 23-track collection was Produced for release by Grammy® nominee Scott B. Bomar (The Bakersfield Sound) and Grammy® winner Cheryl Pawelski (Hank Williams – The Garden Spot Programs, 1950). With Restoration and Mastering by Grammy® winner Michael Graves, the packaging contains photos, ephemera, and new liner notes from Bomar, outlining not only a brief history of Black artists in country music, but Howdy Glenn’s rightful place in the story.

  • Various - Hank Williams Connection (CD)


    1-CD Digipak with 36-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    On the occasion of Hank Williams’ 100th birthday (September 17, 2023), Bear Family Records® dedicates a CD album to one of the greatest icons of U.S. music history, featuring recordings of his idols and some of the best cover versions of his immortal songs.
    33 tunes from 1939 – 1969 show what Hank Williams was inspired by – later recordings prove his enormous influence on the international music scene.
    Famous country music colleagues include Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Faron Young and Hank’s son Hank Williams, Jr.
    Stars like Damita Jo, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, The Delta Rhythm Boys and others are witnesses to the great impact of Hank Williams’ music across genre boundaries.
    Rarities in fantastic sound quality, including a live recording by Bobby Helms released on CD for the first time.
    The 36-page color booklet tells the story on the subject, written by renowned music journalist Bill Dahl, plus many photos and memorabilia, at times rare!

    King of Country

    Along with Johnny Cash, Hank Williams is considered the most influential artist in country music. With few exceptions, he wrote his own songs during a career that lasted only six years, songs full of poetry, emotion and (self-)experience. His songs not only became classics, they are cult!

    Almost every important country musician has covered his songs. The selection was difficult. But we are sure that with this compilation in his anniversary year 2023 we will make visible the incredible impact of Hank Williams in the history of popular music.

    Honky Tonkin’

    Opening the compilation is Hank Williams, Jr. with Calling You, a track Hank Senior recorded in 1946. The list of classics that Hank Williams recorded during his short career is long. Whether it’s Jambalaya, Your Cheatin’ Heart, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Move It On Over or Honky Tonkin’, you know them all because they became indelible earworms.

    It is especially interesting that Hank Williams also influenced musicians working in other styles. This is proven here with recordings of great artists like Bill Darnel, Richard Hayes, Ray Charles, Damita Jo, Louis Armstrong, Ronnie Hawkins, a.m.o. of the genres jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

    Hank Williams was often heralded as the ’Lovesick Blues Boy’ in his day, so the original Lovesick Blues (one of the few songs Hank covered) by Rex Griffin is not to be missed!

  • Various - Beware! Insects and Spiders! 28 Buzzin’ Blasters From The Vaults Of Horror


    1-CD with 16-page booklet, 28 tracks. Total playing time approx. 65 min.

    Autumn. Halloween. Horror. Bear Family Records presents a CD compilation all about creepy-crawlies: ’Beware! Insects and Spiders’!
    With 28 recordings from 1937 to 1966 around ’the big creepy crawlies’ the horror comes alive!
    Spanning genres, we hear famous artists such as Lionel Hampton, Chubby Checker and Brook Benton as well as lesser-known tunes, some on CD for the first time.

    Some instrumentals, a song by Belgian singer Freddy Sunders and an early recording featuring Jimi Hendrix are among the many highlights.

    Stylistically, the spectrum ranges from country, surf rock, exotica and pop to rhythm ’n’ blues, jazz and swing and a main focus on rock ’n’ roll.

    The 16-page color booklet includes song annotations by Marc Mittelacher and many often rare photos and memorabilia!

    Insects and spiders – a Halloween theme

    Imagine ladybugs, butterflies or honeybees and Halloween doesn’t exactly come to mind. But have you ever looked at a praying mantis in close-up?

    At the latest then you will learn to be creeped out. Such images were used as models for classic horror movies, oversized insects and spiders became song themes, the fear of spiders, one of the primeval fears of mankind, comes to life here.


    This handpicked, richly varied compilation presents a wide spectrum of genres of past times, classics, but also many rarities. About a third of the recordings are pure instrumentals, including – as a special highlight – an early recording by Curtis Knight & The Squires, whose lead guitarist was a young Jimi Hendrix!

    Guitar virtuoso Buddy Merrill opens the CD album, and from jazzman Lionel Hampton with his orchestra comes the oldest instrumental recording (1937). Extremely annoying flies are sung about by Hank Williams and Chubby Checker, with Martin Denny’s Tsetse Fly it turns exotic.

    The classic and cult film ’Tarantula’ has also left its ’footprint’ in the music world and is represented here by no less than four performers. Also a highlight: the piano version of the instrumental classic Bumble Boogie, played at breathtaking speed by the British Winifred Atwell!

    The CD comes with a 16-page color booklet containing producer Marc Mittelacher’s notes on each song as well as a wealth of illustrations!

  • Colter Jessi - Edge Of Forever (CD)


    THE Queen of Outlaw Country has returned to her 1970’s crossover sound of country, rock, soul, and gospel, with ’Edge of Forever’- collaborating with one of today’s most outspoken independent country artists, Margo Price. Price produced the album with her band, The Price Tags, backing Jessi on a 10 song collection of all new songs as well as favorite tunes pitched to her and Waylon Jennings over the years- their son, producer/ performer/ and engineer, Shooter Jennings, mixed the album.

  • Nelson Willie - Bluegrass (CD)


    WILLIE NELSON / BLUEGRASS Bluegrass is a brand new studio album that captures a dozen classic Willie Nelson compositions-including ”On the Road Again,” ”Yesterday’s Wine,” ”Still is Still Moving to Me,” ”Good Hearted Woman” and more-freshly interpreted by Willie and an ensemble of crack players. In a seven decade career that has seen him explore genres from one end of the musical spectrum to the other, this is his first full album dedicated to genre. Willie and longtime producer Buddy Cannon, picked personal and fan favorite compositions from across his career to perform anew for this salute to the Appalachian old-time string band music which profoundly influenced Willie’s songwriting sensibilities and the direction of American country music in general. Using his own catalog as source material, Willie chose songs combining the kind of strong melodies, memorable storylines and tight ensemble-interplay found in traditional bluegrass interpretations of the roots of American folk songs. With Bluegrass, Willie uncovers new truths in his own songs.