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  • Various - Heated Garage: Toasty Treasures From Minnesota’s Kay Bank Studio (RSD) (LP)


    Orange vinyl! 1500 copies , numbered.
    Release type: ’RSD First’ Release

  • Rolling Stones - Singles 1966-1971 (18 singles boxset) (7 single/EP)


    Limited-edition set includes reproductions of 18 7” vinyl singles and extended play records. All tracks were remastered by 13-time Grammy Award-winning engineer Bob Ludwig, and the discs are manufactured by Third Man Pressing in Detroit. The set, replete with period-correct picture sleeve art, will also come with a 32-page book containing extensive liner notes by Stones authority Nigel Williamson, as well as rare photos and ephemera, plus a set of five photo cards and a poster, all housed in a hard-shell box

  • Jokers Wild - Step Outside Your Mind (CD)

  • Bystanders - Birth Of Man (Käytetty LP/12)


    Welsh pre Man 1960’s band from Merthyr Tydfil formed 1962

  • Various - Hard To Beat (Twenty-One Stooges Killers) 2LP (Käytetty LP/12)

  • Various - Diggin’ For Gold Vol 12 (Finnish issue) (Käytetty LP/12)


    For the first time a compilation with the best and rarest 1960’s beat 45’s from Finland.
    Diggin’ For Gold volume 12 is a treat on many levels and not only are the Finnish 60’s 45’s among the tuffest to locate for 60’s beat collectors, an eye-opener for sure!
    Printed inner sleeves including lots of cool pics and liner notes.

    Limited edition 500 copies, vinyl only.

  • I Fought The Law-0

    Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law (Käytetty LP/12)


    Former Cricket Sonny Curtis wrote the classic title song. Let Her Dance” was also a hit and is included.”

  • Milkshakes - In Germany (Käytetty LP/12)



  • Scott H. Biram - The One & Only (LP)


    Release Date: Mar 29, 2024
    LP Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

  • Scott H. Biram - The One & Only (CD)


    Release Date: Mar 29, 2024

  • Jim Jones Revue - Burning Your House Down (LP)


    Aikoja sitten loppuunmyyty vinyyli albumi.

  • Irving Klaws - Split DoomBuggy (Käytetty 7 single/EP)

  • Various - The Moon Was Full And So Was I​.​.​. (LP)


    Jens Lindberg brings some of his most obscure and mostly unreleased tracks that he and his friends recorded during the 90’s decade.
    500 black vinyl copies with insert featuring photos and notes by Jens Lindberg

    The Blindshag songs was recorded at Siljan Studio on the 11th of November 1992 except ’Poisoned My Life’ that was recorded at Tegelhögen Youth Center on the 2nd of April 1995
    The Maggots songs was recorded at Tegelhögen Youth Center on the 10th of September 1997
    The Maharajas songs was both recorded at Siljan Studio but at different times; ’We Spend Our Time’ on the 3rd of December 1996 and ’Turned Down Once Again’ on the 8th of March 1997
    The Freinds songs was recorded at Tegelhögen Youth Center on the 21st of May 1995
    The Infidels songs was recorded at Tegelhögen Youth Center on the 25th of November 1997
    The Cliffhangers songs was recorded in the basement studio of Åke on the 12th of April 1991

  • Mike Bell Cartel - Ain’t No High (That’s High Enough) / Like No Other (7 single/EP)


    The Mike Bell Cartel come from Helsinki, Finland and play a combination of different moods of 60’s garage, from jangling pop melodies to garage punk madness.
    Rogue Records is very proud to release their second single, following their first 7” from 2021 on Beluga Records. Their debut album “The Cartel & I” was released in 2022 and received critical acclaim.
    Ain’t No High (That’s High Enough) is straight-up garage punk, while Like No Other is leaning more to classic Byrds-style pop jangle.

  • Various - Doop-a-Go-Go Party LP + CD (LP)


    The new vinyl rallying cry intoned by El Vidocq!!!

    Following in the footsteps of the ‘Voices Super Sound’ compilation, our hirsute DJ continues his exploration of melodious voices, his unearthing of out-of-the-ordinary harmonies, his tracking down of otherworldly choruses and choirs… A vocal theme that, coupled with the diabolical energy of vintage Rhythm’n’Blues and Black Rock’n’Roll, coyly winks at (without marrying) Gospel or even Doo-Wop… Deliciously malicious, thrillingly enthusiastic… and though several voices once again sing as one, the overall feeling here is somewhat more dangerous, even savage… ‘Doop-A-Go-Go’!!! The compilation gathers together rediscovered gems (by THE TURBANS, THE FIVE KEYS, TINY TOPSY AND THE CHARMS) with hot one-hit wonders (THE CHANTEURS, AVALONS, THE LIDOS, MAD LADS, THE MOON STONES). While some sing their faith (EVELYN FREEMAN), others conjure up less holy desires (THE VISIONS, THE PARAMOURS), but they all stand out for the surprising generosity of their vocals! Get ready to ‘Boom Boom’ to ‘Wop Wop’ and to ‘Ouh Ouuuhhh’!!! A vigorous ‘Come on everybody, yeah, now, yeah yeah…’ gets the compilation going, flowing from one thunderous and bewitching brew to the next…‘Doop-A-Go-Go’!!!

  • Various - Le Flash Boum! Beat A Collection Of French Singing 60’s Dynamite Beats (LP)

  • Vice Barons - Lookin’ In The Face Of Evil (LP)


    300 copies only. Blood Red Vinyl.

  • Mudd Club - Bottle Blonde (LP)


    Very limited EU version of The Mudd Club’s debut album, 300 copies only with new artwork (an homage to The Cramps ‘Blues Fix’ EP) and coloured vinyl.

    The Mudd Club are a Garage-Punk band consisting of guitarist Sadie Capps, Drummer Julian West and bassist Huw Hickman. Sadie and Julian grew up in landlocked Lawrence, Kansas. They now spend most their time between Bristol in the UK and Wales. They write most of their own material drawing on the best of 50’s, 60’s & 70’s trash & punk although when they do cover a track, it’s guaranteed to be a killer as in the case on this album where they cover the 1962 released ‘Wombat Twist’ originally by Glenn & Christy…..

    These kids are top notch and way ahead of what their tender years may imply….A true delinquent teen band (alright, early 20’s).

  • Thee Legendary Hodads - I Was A Teenage Hodad (LP)


    nother fine platter of Trashtastic sounds from the Trash Wax label…..TWLP069 : 200 gm vinyl, full liner notes with previously unseen photos (and a short missive from the dude behind NBT)…Limited to just 300 copies and comes with a 5 star recommendation.

    It’s the mid 80’s and the UK (mainly) is in full on ‘Trash Mode’….The Milkshakes, Gun Club, Sting Rays, Scientists, Cramps et al rule the roost !

    And in the West of Scotland (way off the map for the London centric scene) the Rockabilly Psychosis & Garage Disease had touched and anointed a bunch of teens already under the influence of arcane sounds referenced in pulpy ‘zines such as ‘Next Big Thing’ etc. (Lindsay Hutton himself accepts partial responsability and you can read his admission in the liner notes !) Set out to to conquer all with their Milkshakes / Tall Boys / Panther Burns hybrid sounds….Read the rest of the story on the liner notes.

    A masterpiece of long lost Trash sounds that has finally been commited to vinyl….Enfin ! Vive Thee (Legendary) Hodads !

  • KRLA King Of The Wheels-0

    Fuller Bobby Four - KRLA King Of The Wheels (Käytetty LP/12)


    1965 julkaistun albumin uusintapainos.

  • A Cheat / Who Will Be The Next Fool To Be-0

    Earls Of Suave - A Cheat / Who Will Be The Next Fool To Be (Käytetty 7 single/EP)

  • Gallon Drunk / Breed - Clawfist – The Peel Sessions (10``LP)

  • The Big Rumble Vol. 2-0

    various - Big Rumble Vol. 2 (Käytetty LP/12)


    16 Killers Dillers
    16 of the best Killer Diller trax ever to be put on one album
    Instrumentals & Wild rockers

  • Sale!

    Remains - Live 1969 (LP)

    Original price was: €32,50.Current price is: €18,00.

    Recorded at the legendary Boston Tea Party in 1969, The Remains rip through an absolute killer of a set list, featuring road tested covers of ”Hang On Sloopy,” ”Johnny B. Goode,” and their crowd-pleasing original ”Why Do I Cry.” Captured two and a half years after they broke up, the four original members of The Remains are in perfect form here for a one-night-only performance that was only rumored to exist- until now. From the recently discovered tapes, to pristine R.T.I. pressed vinyl! Also available on compact disc. ”There’s Nothing else in The Remains world as wild as this one. We were on fire… on the brink… ” – Barry Tashian (The Remains)

  • Reverend Beat-Man And The Underground - It’s A Matter Of Time – The Complete PALP Session (CD)

  • Daniels Walter & The Del Valle Trustees - Have a Coffee Break With​.​.​. (LP)

  • Beatles - With Tony Sheridan – Beatles Bop – Hamburg Days (2CD) (Käytetty CD)


    CD 1: Mono
    CD 2: Stereo
    Release including a 100-page book

  • Johnny Taylor Et Les Strangers - Le Climb EP (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


    Orig France.

    British group active in France in the mid 60s.

  • Boss Martians - The Intoxicating Sounds Of The EP (7 single/EP)

  • Sale!

    Remains - A Session With The Remains (LP)

    Original price was: €33,00.Current price is: €22,00.


    Ever wish you could travel back in time and be in the thick of the 1960s rock explosion? Well, until an actual TARDIS is perfected, this album is the next best thing. Recorded in the wee hours of May 26, 1966, A Session with the Remains is a no-holds barred romp through their club set, captured live-to-tape in Capitol Records’ studios. Recorded as an audition for the label, the albums seethes and snarls, twists and shouts, rocks and rolls and generally embodies the force of nature that was the Remains. Performing a mix of originals and current hits, the band is in command at every step, rocking one minute and pausing to kibitz between songs the next. In attempting to describe this album, reviewers have used words like “blazing,” “explosive,” “delirious”…but honestly, none of these descriptions comes close to what is contained in the grooves. It’s like trying to tell a stranger ‘bout rock & roll, ya know? All you really need to do is listen. After all, one guitar lick is worth a thousand words.This BLAZING, EXPLOSIVE, DELIRIOUS album was painstakingly sourced from the one-and-only original two-track analog mono master tape and wrestled onto high-quality vinyl and compact disc for your review. I’d like to thank you on behalf of the group and Sundazed for listening and I hope they pass YOUR audition! Also available on compact disc! ”A religious totem of all that was manic and marvelous about mid-’60s pop” – Rolling Stone Magazine”Blazing through a mix of originals and covers, the Remains explode in a torrent melody, searing guitar leads and furious drumming. This quartet’s ability to play with such delirious abandon yet still nail the tunes’ sharp hooks and abundant vocal harmonies marks it as one of rock’s more talented and incendiary units” – Chicago Tribune