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  • Issue # 17-0

    Gearhead - Issue # 17 (Lehdet)


    LAYOUT BY: Jeremy Stoner

    STAFF / CONTRIBUTERS: Mike LaVella, Mike Bumbeck, Dirty Donny, Ralph Moochie” Findlay, Chas Glynn, Brad Iger, Dave Milner, Alan Rutter, Kevin Thomson, Nate Tynan, Matt Black, Mitch Cardwell, Chris Owen, Spahr Schmitt

    COVER STORIES: Guido: The Mayor of Nowheresville, The Last Originals CC, Pride of the Champ car show

    ARTICLES ON: Dirty Donny in Japan, Flip of Dead Fast Design, ”Iron Men, Wooden Boats” Scarlett Fever

    REGULAR FEATURES: Editor Speaks, Product Developments, Big Nate’s Video Roundup, Sniffin’ Glue, Tales Of Kidd Mopar, Bumbeck’s Bits and Pieces, Record Reviews, Chas’ Compendium of Automotive Oddities

    CAR OF THE ISSUE: Henry Diaz’s 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

    OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: Bay Area Super Special! 15th Anniversary Issue, believe it or not


    NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN: Typos, hopefully

    PICTURE OF MIKE KISSING: Nobody, but hugging Guido in his hot dog outfit

    SOUNDTRACK OF THE ERA: From Krautrock to King Tubby, a mixed bag if there ever was one”

  • Issue # 16-0

    Gearhead - Issue # 16 (Lehdet)


    COVER STORIES: Rockin’ JellyBean, James Hetfield’s ’36 Ford, Sundays with Von Dutch, Stand Up! Records, Steve Caballero, The Stalkers

    ARTICLES ON: I’ll Flake Anything!” photo-feature, Deke Dickerson’s Guitar Geek Festival, Stripes Vs, Flames, etc.

    REGULAR FEATURES: Editor Speaks, Bobo Tech, Sniffin’ Glue, Chas’ Compendium of Automotive Oddities, Tales Of Kidd Mopar, Bumbeck’s Bits and Pieces, Record Reviews

    CAR OF THE ISSUE: Kidd Mopar’s rail, the Death Trap 1

    OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: It’s a well oiled machine man!

    FIRST APPEARANCE OF: Matt Black of TCB’s photography

    NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN: Lots of extraneous crap!

    PICTURE OF MIKE KISSING: Nobody – but hugging Cole Foster and Verne Hammond

    SOUNDTRACK OF THE ERA: The Buzzcocks, The Professionals, pretty much anything from 1978, including Judas Priest”

  • Issue # 24-0

    Barracuda - Issue # 24 (Lehdet)


    48 pages, color and sepia tone

    The Steve McQueen Exhibit at the Petersen Museum | Purty as a Picture (Pictorial) | Rack and Roll: Beauty and Horsepower in the Music Stores of Yore | Tattoos You’ll Never See | This Beauty Is a Cutie! (Pictorial featuring cover-girl pin-up Bernie Dexter!) | The Barracuda Gourmet Takes on Cheap Canned Meats | Interllektuals Need Not Apply! (Pictorial) | 2005 Primer Nationals | A Parting Glance! (Pictorial) | Leave ’Em Laughing (Cartoons)

  • Issue# 12-0

    Gearhead - Issue# 12 (Lehdet)


    Vuosien odottelun jälkeen uusi massiivinen numero. 95 sivua!!