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  • Movie by Zack & Scott DVD-0

    The One World Tour - Movie by Zack & Scott DVD (CD)


    TODELLA HYVÄ UUTUUS!! JATKOA CHOPPERTOWN SARJAAN! You never saw a motorcycle movie like this!

    What happens when two indie filmmakers are given the chance to take the trip of a lifetime? Join Zack Coffman and Scott DiLalla on a crazy six week trip as they show their films throughout Europe, meeting underground builders and throwing parties along the way. As they blast through each country they are met by local friends and fans who treat them like long lost family. Part travelogue, part video diary, and part biker mayhem, this once in a lifetime adventure is not to be missed!

    From the directors of the award-winning biker documentaries Choppertown, Brittown, and the Harbortown Bobber comes the newest biker creation from One World Studios.

    Featuring: Mods vs. Rockers Chicago, Johnny’s Garage Germany, Bosse Jensen and Gasoline Magazine Sweden, Kopteri Finland, Tridays Austria, Los Tremendos Latinos Barcelona, Independence Weekend Jesolo Italy with Sinners Sweden, Baron’s Speedshop and The Ace Cafe London, Custom Sickles, Jesper Bram, Simon Gunning, Voodoo Beat, Custombike, Wild Magazine, Kutty Noteboom, and many more.

    Amazing original soundtrack by Ezio, Frank Carillo, Talco, Superpunk, Guadalupe Plata, The Cosh Boys, Nobelkommitten, Rantanplan, Phantastix, Moritz Kraemer, and more.

    Thanks as always for the support. Stay independent.

  • Mad Fabricators Vol 2 CD-0

    Various - Mad Fabricators Vol 2 CD (CD)


    26 songs as featured in the MFS DVDs by the following bands: Bleed, The Dynotones, Lords Of Altamont, The Blue Demons, Mr. Badwrench, Los Creepers and The Delusionaires.

  • Hot Rod City-0

    Various - Hot Rod City (CD)


    More big names – Gary Usher, Richard Delvy, and others – hiding under little pseudonyms – The Grand Prix, the Customs and others – in a chrome-headered collection rightfully rescued from the crusher by the bespectacled historians at Sundazed. This release includes the bonus tracks ’Candy Apple Buggy (alt. take)’, ’Goin’ 88 (alt. take)’, ’Nifty ’50 (alt. take)’, ’Hot Rod City (alt. take)’, ’Competition Coupe (alt. take)’, ’She Rides With Me’, ’The Blonde In The 406’ and ’Little Queenie’.