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  • Katsastus (digipack) DVD + Käsikirjoitus-0

    Suomi Elokuva - Katsastus (digipack) DVD + Käsikirjoitus (DVD)


    KAIKKIEN KLASSIKKOJEN ÄITI! TÄMÄ ON SPECIAL VERSIO, JOSSA MUKANA 80 SIVUINEN KÄSIKIRJOITUS! Matti Ijäksen ohjaama Katsastus TV-elokuva perustuu Joni Skiftesvikin novelleihin Katsastus, Vanha mies ja Näprääjä. Elokuvan tapahtumat keskittyvät pohjoiseen pikkukaupunkiin ja siellä vietettäviin häihin – ja auton katsastukseen. Elokuva on tarina kasvamisesta, ihmisen energiasta lohduttomuuden keskellä, vastuun kantamisesta ja tietenkin kaveruussuhteista muutoksen keskellä.

    Elokuva julkaistaan kokonaan restauroituna ja 16:9 kuvasuhteella. Näyttelijät: Vesa Vierikko

    , Markku Maalismaa

    , Sulevi Peltola

    , Kaija Pakarinen:

    Ohjaaja: Matti Ijäs. Bonuksena DVD:n lisämateriaalina Juha Lehtolan ohjaama dokumentti: Ammatti suomalainen elokuvaohjaaja Matti Ijäs (kesto 55 min)

  • Route 66: Kitsch And Mythical-0

    Movie - Route 66: Kitsch And Mythical (DVD)


    Take a road trip on board an old 1976 AMC Matador Brougham station wagon to investigate the famous Route 66, which is full of interesting stops and historical importance!

  • This is Long Beach-0

    Movie - This is Long Beach (DVD)


    This is Long Beach” Hot rod historian Brian Darwas shadows three generations of custom car & hot rod aficionados, The Long Beach Cavaliers in his latest documentary film, This Is Long Beach.Each generation, from the 1940’s to present, recounts detailed memories and pays homage to the cars that bonded them in a lifelong brotherhood all while chopping a 1947 Ford in Brad Masterson’s Kustom’s car shop in historic Lynwood, California.”

  • Road 2 Smoke Out-0

    Movie - Road 2 Smoke Out (DVD)


    It’s about freedom, man. Freedom.” From Choppertown producer, Zack Coffman and Greg ”Edge” Scheuer, promoter of the Smoke Out Rally. This film captures the experience of the original garage-built chopper rally and the culture of infamous biker magazine The Horse Backstreet Choppers. The story of real men and women who burn the midnight oil with wrenches in their hands and grease under their fingernails. Featuring: Amateur Chop Off, Drive-in Bike Show, Old School Drags, The Stampede, The Long Road, Minis, Bean’re, George-the-Painter, Jeff ”Speed King” Cochran, Hammer, Englishman, Wet T-shirt Contest, Painted Ladies, and a host of chopper crazies!All region motorcycle DVD with a ton of bonus clips.This film is not rated: Adult themes, strong language, oh and some boobs.”

  • Flake & Flames-0

    Movie - Flake & Flames (DVD)


    Flake & Flames is a fantastic adventure through the Kustom Kulture movement around the globe seeking out the hottest Kustom Kulture spots in the United States (US) and Europe.If you are new to Kustom Kulture, you will experience the overwhelming creativity that exists behind terms like Low Brow Art, Hot Rods, Customs, and Pinstriping.Those who are familiar with Kustom Kulture will drool in awe and get a privileged look into the private domain of the Kustom Kulture legends of our time. Some of the world’s best car and motorcycle builders, tattoo artists, pinstripers, custom painters, and pin-up models share their tricks and experience. Artists dedicated to art forms that have traditionally been frowned upon by established society throughout history show you why nothing else can compare.Soundtrack by: The Dynotones, Vince Ray And The Boneshakers, The Go Getters, Brutus, The Bonnevilles, Nitrogods, The Juke Joint Pimps, Troubled Three, Die Zorros, The Monsters and many more… Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed – USA, Europe, Japan OK!)SUBTITLES: English, German, French, Spanish.Filed under best motorcycle movie, best biker flick category.

  • Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies -Tour Edition CD+DVD-0

    Volbeat - Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies -Tour Edition CD+DVD (DVD)


    Tanskalainen megabändi Volbeat saapuu keikalle Helsingin Hartwall Areenalle 28.11. Kiertuetta juhlistaakseen bändi julkaisee uusimmasta albumistaan Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies” – kiertuepainoksen, joka sisältää yhden bonusbiisin sekä 13 biisin live-dvd:n. Livebiisit äänitettiin vuoden 2013 kesäfestivaaleilla.”

  • Born Free 4 DVD + CD-0

    Movie - Born Free 4 DVD + CD (DVD)


    2-disc set includes DVD and a CD with 100+ bike photos!When motorcycle aficionados Mike Davis and Grant Peterson conceived their Born Free experience, they had no idea their little bike show would grow into the grandest and most eagerly anticipated celebration of custom motorcycle style and culture in the world. Born Free’s location in Southern California – the heart of American motorcycle customizing – only intensifies this event’s impact and allure. Born Free 4″ gives a behind-the-scenes peek into the planning and craftwork required to bring hundreds of motorcycle-industry players, 3,000 show bikes and over 10,000 bikeriders and rabid fans to the rolling hills and green pastures of SoCal’s beautiful Santiago Canyon for a day of music and machinery among great friends.”

  • El Diablo Run: A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure DVD + CD-0

    Movie - El Diablo Run: A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure DVD + CD (DVD)


    Ever wonder what happens when a few hundred bike riders with an insatiable taste for fire, beer and mayhem ride hand-built choppers across twisty, pitted tarmac from SoCal to Baja and back? The El Diablo Run gives freedom-lovers a chance to go places and do things that are simply not possible at home in the USA. Follow this eclectic band of Diablo runners as they comb the beaches, brothels and back alleys of San Felipe and Ensenada on a quest for cheap tacos, loose women and good times.Complete with free soundtrack CD and 24-page photo book!The EDR DVD is produced by Lowbrow Customs, Four Aces Cycle, Biltwell, Inc. and ChopCult.

  • Sale! Hot Rod Hayride-0

    Movie - Hot Rod Hayride (DVD)

    Original price was: €25,00.Current price is: €10,00.

    Filmed at the 7th Annual Hot Rod Hayride, Bisley, UK (July 2011). Featuring the Detonator Drags (Dunsfold airfield), Demon Drome Wall of Death, Soap Box Derby, Hod Rod Showfield, Burlesque (Anna Fur Laxis) and Circus Freak Show. Also includes live performances from Rusti Steel & The Star Tones, Knocksville, The John Lewis Trio, The Slapbacks, Union Canal String Band and Deke Dickeson & The Ecco-Fonics, alongside interviews with organisers/punters and bands (including Mouse Zinn, John Lewis and Deke Dickerson).

  • The Salt Ghost: Return of the Nitro Express motorcycle-0

    Movie - The Salt Ghost: Return of the Nitro Express motorcycle (DVD)


    From Four Aces Cycle & Lowbrow Customs comes The Salt Ghost: Return of the Nitro Express. Two years in the making, this film covers the exploration of this vintage Triumph motorcycle lakes racer that spent two decades racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats and El Mirage, it’s history, builder, and it’s return to the dry lakes.In the 1960s and 1970s, legions of speed freaks blasted down the drag strips and dry lakes of Southern California on their two-wheeled tickets to thrills. Legions more campaigned machines at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats during the same time. What happened to these motorcycles? The vast majority of them have disappeared into the mists of time, disassembled and used for restoring soulless stockers or simply forgotten in old sheds and barns. Once in awhile one turns up and gets sold to a museum or carefully displayed in some motorcycle shop owner’s office. Rarely if ever again do these machines return to their beloved battleground: the Dry Lake or Salt Flat.The Return of the Nitro Express is the story of one bike that did not get filed away and retired. Thanks to two present day cowboy speed junkies who eschew modern technology and dance with dangerous old motorcycles, the Salt Ghost will be reborn…or will it? Watch as Wes and Tyler bring the Nitro Express back to where it all began, to the dry and hot Bonneville Salt Flats where legends are born in blood, sweat and gears!””

  • Mad Fabricators Vol. 6 (2DVD)-0

    Movie - Mad Fabricators Vol. 6 (2DVD) (DVD)


    Southern California has always been the hot bed for Custom Culture and in this issue of MAD FABRICATORS SOCIETY we hang by the beach, cruise the strip and meet up with some of SoCal’s coolest car builders, artist and the original guys that paved the Kustom roads. We also ride along with Norway’s Coupe Devils as they take us to some of the best car shows over seas!Featured in this amazing DVD: Tim Sutton _ Photographer / De Linc Went”Brad Masterson – Kustom Builder / Monster Painter / 51 Chevy / 1923 Ford RoadsterDean Jeffries – LegendBill Hines – LegendScott Miller – 1931 Ford CoupeRudi Hillebrand – 1930 Ford CoupeGreg Beck – 1951 Mercury SurvivorJohn Mearns – 1936 Ford 3 window CoupeJim Weems – 1931 Ford Coupe Survivor ”Little Monster”Lynn Bird – 1927 Ford Roadster ”Surf Kart”Jerami Schoeman – 1956 Ford Pick Up Survivor ”Lil Nugget”Chris Casny – 1930 Ford CoupeIan Berky – 1951 ChevyEric Warner – 1930 Ford Roadster Survivor ”Aldon Calkins Roadster”Car Shows:Grand National Roadster Show – CaliforniaLongBeach Motorama – CaliforniaAdventures of The Coupe Devils Norway:Coupe Devils Rod and Kustom Bonanza Car Show – NorwayViking Run & Fun at Kala Raceway Car Show – NorwayJokers Car & Bike Show – SwedenA-Bombers Old Style Weekend Hill Climb – SwedenX-Treme car show – Finland”

  • Two Wheel Terrors 3-0

    Various - Two Wheel Terrors 3 (DVD)


    The newest insane bike film by Arie and Mark Van Schyndel: The makers of the Hot Rod Havoc series.

    You already know what these videos are about, just grab one already! Featuring: Kutty Noteboom, Chopper Dave, Duane Ballard, Love Cycles, Jokers, Jeff Decker’s ’52 Vincent. Filmed in Sweden, Japan, Germany and the USA.

  • Kustom Kemps of America KKOA 2010-0

    Movie - Kustom Kemps of America KKOA 2010 (DVD)


    or 30 years the Kustom Kemps of America have been dedicated to the coolest cars on the planet! July 23-25 2010 in Salina, Kansas was the place to be if you wanted to see the best from coast to coast. Jerry Titus rounded up over 1000 of this friends to show up with their kustoms, cruisers, bruisers, classics, and hot rods. This is always plenty to do at the Leasdsled Spectacular and the 30th Anniversary was no exception – art, historic kustoms, cacklefest, car customizing on site, bands, shop tours, vendors, drag races, and of course, KUSTOMS!

    Vintage Torque brings you the most important part of the show to you… the cars! Throw this on and relive the special steamy weekend or if you have never seen coverage of this show-Be prepared to make your reservations for future KKOA events.

    Bonus Coverage from 2009 KKOA and Run What Ya Brung Drags as well.

  • The Devil at Your Feet!-0

    Movie - The Devil at Your Feet! (DVD)


    Ride along with Hot Rod Builder and Award Winning Filmmaker Brian Darwas (The Road to Bonneville) as he travels over three thousand miles from East to West. Get an inside look at two car clubs from Opposite Coasts (The Burbank Choppers and The Alter Boys) who share the same Ideals and Passion for Traditional Hot Rods and Customs!

    Flatheads, Nailheads, and Vintage Steel! Take a ride inside the cars and sit down to hear the stories from the men who built them! This film is a true study in what Traditional Hot Rodding is really about!” A Hot Rodding movie so intense it will leave your living room filled with exhaust and your carpet stained with grease!”

  • Torque Fest-0

    Movie - Torque Fest (DVD)


    What happens when over 400 hot rods, customs, and choppers descend on a small town in Iowa? Witness the spectacle that is Vintage Torquefest!

    With customs and hot rods from both coasts meeting in the middle of America for one day only. From setup to dirt track mayhem, bands, art, and the premier rides that made the show.

    Featuring: Noel Mauer, original Slo-Pokes member and his ’32 five window.

    Music by: Federation of Horsepower, Chrome Daddies, The Afterdarks, The Gamma Rays

    Running time: 90 minutes

    Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed – USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

  • The Hunnert Pile Up No 8 (2009)-0

    Movie - The Hunnert Pile Up No 8 (2009) (DVD)


    Sit down and check out the world’s Greasiest Car show THE HUNNERT CAR PILE UP

    The Chrome Czars of Chicago IL throw a little party called the Hunnert Car Pile Up evey year in October. Well, it started out little anyway. Now it has grown into a must see event that draws people from Canada, Texas, New York, and California. And these guys DRIVE their rides here. The faithful of this hot rod religion have called Morris IL their Mecca, and it is easy to see why this event is so popular.

    The laid back atmosphere the Czars provide create an environment that screams fun to the spectators and participants alike.

    Check out some of the highlights from 2009. Pre ’65 high end kustoms to low end beaters are all welcome at the Hunnert. But don’t think just because you show up means you get to come on in….you will get to see that the entry requirements of no billet, no digital, and no stock vehicles are enforced as the rides are asked to go to spectator parking. Coverage continues inside where cars are stacked up, people are having a good time, artists are spreading the gospel of the kustom kulture, and vendors are trying to make a buck.

    DVD Contents:

    2009 Pre Party Downtown Morris IL October 9, 2009

    October 10, 2009 Entry / The Scene / More Rides / Slideshow

    2008 Pre Party

    Music: The Afterdarks/Hot Rod Hucksters/The Aquaholics/Crazy Rocket Fuel/The 99ers/The Rumblejetts

    Running time: Over 90 minutes

    Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed – USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

  • Devils & Angels-0

    Movie - Devils & Angels (DVD)


    Devils & Angels: Kustom Kulture is Alive and Well

    Lowbrow Art, Hot Rods, Customs & Girls. We got interviews with all sortsa cool folks. We’ve corralled Japan’s masters of striping Makoto, Mr. G and Grimb.

    Take a close-up look in studio with the amazing Doug Dorr, get a peek inside the twisted mind of Jeral Tidwell and spend the day with Hot Rod/Surf Art legend Damian Fulton. See up close the artists at work, and at play, and see what makes these characters tick…

    Take a ride with the Straight Jacket Kustoms car club to the Grand National Roadster Show, ’Weld This’ Art Show, and finally Gasoline Gallery’s ’California Screamin’ Art & Hot Rod Show.

    Runtime: over 2 hours with extras!

    Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed – USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

    English & Japanese subtitles!

  • Vintage Torque Vol 5 2DVD-0

    Movie - Vintage Torque Vol 5 2DVD (DVD)


    This DVD is not for everyone. If you are afraid to get grease under your fingernails, or have never been a member of the busted knuckle club…then you may not get it.”

    The cars you will see on this 2 DVD set are built to be driven. A few will have shiny paint & others will be rusted, but all were built with pride and with American steel.

    4 Hours on 2 DVDs of Timeless Traditional Hot Rods and Kustoms

    Disc One

    Santa Maria – West Coast Kustoms Simply put – the quality of the rides at this show are unmatched. Sit back and drool at the killer kustoms in this segment.

    The Anderson Merc – This kool kat has had this car for years and put thousands of miles on it…..but it still looks amazing – we find out all the different mods that have made this such a unique Merc.

    Backwoods of Kentucky -Bruce Bowe takes us for a ride in the hollers and hills of Kentucky…….you don’t have to travel far to be in the middle of nowhere!

    David Mann Chopper Fest – This show gets some of the most killer customs, choppers and bobbers on the West Coast – check em out riding in and get the vibe of Ventura CA.

    DicE Magazine & Pacific Coast Highway Ride – After the David Mann Chopper Fest, Dean from DicE magazine hit the road with some of his mates. Wasn’t too long before the cops came a callin’.

    Mooneyes Christmas Party 2008 – Since 2009 was completely rained out we have included the entry and exit footage from 2008-this is the only Christmas Party that matters!

    Mooneyes Christmas Drags 2008 – One of the major reasons the Mooneyes show is so popular – the run what you brung drags!

    Cincinnati Motorama-Those Shaw’s sure know how to throw together a big shindig! Check out the gassers, historic midgets, and stockers at the 2009 event.

    Rust Revival 2009 – Wayland MO has a population of 125 people…..until all the hot rodders show up! Not as crazy as Hollister in 1947, but still crazy hot rodders mixing it up to a crazy beat!

    Road Trip – Yokohama to Tokyo-Check out the scenery from the passenger seat of a ’35 Ford Truck on the streets of Japan.

    Disc Two

    Suedes Car Club – Profile on one of the midwests finest traditional car clubs – these guys have some nice rides!

    The Art of Doug Horne-Primarily known for his work in the Tiki genre, Mr Horne can lay down some cool hot rod images as well.

    One Shot Kustoms Open House – Justin and Amy aka Ms Metal host an open house every year for the true hot rodders in the community – this year Vintage Torque got an invite!

    Bill Balogh 1951 Mercury – 1 guy did all this work….wow.

    Los Alamos Cruise – Not only does West Coast Kustoms have one of the best shows in the country – they get these cars to CRUISE – cehck em out on the open road!

    Detroit 2009 – One of the oldest show around, and still getting the true hot rods.

    Jalopy Showdown – Perhaps the most fun you could have at a car show takes place here – check it out and see why the real enthusiasts from the entire East coast show up.

    Shelley Barnes 1941 Plymouth-This gal knows her stuff and she covers all the special details on her ’41.

    Lonestar Round Up 2009 – see the highlights from one of the greatest shows in the world – dont look for anything newer than ’65 – cause at the Round Up – that ain’t allowed.

    Music By:

    Angus Khan/The All-Nighters/The Nevermores/Hellanova/The Dead Rocks/The Beat Killers/The Verbtones/The Vermin/The Cavaliers & MORE!

    Running time: 240 minutes (2 DVD SET!)

    Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed – USA, Europe, Japan OK!)”

  • Vintage Torque Vol 3 2DVD-0

    Movie - Vintage Torque Vol 3 2DVD (DVD)


    Vintage Torque Volume #3 DVD Featuring:

    – Kansas City’s best show called the Greaserama put on by Los Punk Rods

    – The Cheaters Car Club in Milwaukee has an annual event called Cheaterama – full coverage from that show is included as well as…

    – The Voodoo Kings road trip to Cheaterama.

    – Bowling Green KY – the Hot Rod Reunion – this gathering brings people from all over the country and there is a bit of nostalgia drags on there as well as the hot rods that came to watch.

    -Kobe Japan has one of the best independent bike shows in the world (Triumphs, BSA, old Harleys & Indians etc – no new stuff) – HemiDave was there and got some killer footage – For the motorcycle fans there is also a segment detailing the Davenport Antique Bike Swap.

    – Max Grundy recently had a gallery showing at La Luz De Jesus Gallery and VT was there to film it and get an interview with him.

    – Santa Maria! The big thing that everyone has been asking about IS on here this time…..Santa Maria – formerly known as Paso Robles, event coverage is on here – and it features stuff in the show as well as out on the streets. There is so much going on that weekend it seems no matter where you go there are amazing rides everywhere. Last year saw the inaugural cruise from Santa Maria down to Los Alamos. VT3 has complete coverage of all the hot rods taking over this sleepy little town.

    – Feature Cars like Kirk Jones MAY CAUSE DANGEROUS – this car is outstanding – Alex Gambino did a lot of the work and he did the interview detailing all the work that went into that Starliner. Also is a 60s show rod that had been sitting in a heated garage for 35 years – looks like it just came off of Car Craft cover circa 1961.

    – Mark Chapman and his all steel ’32 Roadster.

    There is SO much footage on here – Rust Revival is on there as well!

    Running time: 240 minutes (2 DVD SET!)

    Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed – USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

  • Vintage Torque Vol 2 (2DVD)-0

    Movie - Vintage Torque Vol 2 (2DVD) (DVD)


    Traditional Cars & Art!


    This hot rod DVD is intended for REAL car people. People that are not afraid to get under the hood. People that BUILD’EM – – & Don’t BUY’EM!

    The cars you will see on this 2 DVD set are timeless.

    Vintage Torque salutes those who keeps the traditions alive.

    Traditional is timeless.

    DISC ONE: [140 minutes]

    Billetproof Pre Party

    Gasoline Gallery


    The Voodoo Idol

    Roadtrip To The Lonestar Roundup

    ’31 Model A

    Vintage Torque Magazine Photo Shoot


    Shifters So Cal Las Vegas Car Show

    The Art Of Doug Dorr

    Gene Winfield – Builder Of The Year

    ’59 Buick Mild Kustom


    Dice’s 47 Ford

    The Finkosel

    The Myers Cadillac

    Ski Shores Cruise

    DISC TWO: [100 minutes]

    Slideshows – Santa Maria


    Knoxville I

    Back Seat Betty

    ’50 Crown Vic

    ’49 Chevy

    American Bad Ass

    Tin Man ’29 Model A

    Green Hornet

    ’32 Hop Up

    Farmer Joe

    Wild Child

    Voodoo Spider

    My Lil’ Demon

    Knoxville II





    Music By:

    The Arkhams

    The Stumbleweeds

    The Hell Caminos

    Rumble Club

    The Whiskey Daredevils

    Dirty Kings

    The 454s


    ……& MORE!

    Running time: Over 4 hours!

    Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed – USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

  • Vintage Torque Vol.4 DVD-0

    Movie - Vintage Torque Vol.4 DVD (DVD)


    OVER 4 hours of material! That is right – another 2 DVD set featuring coverage from Kalamazoo to Yokohama! There are some amazing cars on this DVD. Kustoms that guys built in their own garages, as well as traditional hot rods that are in the process of being restored to the way they were in the 50s.


    In December we were lucky enough to get to go to Japan and and we got some killer coverage from Mooneyes Japan.

    A week later Matt Davis from DicE Magazine let us follow him and some other guys riding down the Pacific Coast Highway-beautiful scenery and some really nice home built bikes make this segment very nice. (Not to mention one of my favorite bands The Von Ehrics provide the background music)

    Industrial Chassis in Phoenix had an open house and we were able to film them dropping an axle there – very informative.

    One of the best segments for me to watch was the Day of the Drags which takes place just north of Austin TX. I did not get to go, but HemiDave was there to capture the action. Another great segment that I really appreciate. After seeing this footage – I want to go this year! Special Thanks to Norm and the rest of the Kontinentals.

    The Hunnert Car Pile-Up is one of the best 1 day shows in the world. What a lot of people seem to miss out on is the pre party the night before. Downtown Morris IL becomes a traditional hot rod heaven as cars & trucks from all over the country cruise in to check out the scene. We also show a bit of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle. The Chrome Czars are the car club the put on the Hunnert AND 2 of the guy in the Chrome Czars own Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle. SO I thought that the out of towners that only come to the Hunnert on Saturday, should know that there is plenty to do the days before the Pile-Up..like go check out the HRCC shop and be sure to not miss the pre party the night BEFORE the Hunnert.

    And one of the best quality shows in the country – the Grand National Roadster Show. We have coverage of the hot rods coming into the show as well as all the killer rides that are in the Suede Palace (hosted by the Shifters). (Be sure to see the cameo of Mad Fabricators Originator Piero de Luca give me the 1 finger salute – I love you Piero & I wish I had a car as cool as the Live Wire!!!)

    Overall – there is way too much stuff on these 2 DVDs….but hey – you can always press stop and watch more the next day or next week right?

    Other stuff that is on the 2 DVD set:

    Voodoo Kings-Fire! (lotsa flame throwing!), Dave White’s Pontiac Safari Kustom Scottsdale AZ coverage Dallas TX Chicken Run, Eric Anderson’s Modified Roadster Byron Crump’s ’32 5 Window 60’s style hot rod, Columbus coverage, Liberace – this car looks like it should be on the show circuit circa 1961 – only this guy DRIVES this car! 1949 International Harvester..there are so many mods on this thing – you would never know this was a full size truck at one time! Flyrite Choppers Open House Cheater Carl and his 1930 Modified Model A Coupe Kalamazoo coverage Bill Greener and his ’32 5W – this thing is DRIVEN – as you can see it has MUD all over it!!! Des Moines & the Cornfed Feast, the art of Death Ray Design (they did our cover this time), Corrugated Flyer Murray Kustom Rods – Dallas TX

    and the popular Polar Bear Cruise is on this DVD – sponsored by the Bare Bones Car Club – these guys and gals are not afraid to take the cars out in the middle of winter and drive em. That is exactly what they do! They cover 45 miles on backroads of IL with snow as the backdrop.

    Some of the bands that you will hear this time include The Ghastly Ones, Diesel Finger, The Reverb Syndicate, High School Caesar, Los Coronas,The Von Ehrics, Speedball Jr, Astro Zombies, The Tremors, and many many more. From good old classic rockabilly to Red Neck metal-we try to have a little bit of everything – but nothing too out there!

    Remember one of the things that makes Vintage Torque DVDs different – you get to see the cars AND hear them. So even though there may be some Charlie Hightone playing in the background.if you see a car getting on it – you are gonna hear it as well!

  • Mad Fabricators Vol 5.5 DVD-0

    Movie - Mad Fabricators Vol 5.5 DVD (DVD)


    Follow the journey of Mad Fabricators creator Piero De Luca as he and his super talented friends create one of the most period correct sixties show cars to ever hit the pavement.It all started off with a rusty Model A Coupe body in Texas with chickens living in it and after two years of discipline, emotional ups and downs and the ultimate joy of the first drive, the car gets its big break as Cover and Feature of Rod and Custom Magazine. Some Mad Fabricators alumni join the build like Bob Bleed and Johnny Cola from Aceholes, Donnie Baird from Imperial Customs and making there first appearances in Mad Fabricators, Luke Di-Cuircio of Di-Cuircios Hot Rods and Dave Martinez of Martinez Custom Upholstery.See How We Go From Rust To Show!Featuring Music By:The Surfites, The Kilaueas, The Nebulas, The Madeira, and more…


    A Documentary film By Scott Di Lalla & Zack Coffman - BRITTOWN (DVD)


    ODOTETTU UUTUUS FILMI. SAMAT TEKIJÄT KUIN CHOPPERTOWN ELOKUVISSAUPEA UUTUUS! Brittown is a feature documentary featuring legendary underground mechanic and Britbike connoisseur Jeff Meatball” Tulinius from the Hell On Wheels bike shop in Anaheim, CA.

    The film chronicles several months in Meatball’s life as he runs his old BSA in vintage motocross races, embraces the legacy of Steve McQueen on his vintage Triumph Cub desert sled with the No Gooders motorcycle club, flies down the Willow Springs raceway on his Norstar, and uses all his skill to rebuild an old 650 Triumph Bonneville motor into a blazing road-ready screamer … all while juggling his responsibilities to his family and his rock band Smiling Face Down.

    From Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman, directors of the award-winning custom motorcycle documentary Choppertown comes their second intimate inside look at biker culture, Brittown: a British motorcycle documentary film.”

  • Vol 4 2DVD-0

    Mad Fabricators Society - Vol 4 2DVD (DVD)


    he FOURTH installment of the best HOT ROD DVD is here with all the madness and mischeif that MAD FABRICATORS SOCIETY is known for. A look into the lives of some of the most influential people and stories from the Hot Rod and Custom Culture!!




    UPEA JATKO!!! RÄISKYVÄÄ MENOA, AUTOJA, MUSAA…. MUST FOR ALL HOT ROD FANS!! Hotrod Havoc is back! Back from smoke filled

    garages and oil stained driveways. Back with uncensored footage of real cars being driven real hard at the hands of the men who built them! We’re laying rubber and racing through the streets of Brooklyn as we ride shotgun with the New York Rumblers. From the mean streets of the Bronx to the land of the Rising Sun. Our cameras were rolling as members of the Choppers cc invade the tight streets of Yokohama and make their way to the annual Mooneyes Japan show. Our top is down and foot to the floor as we narrowly avoid getting rolled by The Man” on our way back to sunny Southern California.

    Featuring: Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) Lars Frederiksen (Rancid)

    Skateboarding Legend, Steve Caballero, Keith Weesner, and Vern Hammond of the Burbank Choppers.


  • Choppertown: From The Vault DVD + Bonus Music To Wrench by CD-0

    A Documentary film By Scott Di Lalla & Zack Coffman - Choppertown: From The Vault DVD + Bonus Music To Wrench by CD (DVD)


    TAAS LÖYTYY VARASTOSTA!! UPEA JATKO!! !!! 2 tuntia ennenjulkaisematonta/näkemöntä materiaalia Choppertown elokuvasta. Bonuksena CD!! 2 hours of UNSEEN footage from the original shoot

    FTV is the essential companion to Choppertown: the Sinners

    with all new riding, wrenching and music!

  • Vol 2 DVD-0

    Mad Fabricators Society - Vol 2 DVD (DVD)


    Features Mark Moriarty’s Ed Roth Collection – Von Franco – Hot Rod-A-Rama – Jimmy White’s Circle City Hot Rods – Alexander Bros’ Adonis Clone – Lonestar Round-Up – Asphalt Invitational – A-Bomber’s Old-Style weekend – Winky Tiki’s Heidi Van Horne – ….and more

  • Vol 3 2DVD-0

    Mad Fabricators Society - Vol 3 2DVD (DVD)


    The third installment of the best HOT ROD DVD is here with all the madness and mischeif that MAD FABRICATORS SOCIETY is known for. A look into the lives of some of the most influential people and stories from the Hot Rod and Custom Culture. Over 2.5 hours of Hot Rod Chaos! ark Moriarty update (Futurian, Trike and Car Craft Dream Car”) – 2005 Primer Nationals – Chopping Jake’s Shoebox – Winky Tiki’s Sabina – Artist: Ketith Weesner – So-What Speed Shop – Detroit Autorama – Mark Guggenmos Model A survivor – Jalopy Showdown (and the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing) – The Alexander Bros. – ”Psycledelic Tendencies” at Dan Collins’ Victory Tattoo studio – ’32 Survivor – Hot Rod Reunion – Dave Shutten’s ”Mysterion” clone.”

  • Choppertown-The Sinners DVD-0

    A Documentary film By Scott Di Lalla & Zack Coffman - Choppertown-The Sinners DVD (DVD)


    AIVAN MIELETTÖMÄN HYVÄ DOKUMENTTI!! JA HYVÄÄ MUSAA BONUKSENA!!(All region DVD, with bonus footage and 12 page full-color booklet)  …a film about brotherhood, heart and a love of motorcycling.”-Kit Maira, BIKER MAGAZINE”