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  • Apemen - Are You Being Surfed? (10``LP)

  • Kings Of The Strip-0

    Impala - Kings Of The Strip (10``LP)


    Still sealed/ muoveissa.

  • Various - Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt Vol. 1 – Reloaded! (10``LP)


    Limited to 500 copies and numbered. Handpackaged DIY-style!

    About 40 years ago I started a fanzine titled The Glitterhouse. The first bands I wrote about were The Bongoes, Go-Betweens and Josef K. Soon other writers joined the fold and the contents progressed towards Garage Punk old (Chocolate Watchband etc.) and new (Fuzztones etc.), Australian classics (Radio Birdman etc.) and new bands (Trilobites etc.) as well as Cramps-related stuff (Tav Falco, Sting-Rays) and their influences (Link Wray, Trashmen).About 2-3 years after the beginning a certain Hank Ray who had just started his band The Raymen also became part of the Glitterhouse writer crew. At the time I started a small mailorder (which is still active) with a bag of Citadel 7“-es I carried home from an Australian visit. We also sold some cassettes. Among them was a series called Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt which was compiled by Hank. Four C-90 musicassettes stuffed to the brim with Surf instrumentals and (then) obscure Rockabilly. He opened a whole new world for me.When I started to think about the Stag-O-Lee-500-Series the Swinging From The Tombs Of Egypt cassettes immediately came to mind. But nobody had the cassettes anymore, which we copied 1:1 on a double cassette deck at the time, xeroxed the cover and it was yours for 12 German Marks. Thankfully Hank is a well organized person and he found the original cassette inlays with the tracklistings as well as a fifth unreleased cassette.What Stag-O-Lee is doing now is re-creating the 38-year old Swinging ITTOE C-90 MC’s in the 500 series. From track 1 of Volume 1 to the last track of the unreleased fifth cassette. We are talking about fifteen 10“-es here and I hope you want them all.

    This is cult! -Stagman

  • Astronauts - Lost In Space (10``LP)

  • El Primitivo - El Primitivo and the Ant-Men (10``LP)


    Toka 10″ albumi.

  • Verticals - 8-Track (10``LP)

  • Sale!

    Pekka Tiilikainen & Beatmakers feat. Graham Johnson & Juho "Kihara" Pitkänen - Live at the HUK – The Renegades Revisited Show 2021 Live (10``LP)

    Original price was: €25,00.Current price is: €12,50.

    10″ vinyyli-EP ilmestyy 18.02.2022.
    Rajoitettu 200 kpl painos, neliväritulostus myös sisäpussissa

    The Renegades oli ensimmäinen rock -yhtye, joka aiheutti Suomessa todellista massahysteriaa. Se osoitti
    sydänmaan lavoilla, kuinka kovaa rock’n’roll todella voi olla ja mitä on kunnollinen lavashow. Rene-pojista tuli
    Suomen suosituin bändi kolmeksi vuodeksi.
    Graham Johnson ja Rene-pojat näkivät Suomen vuosien aikana kymmeniä tuhansia kilometrejä
    päällystämätöntä soratietä. Yhtye nauhoitti neljä täyspitkää LP-levyä Suomessa ja soitti monia menestyneitä
    kappaleita, joiden kirkkain kruununjalokivi oli jättimäinen hitti Cadillac. Kappale kertoi autosta, joka kaappasi
    kappaleen kertojalta tyttöystävän.
    Vuonna 1966 bändi muutti Italiaan, missä se oli saavuttanut samanlaisen kannatuksen kuin Suomessa.
    Mutta Renegades ei unohtanut Suomea, eivätkä suomalaiset unohtaneet Renegadesia. Bändin musiikista
    on tullut osa suomalaisen populaarimusiikin laulukirjaa. He palasivat 1990-luvulla. Hysteria oli samaa
    luokkaa, lavalle lentävät pikkuhousut olivat vain kolme kertaa suurempia.
    Viimeinen Renegade Graham Johnson vierailee Suomessa säännöllisesti. Hän on aito 1960-luvun
    brittiläinen beatmuusikko, jonka soitossa on sellaista selittämätöntä x-tekijää, jota ei voida oppia kirjoista tai

  • Various - Hang 10: Volume One (10``LP)


    Still sealed / muoveissa.

  • El Primitivo - Bigfoot (10``LP)

  • Play Telstar - The Lonely Bull-0

    Ventures - Play Telstar – The Lonely Bull (10``LP)

    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – limited collector’s edition.
    • 10inch LP (limited edition – colored vinyl)
    • 12 tracks. Unique 10inch in our 11000 collectors series
    • Reproduction of the rare original album cover from Japan.
    • Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies!
    These great instrumental recordings may be widely known. Unique, however, is the 25cm version of this album, released in 1962 only in Japan on the local Liberty label. In the USA, the recordings appeared on the Ventures’ ninth LP, an extremely successful album peaking at position #8 in the billboard charts and was awarded a gold record for more than half a million sold copies.
    Over the years, the LP has been re-released countless times. But the reproduction of the Japanese first edition is unique, the original with this cover is hard to find – and we put two bonus tracks on top of the ten original tracks and had the whole thing sensitively remastered and pressed on high-quality colored vinyl. Fits perfectly into our collector’s series with limited 10inch records!
  • Coolsville – Vol. 2 / Stay Sick presents...-0

    Various - Coolsville – Vol. 2 / Stay Sick presents… (10``LP)


    Stay Sick presents ten inches of mean sleaze and kookie far-out Bongo Blaster! DING DONG DADDIO, it’s time for round 2. So get
    out of this world, my beatnik friends and take a trip to Coolsville. You’ll flip your lid till you’re real gone, daddio. This stuff will murder ya. Side A is full of the sleaziest, low-down swingin’ strumentals in town. So blast the edison, don ya shades and get zonked on juice while these cats groove to the cool… hip and heavy… mean and moody. The flip side will knock you off your swingers! A set of kookie cool an cerrrazy rock’n’rollers, heavy on the bongo beat. Finger-click your way
    through these skin beaters till you are, like, too far gone…

  • Lazy River-0

    Bradley Owen And His Quintet - Lazy River (10``LP)


    Orig USA. RARE 10″ album!

  • Ocean Side / Fuel Side-0

    Surfin' Beards - Ocean Side / Fuel Side (10``LP)


    Second album from the most popular Surfer band of the Southern of Europe!!
    Great design from the bigger Mik Baro!

  • Coolsville – Vol. 1 / Stay Sick presents...-0

    Various - Coolsville – Vol. 1 / Stay Sick presents… (10``LP)


    First of two 10”-es called Coolsville. Watch out for volume 2 as well as for two volumes of it’s sister compilation Sicksville (Vol. 1 already out!).

    Compiled by Stay Sick! – a gruesome twosome of Deejays from the nightclubs of Brighton, UK. Established in 2008, they continue to spin the best dancing music from surf to soul, oddball R&B to filthy rock’n’roll, garage to punk, 7 inches at a time. Their vinyl addiction has meant they have amassed a large collection of sleazy and greasy rock n roll from the fifties & sixties including Tarantino surf, proto-soul stompers, swingin’ rhythm and blues and twistin’ tittyshakers.

    Coolsville is a far out selection of moody las vegas grind surfstrumentals and oddball beatnik records from the ’50s and ’60s.

    The first side of this platter of wax is full of mean instros for wild cats of the urban jungle.

    On the flipside, brother, do we have some solid gone finger clickers for you to swing and sway to. Bongo-laden beats that you’ll dig the most, daddio.

    This is the righteous stuff for all you jive talkin’ jazzbos and beatniks.

  • Sale! It`s Star Time ! (Limited 10" Red Vinyl)-0

    Star Time Playboys - It`s Star Time ! (Limited 10″ Red Vinyl) (10``LP)

    Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €7,50.

    The Star Time Playboys are a new instrumental trio from Slovenia.The band is the brainchild of Urban Zotel, the young guitarist who is joined by the almighty rhythm section, twins Bostjan (double bass) and Grega Copek (drums).

    Their name was inspired by Urban’s favourite band (Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys) which was chosen on the spot when they were booked to play their first gig.

    The Star Time Playboys formed at the end of 2015 and after three months of performing at local events decided to go to the studio and record some of their songs. It was the begining of the album ªIt’s Star Time!´ which features eight original songs written by Zotel. For some of them Urban had a clear idea where he wanted to take them as the melodies have been in his head for a while. The other instrumentals were created quickly during the recording process and evolved into the album that is all killer no filler! We can assure you that sooner or later you will catch yourself whistling their tunes.

    The first song that Urban wrote was ªI’m Surfish´ and its raw take was put on YouTube in February 2016. It was inspired by Dick Dale and blues legends Freddie King and Long John Hunter.

    ªIt’s Star Time!´ is a blend of rockabilly, surf, western swing and jump blues with the distinctive Star Time Playboys sound influenced by legendary guitarists like Jimmy Bryant, Junior Watson, Chet Atkins, Ike Turner, Jimmie Rivers and Jim Capilongo (The Little Willies).

    The songs were recorded live at the local studio `mocl and mastered by the one and only Axel Praefcke, a musician and producer of Berlin’s renowned studio Lightning Recorders, but who is best known as a member of the world famous bands Cherry Casino & The Gamblers, The Round Up Boys, Ike & The Capers, Spo-Dee-O-Dee and others.

  • Six By The Sputniks-0

    Sputniks - Six By The Sputniks (10``LP)

  • ...In The Harem-0

    Galaxy Trio - …In The Harem (10``LP)