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  •'s - You May Dream / Batman Theme (7 single/EP)

  • Pickin' Boppers - Wild Shot!​!​! EP (7 single/EP)


    The Pickin’Boppers is a quartet formed in Valencia in 2022 by musicians with great experience in bands of Rhythm’n’Blues, Swing and Rock’n’Roll. Gerard Vercher, David Garzinsky, Tonete Puerto and Jesús López JL, are a high-octane instrumental cocktail with wild and intense live performances, where there is no respite and no way not to get infected and start dancing.


  • Dale Dick - Rockin’ Rollin Vol.2 (7 single/EP)


    In 1960, Dick Dale released his last single before his surfer days with the small company Cupid Records, from Sherman Oaks, California. On it, he was backed by Tommy Oliver’s band, and its B-side contains THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL, a marvellous piece of orchestrated rock’n’roll, with a crooner touch, that we rescue to open this EP, and which marked the end of his first musical stage.
    The B-side of this EP features two previous songs from 1960, both released on his second single for his father’s label, Del-Tone Records. STOP TEASING is a hot rhythm & blues, New Orleans style, a far cry from what Dick had recorded on his early records, topped off with a great guitar solo. It was originally paired with WHITOUT YOUR LOVE, a slow blues, in the same vein as Elvis Presley’s Don’t Ask Me Why, which opens up even more the musical spectrum that Dick was handling before he made his leap to fame.
    These three tracks perfectly complement the three ones that make up the first EP in this series, and are a perfect summary of Dick’s rock’n’roll years, before the release of his next single, Let’s Go Trippin’ / Del-Tone Rock, his first one with The Del-Tones and his consecration as the king of surf music.
    DeeJay Francho

  • Dale Dick - Rockin’ Rollin Vol.1 (7 single/EP)


    Dick Dale’s first recording came two years before he formed the Del-Tones and was crowned King of The Surf Guitar. That record was “Ooh Whee Marie,” released on his father’s fledging Del-Tone label in the summer of 1958. Dale was 21 years old at the time and encouraged by his father to learn guitar and trumpet.

    His musical hero was Hank Williams and other country stars he heard on the radio, including Buddy Holly, whose influence is apparent on “Marie.” He soon developed an impression of Elvis that he took to various talent shows around the Los Angeles area. He won enough of these shows to bring him to the Town Hall Party stage, a three-hour live Saturday night viewing staple
    broadcast from Compton. Dale played trumpet in the backing band that accompanied various guest stars.
    There was also plenty of rockabilly music from the younger artists on that show, which influenced Dale’s third outing on record, “Jessie Pearl” and “St. Louis Blues,” recorded earlier, but released in the summer of 1960. “Jessie Pearl” was Dale’s first self-penned song. “St. Louis Blues,” an old W.C. Handy jazz number, was a song Dale had picked up learning how to play trumpet. Around July, 1960, Dick Dale formed the Del-Tones and began playing to capacity crowds at the Rendezvous Ballroom in Newport Beach. His next
    release was “Let’s Go Trippin’.” He had single-handedly launched the surf music genre.
    – John Blair

  • Spacedetective / Phantoma-0

    Silver Bullets - Spacedetective / Phantoma (7 single/EP)


    Surf Instrumental kamaa.

  • 3-D - 4 Track Instro EP (Red)


    An official release by MuSick Recs (USA) & Trash Wax Recs (NL)…..Licensed from Michael Purkhiser.

    It’s not very often that something like this surfaces and we’re very proud to be associated with this release, Lux’s artwork (originally slated to be an album sleeve) and his brother’s music…Guess it runs in the family.

    A quarter-century after its creation, the debut EP from 3-D – the solo project of Michael Purkhiser, younger brother of late Cramps legend Lux Interior – is released by MuSick Recordings and Trash Wax Recs in June.

    Michael’s musical journey began with the countless vinyl albums strewn around the teenage Lux’s bedroom in mid-1960s Akron, Ohio. A naturally gifted guitarist and sound engineer, by the late ‘70s Michael’s band The Action was plying a parallel course to the nascent Cramps. He even recorded the latter’s much-bootlegged Ohio Demos in his parents’ basement in 1978 but Michael’s musical path was proudly his own. The Action was a power-pop trio whose three self-released singles remain sought-after collectors’ items.
    As well as opening for The Cramps at NYC’s legendary CBGB’s, they shared stages with the likes of Joan Jett, Todd Rundgren, Marshall Crenshaw, and close friends The Smithereens. But a major label contract eluded The Action, which disbanded in 1984.
    At the turn of the 1990s, Michael went solo, writing and recording with REM/Smithereens producer Don Dixon. His sound was pop based, yet proudly in touch with his raw rock & roll roots. In 1997 he formed a studio project called 3-D – a name inspired by Lux’s love for 3-D photography. 3-D recorded around thirty of Michael’s songs at Akron’s Big Adventure Sound studio, with Michael co-producing.
    Lux contributed original artwork for the record, featuring images of the 3-D cameras he collected, which has never previously been seen.
    After a 20-year hiatus and a move to L.A., Michael resumed songwriting and fortuitously became friends with Art Bourasseau, owner of the MuSick Recordings label. In 2019, Art heard the shelved 3-D recordings and wanted to release the four original instrumentals from those sessions as an EP. Michael dubs 3-D’s style “surftrack” music, combining as it does the British background music for 1960s and ‘70s movies/TV shows and classic true ‘60s surf sounds.
    Incredibly, the spirited yet musically accomplished songs on the 3-D EP were written and recorded mostly on the same-day, with the goal of capturing true, visceral spontaneity. It was mastered by musician/producer Evan Foster (The Sonics, Boss Martians, etc.) at No-Count studios in Seattle. Lux’s original, ultra-evocative album artwork has been adapted for the EP, which will also enjoy a European release on the Trash Wax label.

  • Fuzillis - She Can Rock / Wet Wipe ’62 (7 single/EP)

  • Belmont Five - Cobra / Strolling` In The Alley (Green) (7 single/EP)


    Rare Rockin instrumental single.

  • Zipheads - Surf Wars EP (blue) (7 single/EP)


    Recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown, these 4 tracks of instrumental* surf rock are our first full release since 2016. Having been a well-established UK rockabilly/punk band for many years this is our first ‘venture’ 😜 into the world of instrosurf and we hope this EP will become the first in a series of releases.

  • Zipheads - Surf Wars EP (red) (7 single/EP)


    Recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown, these 4 tracks of instrumental* surf rock are our first full release since 2016. Having been a well-established UK rockabilly/punk band for many years this is our first ‘venture’ 😜 into the world of instrosurf and we hope this EP will become the first in a series of releases.

  • Tremolo Beer Gut - You Can’t Handle.. (LP)


    ”The Tremolo Beer Gut. Putting the urf! Back in surf since 1998”. Mainion
    tanskalaisyhtyeen uusi albumi ”You Can’t Handle…”

  • Los Rizlas - Geronimo Stomp / Sour Mash (7 single/EP)


    Tiukka instrumental sinkku!

  • Los Torontos - Torontontero / Mi amor eres tú (7 single/EP)


    Los Torontos are a rock and roll group influenced by the music of the ends of the 50s and beginning 60s. You could define their musical style as frat rock, rock and roll, and rhythm and blues.

  • Bandito / El Tecolote-0

    The Bandits / Calvin Cool & The Surf Knobs - Bandito / El Tecolote (7 single/EP)

  • Buzz Saw / Buzzzzzz-0

    Gee Cees / Jimmy Gordon - Buzz Saw / Buzzzzzz (7 single/EP)


    The blazing 1961 shimmy stomper “Buzz Saw” by The Gee Cees (G. C. as in Glen Campbell!) and a ’63 Jimmy Gordon tittyshaker that rips so much they insisted on adding additional z’s to that “Buzzzzzz”!

    Two blistering tracks guaranteed to test the structural integrity of the dance floor

  • Be Prepared EP-0

    Atomatons - Be Prepared EP (7 single/EP)


    Atomatons yhdistää klassilliset rautalankasävyt treenikämpän pimeimmässä nurkassa keksittyyn garageruhjontaan ja rhythm’n’blues rouhintaan mitä varmimmalla tyylitajulla.
    Orkesterin syvyyttä lisää monipuolinen musiikillinen tausta, sillä soittajia on kuultu/kuullaan myös bändeissä kuten mm. the Mutants, the Shrieks, Rehtorit, the Atomic Blast, the Bomber, the Junk Pushers, Stasi…


    They mash together clear, cool, 60’s guitars with a violent garage tone and grinding rhythm’n’blues groove, apparently invented in the darkest corner of the rehearsal cave – but always with impeccable style. Members of Atomatons plays also or have been played bands like the Mutants, the Shrieks, Rehtorit, the Atomic Blast, the Bomber, the Junk Pushers, Stasi…


  • Surforama Festival 2019 - Shakers Collection Vol.1-0

    Various - Surforama Festival 2019 – Shakers Collection Vol.1 (7 single/EP)


    Limited edition!

  • Candy Apple Buggy EP-0

    Grand Prix - Candy Apple Buggy EP (7 single/EP)


    Shut Down, that LP released by Capitol Records in 1963 was a big hit.  It supposed the flag start for the musical genre known as hot rod music, a spin-off from surf music, with cars, racing and gasoline instead waves, sun and surf boards as the main inspiration. In that compilation the most repeated band was The Super Stocks, a group made up from studio musicians and leaded by surf legend Gary Usher. The formula of that LP was so successful that Usher returned to it a few months later producing another pair of hot rod music Lps.    One of them was Hot Rod City released by Vault Records, a small company that hosted one of the best surf bands ever, The Challengers. Richard Delvy, drummer of The Challengers and former drummer of surf music pioneers The Beal-Airs, joined forces with Usher to produce the 13 cuts that would integrate that LP, this time under the suspicious names of The Customs, The Quads and THE GRAND PRIX.

    Actually none of those groups really existed, and behind them there were well known west coast musicians and Usher and Delvy taking charge of the compositions and directing the bunch. The productions of Usher in this Lp were grouped under the name of The Customs, while Delvy’s were divided between The Quads and The Grand Prix. The Grand Prix songs had a much harder rockin´ feelin´ than the rest, regardless of those Beach Boys type vocal harmonies that splashed the LP. For those cuts Art Fisher took care of the guitars, Rene Hall played bass, Dennis McCarthy was on keyboards and Ed ’Sharky’ Hall beat the drums. It seems that Usher and his musicians added the vocal part in many of the cuts, but for The Grand Prix tracks it was the singer and composer Bobby Hart who put his voice on.   In this EP you will find the four songs of The Grand Prix that appear on that LP, three of them composed specially for the album and completed with a terrific cover of Chuck Berry’s Maybellene. CANDY APPLE BUGGY was chosen as single and a couple of years later it would be released again in Japan as the B side of the first and only record known fromThe Richard Brothers.  You guess it, Richard Delvy was one of those Richards.

  • The Hornets EP-0

    Hornets - The Hornets EP (7 single/EP)


    Kotimaista rautalankaa. The Hornets -kokoonpanon takaa löytyy legendaarisen The
    Quiets -yhtyeen miehistöä.

  • Return Of The Sluts! -0

    Aloha Sluts - Return Of The Sluts! (7 single/EP)


    Stereophonic Surfabilly Sound

  • Fantomas Rock EP-0

    Mike Fantom & The Bop-A-Tones - Fantomas Rock EP (7 single/EP)


    4 true rocking guy’s from Belgium, who dig wild rock’n’roll, Link Wray and the white label records, that’s what is all about here!!! A few years ago Patrick Ouchene (Runnin’Wild, the Domino’s) joined his best friend Michel ”Texas” to create a band, dedicated to playing a unique and wild sound on stage .
    Together they wrote a lot of songs, all with great guitar riffs, and amazing vocals. Joined by Pascal (ex Be Bops) on drums and Bart (Wild Deuces) on bull fiddle bass.
    They’ve been preforming all over Europe and have recorded their first 4 tracker for El Toro Records.

    This recording is a must for all wild rockabilly lovers, it contains self written songs which certainly will become classics for the hepcats now, and the next generation, in the rock’n’ roll scene. This record has it all: instrumentals, guitar breaking riffs, breathless vocals, heavy slapping bass, jungle beat drumming.
    Recorded like in the old days, this album is different, inspiring, and a textbook for mid to end 50’s music lovers.

  • Split NRBQ-0

    Los Straitjackets - Split NRBQ (7 single/EP)


    Split Single with two original songs..

  • El Surfista De Mambo / Mono Island-0

    Mike Barbwire & The Blue Ocean Orchestra - El Surfista De Mambo / Mono Island (7 single/EP)


    Loistava uutuus!!! (heavy 70g) bluebaby colour vinyl + heavy cardboard. Ja upeat kannet jälleen kerran!

  • Joker's Wild / The Throwaway Age-0

    Irwin Bob & The Pluto Walkers - Joker’s Wild / The Throwaway Age (7 single/EP)

  • O.H.M.S.S. / I Spy-0

    Wren Andy - O.H.M.S.S. / I Spy (7 single/EP)

  • Lee Cheuk y La Cabeza Del Dragon 7"EP + CD-0

    Surfin' Beards - Lee Cheuk y La Cabeza Del Dragon 7″EP + CD (CD)


    A new Instro / Surf Band from Spain.

  • Coffin Dragger / Arabesque -0

    Irwin Bob & The Pluto Walkers - Coffin Dragger / Arabesque (7 single/EP)

  • Dragger Joe EP-0

    Longboards - Dragger Joe EP (7 single/EP)


    Limited edition! Yellow vinyl!

  • A Surf-O-Rama 2015 Special Edition EP-0

    Kaisers - A Surf-O-Rama 2015 Special Edition EP (7 single/EP)

  • A Surf-O-Rama 2015 Special Edition (Yellow Vinyl) EP-0

    Kaisers - A Surf-O-Rama 2015 Special Edition (Yellow Vinyl) EP (7 single/EP)