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  • Various - Whip Masters Instrumental Vol. 5 (CD)


    The exciting, eardrum-stimulating sounds placed onto Atomicat Records (ACCD135) Whip Masters Volume 05 are mesmerizing, and alluring to the ears. The thirty blasts of instrumental wildness are from leather jacket wearing rockers twanging their axes, and maniac drummers stomping the foot peddles, and beating the skins and manic saxophonists. The tunes sourced from 1952 through to 1963 from; Jerry Neal, Clifton Chenier, Walkin Charlie Aldrich and The Way Outers, The Ernie Freeman Combo, The Brain Twist, Manuel and The Renegades, and many more will send you into a musical stratosphere!

  • Various - Le Flash Boum! Beat A Collection Of French Singing 60’s Dynamite Beats (LP)

  • Various - Beach-O-Rama Vol. 4 LP + CD (LP)

  • Ventures - New Space (CD)


    The Ventures return with their first all-new studio album in 24 years! Teaming up with HiTide Recordings – global leader in surf music – “New Space” seeks to echo and pay homage to The Ventures “In Space” album, originally released in 1964, one of their biggest-selling and most popular albums of all time, still iconic and loved by fans the world over.

  • Surfrajettes - Roller Fink (CD)


    Hi-Tide presents the debut CD from the world’s premier surfing combo! Welcome to The Surfrajettes rock n’ roll palace – make sure to grab a sweet treat from the snack bar, and don’t forget to bring your song requests to the DJ booth. Hope your skates are warmed up and let’s rock and roll!

  • Various - Whip Masters Instrumental Vol. 4 (CD)


    The phone rang in Chez Armstrong ”Hey where is volume four and five of the Whip Masters series” asked the boss-man, ”I only planned on doing three” was my reply, ”The distribution want more” was his response.

    Their wish was my command and the Whip Master returns to Atomicat Records (ACCD134) with thirty blasts of instrumental wildness from the trailblazing years 1955 through to 1963 by; The Strangers, Little Jimmy Dickens with The Country Boys, Link Wray and The Raymen, The Rhythm Rockers, Booker T and MGs, The Stereos, and many more must be played loud!

  • Master Plan - Grand Cru (CD)


    Garage rock super group of master class movers n’ shakers featuring founding members of The Dictators, The Fleshtones and The Waxing Poetics. Dashes of doo wop, a trace of surf and overwhelming lashings of goodtime rockin’ infiltrate the music of The Master Plan.

    Performed by The Master Plan:
    Vocals / Guitar – Keith Streng
    Vocals / Guitar – Paul Johnson
    Vocals / Bass – Andy Shernoff
    Drums / Vocals – Bill Mihizer

    Lead Vocal on Feels Good to Feel – Dave Faulkner
    Piano on Ooh Baby Ooh – Josh Kantor
    Amy Simpson on Ooh Baby Ooh – Background Vocal

    Produced by The Master Plan
    Produced by Mike Giblin – 1,2,3,13
    Mastered by Kurt Bloch
    Art & Direction – Cliff Mott

  • Ingman Jorgen - Apache and Beyond (CD)


    In the mid 1950s/early 1960s JØRGEN INGMANN was known as ’The Danish Les Paul’, as he was the first guitarist in Europe to similarly experiment with multi-layered recording techniques.

    Although virtually unknown in Britain, he sold hundreds of thousands of records in mainland Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Canada, and the Far East.

    And it’s likely that his audacious cover of ’Apache’ sold more copies, worldwide, than The Shadows.

    Although Ingmann also enjoyed parallel European success as a vocalist (he would win the 1963 Eurovision), this set concentrates entirely on his instrumental recordings.

    Included are his contemporaneous international hits, ’Echo Boogie’, ’Pepe’ (a massive hit in Europe, where it outsold Duane Eddy), ’Anna’, ’(Hear My Song) Violetta’, ’Valencia’ and ’Africa’.

    The first Jørgen Ingmann CD to be compiled for the UK Instro collectors’ market, much of this material is difficult to find elsewhere on CD.

  • Various - Eurotwang! – 34 Twangy Guitar Instro’s, Exhumed from Europe’s Deepest Vaults (CD)


    Guitar Instrumentals became hugely popular in the US and the UK in the late 50s, following the arrival of Rock & Roll, and Europe was quick to follow suit, notably Scandinavia.

    It all cranked up a couple of notches following The Shadows’ success with ’Apache’ in 1960, and by the following year Europe was awash with Shads’ clones.

    This compilation presents the sound of Instro Europe, predominantly during 1961 and 62, from seven different countries, with an emphasis on Scandinavia and Denmark.

    Few of these discs were issued in the UK at the time, a noble exception being The Spotnicks, from Sweden, who of course enjoyed success here.

    Yet these records sound every bit as good as those recorded by their UK counterpoints.

    If you’ve never heard much Eurotwang before, this is the place to start… you’ll love The Jumping Jewels, Die Playboys, Les Fantômes, The Cliffters, etc.

  • Principato Tom - A Guitar for Christmas (CD)


    This album is a gift to my wife, my Love Virginie who loves Christmas and Christmas music as much as I do.

    The idea was to do something different and fresh, with a bluesy twist, instead of just a ”traditional” approach to some of the Christmas classics. It was the ”Christmas with Chet Atkins” album that inspired me to want to play guitar, and I have always wanted to make an album of Christmas electric guitar instrumentals. Thanks to her encouragement, that wish has finally come true. All songs are complete performances without any fixes, punching in, or editing.

  • Outlaws and Mike Berry - Poppin’ At 304 (CD)


    Joe Meek remains a legendary figure in the British music industry, a ’mad genius’, a pioneer but with a flawed personality that meant working with him could be a tempestuous time.

    Mike Berry and The Outlaws recorded together and separately for Meek and were two of his most successful acts.

    Mike Berry went on to have other hits and make his name as an actor in Are You being Served? and Worzel Gummidge.

    Members of The Outlaws included highly rated drummer and session musician / producer Bobby Graham, Chas Hodges who later made a name for himself as one half on Chas & Dave and on one track on this CD, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was a member.

    Included in this twenty-two track package are the instrumentals The Outlaws recorded, two of which were hits, along with tracks on which they provided the backing tracks for Mike Berry. Including ’Tribute To Buddy Holly’ and his Top 10 hit ’Don’t You Think It’s Time’.

    This is classic Joe Meek produced pop music from the very early sixties and is the first time the artists have been compiled, in any sort of depth, on one CD.

    The booklet tells the story of Joe Meek, The Outlaws and Mike Berry in the years before The Beatles and Merseybeat changed the British music scene and contains label scans and other contemporary visuals.

  • Vaqueros - 80 Foot Wave (CD)


    A tidal wave of Minny-beat garage from all incarnations of the carnivorous Vaqueros! Like Twin City neapolitan ice cream, surf instros, Linda Anderson vocal surf-rock cuts, and John Grizzard’s grizzly garage cuts add three splendid flavors all in one sonic carton! On turquoise vinyl!

    Whether it was the blistering surf guitar licks of Terry Schmidt on “80 Foot Wave” & “Jonah,” Linda Anderson doing her over-caffeinated Wanda Jackson on “Baby Baby,” or John Grizzard’s gritty, Sonics-esque sound, this band was something special! We’re just glad they never changed their name so we could group the vast variety of gems the Vaqueros cranked out all onto one fantastic, largely unissued album!

    Along with Minneapolis greats Gypsy, the Litter, Jokers Wild and many more, the Vaqueros recorded at Kay Bank Studios, a relatively short-lived studio that produced some of the best hits of the 60s. “Liar, Liar” by the Castaways was recorded there, along with the Trashmen’s famed “Surfin’ Bird.” The Vaqueros, though landlocked, produced some of the best surf music during that era, and along with a smattering of upbeat garage rock, it’s surely a record you won’t want to miss.

  • Casey Al - Ramrod – Solo, Groups and Sessions, 1956-1962 (CD)


    Long before he became a key member of LA’s legendary Wrecking Crew, AL CASEY was a highly experienced studio picker, known widely within the industry as ’The guitarists’ guitarist’.

    However, in an intriguing, eclectic career, Casey successfully juxtaposed the role of a busy sessionman with his own solo work, which in turn encompassed both vocal and instrumental performances.

    He worked extensively with legendary songwriter/producer Lee Hazlewood, his twangy guitar featuring on hits by artists like Sanford Clark and Duane Eddy.

    Elsewhere, he also famously played on Jody Reynolds’ ethereally gloomy ’Endless Sleep’.

    This unique compilation presents a snapshot of Al’s early work, between 1956-62, featuring him both solo (including his own early hits ’Cookin” and ’Jivin’ Around’) and as a sideman (e.g. Jimmy Johnson’s Rockabilly classic ’How About Me? – Pretty Baby’).

    Several of these sides are rare, collectors’ items, difficult to find elsewhere on CD.

  • Kessell Barney - Story 1954-1962 – Honey Rock (2CD) (CD)


    In the 1950s BARNEY KESSEL was acknowledged as the premier Jazz guitarist in the US, routinely voted #1 in Esquire, Downbeat and Playboy magazine polls.

    Famous for his knowledge of chords, inversions and chord-based melodies, he recorded at least one solo LP per year, plus endless sessions and guest appearances.

    This compilation is drawn from his seventeen solo albums recorded between 1954 and 1962, largely for the specialist Contemporary label.

    Two ’bonus cuts’ are included; Julie London’s sumptuous ’Cry Me A River’ from 1955, which is in essence a Barney Kessel guitar master-tutorial with vocal accompaniment, plus his own unlikely R&R hit, ’Honey Rock’, which appeared on the flip of Ricky Nelson’s million-selling ’You’re My One And Only Love’ in 1957.

    Kessel would go on to become one of the leading lights in LA’s legendary Wrecking Crew, during the 60s, before resuming his love affair with Jazz in the late 70s.

  • Terrorsaurs - Swamp Beat (CD)

  • Terrorsaurs - One Night Only (CD)

  • Chantays - A Dawning Sun (+ 3 Bonus) (CD)


    A lost Chantays album that’s locked in and leaving a foamie! A Dawning Sun, largely recorded in ’66, sees the originators of ”Pipeline” riding another pearler of a platter!

    These 13 lost tracks come from the tape archive of Richard Delvy (Belairs, Challengers) and features the bands unique take on ”Mr. Moto,” some new surf anthems and even a trio of vocal cuts for when you just hit out or the wave eats your lunch! It also features a killer instrumental cover of The Fortunes’ ”You’ve Got Your Troubles.” Lost for over 50 years, these sound waves are finally ready to ride!

  • Dangermen - Tranquille Shore (CD)


    Helsinkiläinen surf-yhtye The Dangermen julkaisee uuden albumin 12 vuoden tauon jälkeen. Surfia ja rautalankaa omalla twistillään soittava The Dangermen on keikkaillut levytystauosta huolimatta ahkerasti. Seitsemäs huhtikuuta julkaistavalla uudella “Tranquilla Shore” -albumilla on neljä omaa biisiä ja levyn 11 cover-biisiä saavat bändin oman käsittelyn. Genren kotimaista kärkeä edustavan The Dangermenin albumin on miksannut alan guru Janne Haavisto.

  • Dale Dick - Surf Beat – Live Monterey CA 1995 (CD)

  • Mary Ann Hawkins - Same (CD)


    Riding the mighty new wave of Finnish Surf Rock, Mary Ann Hawkins are the No. 1 surfing group in the country. Equally comfortable surfing the arid spaghetti western desert as well as the thousand lakes of Finland, these sweaty but impeccably dressed young men present you with twelve tunes just right for surf-dancing.

  • Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar-0

    Paterson Joel - Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar (CD)


    14 instrumental holiday classics!

  • String-A-Longs - Wheels, Brass Buttons and Beyond (CD)

  • Various - Girls With Guitars Gonna Shake! (CD)


    Ten genuine all-girl bands join forces with similar 60s females of the species on this new volume in our ear-grabbing ”Girls With Guitars” series, providing further confirmation that girls can do what the guys do. The CD kicks off in great style with three of the best tracks to feature in the series so far: the Belles’ ’Melvin’, a great gender-switched version of Van Morrison’s ’Gloria’; a rendering of John Lee Hooker’s ’Dimples’ by the Missfits; and Girls Take Over’s uninhibited proto-punk treatment of Tommy Tucker’s ’Hi Heel Sneakers’. The Missfits, a young five-piece from Blackpool with a taste for R&B, also tackle Bo Diddley’s ’You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover’ and ’Chuck Berry’s ’I’m Talking About You’; all three of their tracks are previously unreleased. For the record, lest anyone’s keeping tally, the other featured guitar-toting all-girl bands are She, Goldie & the Gingerbreads, the Debutantes, the Liverbirds, the Beat-Chics, the Ace Of Cups and the Mysteries. Elsewhere, Debbie Williams sings lead with the all-male Unwritten Law, ballsy-voiced Joyce Harris is backed by Texas bar band the Daylighters, the teenage Chymes trio are accompanied by the un-billed Turtles and, well, you get the picture. Naturally, those so inclined can learn more about all the artists in the accompanying 24-page booklet containing a picture-packed 4,000-word track commentary by series compiler Mick Patrick.

  • Pickin' Boppers - Wild Instro Bop & Roll (CD)


    Strong band with a style that mixes rock’n’roll with swing and jazz, with virtuoso musicians from the Spanish scene.

  • El Primitivo - And The Ant-Men / Big Foot (CD)


    El Primito CD nyt saatavilla, sisätää molemmat kymppituumat, painos VAIN 200 kappaletta.

  • Principato Tom - It’s Tele Time! A tribute to Roy Buchanan & Danny Gatton (CD)


    I have never thought of myself in the same category as Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton — these guys were my heroes, and through them I heard the playing of my other heroes like Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Roy Nichols, Charlie Christian and James Burton. And although I have played different models of Fender and Gibson guitars over the years, (Roy and Danny didn’t always play a Telecaster either), I have always thought of myself in my own way, as being part of the ”Washington D.C. Telecaster tradition”. I always brought more than one guitar on a tour or to a concert, and one of them was usually a Telecaster. There would be a part of the show where I would strap on a Telecaster, joke about ”it’s Tele time!” and ”unleashing the chickens”, and for a part of the night everything that I learned or absorbed from Roy and Danny would come pouring out. This is a collection of live recordings showing those influences and my tribute to 2 of the greatest Fender Telecaster guitar players ever. – Tom Principato

  • Various - Loose Lips Might Sink Ships – Greasy Instrumental Magic from the vault of Lux and Ivy (CD)



    Distorted guitars, wailing saxophones, weird keyboard breaks,
    the sound of alien spacecraft, buzzsaws and reving engines all feature on this
    26 track collection of instrumental masterpieces.
    From rare and obscure sounds spliced with screams and thunder
    through to classic grooves by Cozy Cole, Link Wray and Duane Eddy, this set
    celebrates the genius of rock ‘n’ roll as spun on Lux Interior’s Purple Knife
    Duelling guitars and one liners on switchblades and pick-ups
    add to the sleazy vibe that emanate on this hour long set.
    Featuring vintage, exotic riffs, ear-bending special effects
    and some of the twangiest guitars ever. Transport yourself to the jukebox at any early ’60s Vegas dive. Remastered from original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO
    magazine’s Dave Henderson.

  • Various - Whip Masters Instrumental Vol. 3 (CD)


    The intoxicating sounds chosen by the Whip Master for the third and final Whip Masters Instrumentals Volume 03 Atomicat (ACCD088) comprise of; savage guitar Rock ’n’ Roll, on-edge Rockabilly, stirring Western Swing, dynamic Surf rockers, and intense R&B.

    The disturbing sounds and insanity heard during Whip Masters Instrumentals Volume 03 Atomicat (ACCD088) are sourced from America and incorporate; demented Rock ’n’ Roll, blistering Rockabilly, stimulating Western Swing, dynamic Surf rockers, and shaking R&B. The whip-cracking innuendos and masochistic interplay continues, and design artist Urban Zotel assisted The Whip Master throughout the series and provides his third and final thrilling recording for the series.

    The exquisite and enthralling artists provide tunes from 1950 through to 1963 and the mystic and mayhem will stir your soul. The artists my well be unknown to many, and the album indeed focuses mainly on artists who are confined to the annals of instrumental history. Presented in the loud and vibrant Atomicat sound are; Li’l Dynamite and The Explosions, Dancin’ Little Thing, Jesse Stone and His Band, Runaway, The Noblemen, Dragon Walk, and Larry Collins, Spur Of The Moment which show the diversity of the non-themed titles.
    Looking at the themes you will have a galactic voyage with; Gamblers Moon Dawg!, Marty Wilson and The Strat-O-Lites Super Sonic, and Jimmie Haskell And Orchestra Astrosonic. The Whip Master is active with; The Creeps The Whip, The Creeps The Whip, The Spinners Slave Chain.
    The Whip Master hopes you enjoyed the series of instrumental sonnets of evilness and terror towards mankind, now turn up the volume and let the zany and electrifying tunes blast out from your speakers!
    The album is compiled by Dee Jay and face on the music scene Mark Armstrong, who has been Dee Jaying since his early teen years. The concept is brought visually to life by design artist Urban Zotel, who is additionally a working musician, and the recordings are remastered at The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso Texas. By maintaining our integrity, and principles we are confident our competitively priced albums are perfect from beginning to end.
    Atomicat doesn’t make an album of average music our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, it’s a ”killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers.” Atomicat Records ”are often imitated, never duplicated.”
    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

  • John Barry Seven - Hits, Misses, Beat Girls & 007s (CD)


    Trumpeter, bandleader, composer, arranger and producer JOHN BARRY is perhaps nowadays chiefly remembered for his memorable movie themes; but long before his composing successes he’d fronted the UK’s finest Rock & Roll band, THE JOHN BARRY SEVEN.

    Apart from Barry, on trumpet, their most celebrated member was legendary guitarist Vick Flick, whose elegant twanging graces all but two of these sides.

    This compilation presents the very best of the JBS’s recordings for EMI’s Parlophone and Columbia labels, between 1957-62.

    Includes the hits ’Hit And Miss’, ’Beat For Beatniks’, ’Never Let Go’, ’Blueberry Hill’, ’Walk Don’t Run’, ’Black Stockings’, ’The Magnificent Seven’, ’Cutty Sark’ and the career-defining ’James Bond Theme’.

    Also includes a couple of fearsome rarities, ’Saturday’s Child’ from a ’Saturday Club’ LP, and ’Rocco’s Theme’, which was released under the pseudonym ’Michael Angelo & His Orchestra’.

    This is by far the most comprehensive compilation of John Barry Seven material available.

  • Anglers - Music For Fishing (CD)


    FILE UNDER: instrumental, guitar focused tunes for fishing