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  • Various - What Goes On – The Songs Of Lou Reed (CD)


    xThe latest in Ace Records’ Songwriters series takes the listener from a version of ’Why Don’t You Smile Now’ from Lou Reed’s pre-Velvet Underground days through selections from the band’s albums to songs from 1972’s solo ”Transformer”. Here’s Kris Needs – author of a 7,000-word essay in the accompanying 24-page booklet – with some background on the collection’s closing song: Lou quit the Velvet Underground after the final show of the band’s nine-week residency at Max’s Kansas City in August 1970, before their ”Loaded” album was released, citing his snake-like manager and disgust over the editing and mix as he repaired to his parents’ house in Freeport. Exhausted by touring, disillusioned at the band’s lack of success, withdrawing from drugs and intending to devote himself to writing, he took a low-paid typing post at his father’s accountancy firm and started contributing to small press publications. ”I’m a poet,” he declared after a successful reading at St Mark’s Church Poetry Project, mixing song lyrics and new poems in front of an enthusiastic crowd including Allen Ginsberg and various Warhol associates. In 2018, the Lou Reed Archive published these poems in a book called Do Angels Need Haircuts?. Uncannily prescient for modern times, ’We Are The People’ was set to music by Iggy Pop on his 2019 late-life masterpiece ”Free”, his rich, mahogany tones reciting lines including ”We are the people without land. We are the people without tradition. We are the people who have known only lies and desperation. We are the people without a country, a voice or a mirror”. The track is one of three beat-less spoken word tone poems that close this startlingly seductive set created with US trumpeter-composer Leron Thomas and guitarist-artist Sarah Lipstate (aka Noveller), it’s impact continued on ’Do Not Go Gentle In To The Good’ and ’The Dawn’. Speaking in a Sirius XM interview, Iggy remembered receiving Do Angels Need Haircuts? in the mail: ”I opened up the book and it was the first poem on the first page. I thought about what he was saying, and I thought it was today in Trump’s America. Lou was a hero to me. The guy was someone I looked up to and admired because of his skill as a songwriter and what he was able to put across as a lyricist – two separate things. It’s absolutely relevant today. We are the people without land. The poem is a statement. Lou Reed’s statement.”

  • Hearty Har - Radio Astro (CD)


    Music runs deep in the DNA of Tyler and Shane Fogerty. And true to their heritage, they’ve created their own strand as Hearty Har, whose debut album RADIO ASTRO is the work of rockers who are seasoned beyond their years and live up to their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lineage with a strand of that DNA they can truly call their own.

  • The Complete Decca Studio Albums 17CD Boxset-0

    Jones Tom - The Complete Decca Studio Albums 17CD Boxset (CD)


    Vihdoinkin kaiken kattava boxi Tom Jonesin DECCA vuosilta 1965-1975. Mukana myös 2 bonus CD.tä, jossa harvinaisuuksia ja sinkkuraitoja.


  • The Third Rudy Ray Moore Album-The Cockpit-0

    Moore Rudy Ray - The Third Rudy Ray Moore Album-The Cockpit (CD)

  • Classical Gassers -0

    Various - Classical Gassers (CD)


    At first glance the worlds of classical music and pop might seem diametrically opposed – the former signifying straight-backed refinement and the latter youthful rambunctiousness – but as these two dozen tracks attest, there are occasions when these unlikely bedfellows have resulted in a harmonious union.

    The great composers have never shied away from taking inspiration from each other, so, too, contemporary songwriters have drawn from the well of memorable melodies, often to add gravitas or simply to enhance a song s catchiness. From ELP to Lana Del Rey, Muse to Lady Ga Ga, this is nothing new. Focusing on the 1960s,

    Classical Gassers explores this unlikely meeting of the twain with recordings ranging from rocked-up instrumentals to lush countrypolitan ballads. While some are unabashed in their use of the composer’s original, others tread more lightly, giving the piece a new dimension entirely. Recorded between 1960 and 1971, this eclectic selection includes hits by James Darren, the Toys, Waldo de Los Rios, Julie Rogers, Love Sculpture and the Mindbenders, album tracks by Roy Orbison and Harpers Bizarre, and lesser-heard finds by the Cats, Renee St Clair, Lesley Miller and the Pulse.

  • Nick Cave Heard Them Here First-0

    Various - Nick Cave Heard Them Here First (CD)


    Nick Cave one of the most compelling, uncompromising and influential singer-songwriters of the last 30 years has never concealed his influences. This edition in our occasional Heard Them Here First series offers a view of his career, as seen through the original versions of songs he chose to cover.

    The collection opens with the Stooges proto-punk anthem Fun House, which Cave s band the Birthday Party recorded in 1982, and concludes with Burnin’ Hell by John Lee Hooker, as recorded by Cave for the soundtrack of the film Lawless in 2012, and covers all points between, including the originals of six of the songs he and the Bad Seeds recorded on their 1986 covers album Kicking Against The Pricks .

    As Cave s followers might expect, the CD features music of all genres and eras, from the first-ever recording of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill s Moritat (better known as Mack The Knife ) from 1928, via country numbers by Lefty Frizzell and Cave hero Johnny Cash to gospel by the Pilgrim Travelers and pop from Pulp and Miss Toni Fisher. Other featured artists include Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, all of whom were very influential on Cave s work.

    Compiled by Mick Patrick and Cave biographer Ian Johnston, who also wrote the notes.

  • She Did It! The Songs Of Jackie DeShannon Volume 2-0

    Various - She Did It! The Songs Of Jackie DeShannon Volume 2 (CD)


    It wasn’t too difficult to pull another collection of prime Jackie DeShannon copyrights together in order to assemble an eagerly-anticipated second volume of Jackie’s songs for Ace’s Songwriter Series. As ever, the hardest job for the compilers was to decide what to include now and what to save for another time. She Did It is a fine follow-up to Break-A-Way and will appeal to everyone who bought and raved about the first volume. As before, Ace have chosen songs for She Did It which cover Jackie’s whole career. The final listing was approved by Ace fan-and-friend Jackie and includes several tracks of her suggestions. In the course of research, Ace have unearthed many rare gems that have not been on CD before and only two tracks have appeared previously on Ace. They have closed the compilation with a never-previously-heard demo from Jackie’s personal archives, sung by the lady herself. Comprehensive notes from Ace’s Mick Patrick and Tony Rounce and world-renowned Jackie DeShannon expert Peter Lerner, along with the inevitable bonanza of label shots, photos and assorted ephemera will make this a must have for any serious student of great pop songwriters of the 20th and in Jackie’s case, 21st-century.

  • Night Walker: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 3 -0

    Various - Night Walker: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 3 (CD)


    When Mick Patrick and I had the idea, 10 years ago, of saluting the career of Jack Nitzsche by putting together “Hearing Is Believing: The Jack Nitzsche Story”, a CD to showcase every facet of this great all-rounder’s talent, we didn’t dream it would start a Producer Series which would grow to comprises 20 compilations, and counting. It’s only fitting Nitzsche should have been the one to get the ball rolling, given he was without peer in everything he applied his talents to. So prolific was Nitzsche that further volumes were a formality. It’s been eight years since “Hard Workin’ Man: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 2” was released. We’re happy to say several selections that were not licensable for previous volumes now are – notably tracks by the Ronettes, the Crystals, the Alley Cats and Darlene Love from Phil Spector’s Philles label, the Buffalo Springfield masterpiece ‘Expecting To Fly’ and Merry Clayton’s ‘Poor White Hound Dog’ from Nitzsche’s Performance soundtrack. Our collection starts with C.C. Adcock’s blistering version of ‘Castin’ My Spell’ from Nitzsche’s final session as producer and ends with Preston Epps’ ‘Bongo Bongo Bongo’, the first record to display his name under the title. In between there are examples of his work as a vocal and instrumental artist, as a writer for films and as the ultimate arranger of the three-minute pop song. There are collectable sides from his early days (Billy Storm, Vince Howard, Ramona King), rarities from big names (the Everly Brothers, Righteous Brothers, Lou Christie), long-admired fan favourites (Hale & the Hushabyes, MFQ, Satisfactions) and prime examples of his latter-day productions (Mink Deville, Michelle Phillips). 14 years after Nitzsche’s death his reputation continues to grow. If you want to know why, “Night Walker: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 3” provides the perfect answer. – See more at: http://acerecords.co.uk/night-walker-the-jack-nitzsche-story-volume-3#sthash.Kb2H8vFX.dpuf