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  • Vidar Busk - Venus, Texas (2LP) (LP)


    Since his record debut in 1997, Vidar Busk has distinguished himself as one of Norways leading guitarists, and is known as an important driving force in the spread of blues music in his home country. Busk traveled to the United States early on to play in the band of the American blues artist Rock Bottom, and later returned home to start building his own solo career. ”Venus Texas”, his fourth album showed a shift in style. While the previous albums were characterized by driving and swing-based blues rock, ”Venus Texas” is more soulful in expression. The album got rewarded with great reviews and also a Norwegian Grammy award. Now on vinyl for the first time.

  • Los Muertos - The Living Dead (LP)


    Carlos Mejuto ja kumppaneiden uusi bändi. Rhythm & Blues vaikutteista rockabillyä.

  • Pierre Omer's Swing Revue - Tropical Breakdown (LP)


    Neo Noir Swing! The modern Les Paul from the dark side! Pierre Omer and his band catapult you straight into a ballroom full of misfits and crooks and belt out 12 songs, including a terrific cover version of Niagara’s 80s disco hit ”L’amour a la plage”.

    Pierre Omer was born in London to an Indian father and a Swiss mother. He is a founding member of the legendary Swiss funeral rock’n’roll band The Dead Brothers (guitar and accordion). In 2009 he started several solo projects together with Robert Butler (The Shit, The Miracle Workers), Roland Bucher and Christian Aregger (Blind Butcher). in 2013, The Swing Revue was born. Pierre Omer: vocals, guitar Julien Israelian: drums, Géraldine Schenkel: Fender Rhodes, Christoph Gantert: vocals, trumpet and the unique Lalla Morte: sings fakir and dances. In the past they have played many shows including Binic Folk Blues Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Buskers Bern, Festival Les Athénéennes, Pod’Ring Biel, Vinelz, Le Cirque Electric Paris and many more. The new, second album was recorded entirely by the band themselves (Pierre had already produced several Voodoo Rhythm records in the past, e.g. Mama Rosin) and was mixed in Berlin’s Big Snuff Studio with Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies, Black Lips, Heat, Jimi Tenor, King Khan, Black Mass Rising).

    The whole album is characterized by Pierre’s amazing songwriting skills, the constantly lazy, relaxed, dark vocals and his irritating guitar playing (Tropical Breakdown), plus Christoph Gantert’s devilishly obsessive trumpet playing. The music of the swing era of the 30’s and 40’s, combined with a garagey spirit and an eye for everything else result in a special album LP classic black with DLC plus insert, CD in digisleeve with 12-page booklet.

  • Twin Temple - God Is Dead (LP)


    2023 release. ”Twin Temple are back with their most ambitious, meticulous, and blasphemous offering to date, ’God Is Dead’. Blending their Satanic ideology with the irresistible sass and melody of classic ’50s and ’60s rock ’n’ roll, the high priest and priestess of Satanic Doo-Wop have conjured up a delectable sonic ritual of vintage melodies, soulful vocals, and devilish lyrics that celebrates individuality, freedom, and rebellion against the rigid norms of both rock and mainstream society. From the blood-soaked ecstasy of their previously released single ”Let’s Have A Satanic Orgy” to the euphoric proclamation of the title track, ’God Is Dead’ is a musical journey that will take you to the crossroads of magick and rock ’n’ roll. Will you be tempted to sell your soul? The only way to find out is to press play.

    Gatefold !

  • Reed "Paperboy" Eli - Hits And Misses – The Singles (LP)


    Eli Paperboy Reed’s Hits And Misses is a remastered collection of rarities, originals, & covers, featuring Eli’s spin on Motörhead’s “The Ace of Spades.” Eli takes Motorhead’s hard rock classic and reimagines it as a soul revival with Hammond organ, brass horns, electric guitar, Eli’s signature vocal wails and a backbeat that creates a new take on the song that is no less powerful than the original.

    Hits And Misses also includes Eli’s noirish R&B take on Steely Dan’s 1972 hit ”Do It Again” that brings the original song back in time 30 years and a cover of Latimore’s 1974 hit ”Let’s Straighten It Out,” showcasing a vocal intensity that’s not quite as present in the nearly spoken word original.

    In addition to covers, Eli Paperboy Reed’s original, IDKWYCTD (I Came to Play) is an anthemic party starter. This high-energy track is featured in Disney’s Marvel comic series, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. The album also includes covers of Bob Dylan’s, ”To Be Alone With You,” Merle Haggard’s “I’m Gonna Break Every Heart I Can,” and more.

  • Revolutionaires - The Joker Royale (LP)

  • Lesly's Dynamite - Not As Usual (LP)


    If you like Bill Haley or Stargazers (the old Northern Band sound), you will definitely enjoy this longplayer. The ’normal’ quartet line-up is joined by saxophone and piano. Sometimes it sounds like a good white cover version of an R&B rocker (but they are only own songs!), sometimes there are a few jazz and swing elements, so that also friends of Ray Collins get their money’s worth. In between there are also some backing vocals. So the whole thing sounds like a very clean, professional recording from the 1950s, when the different styles united to form Rock’n’Roll. From the fast but danceable ”Hop and don’t stop”, guaranteed best suited for record-hop, to the ballad, everything is there.

  • Los Torontos - Say Hello! (LP)


    Loistava keikka Racecoast Rockin festareilla. Tulossa varastoon!

  • Fuzillis - Grind A Go Go Volume 2 (LP)

  • Sale! The Hard Way -0

    Hunter James - The Hard Way (LP)

    Original price was: €29,00.Current price is: €20,00.

    Upea! Mahtava albumi James Hunterilta aka Howlin Wilfiltä. VARASTO LÖYTÖ!!

  • Backyard Casanovas - Backyard Stomp (LP)


    Setting their stall out for the first time is The Backyard Casanovas with Backyard Stomp. A debut album conceived after a few practice sessions, followed by a couple of live performances, before being captured on film by Bopflix Films, not to mention a few rounds of a local homebrew to ensure morale was at its highest, to realise that there may just be something in this new project.

  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Same (Americana Deluxe) 2LP (Clear Vinyl, Red, Yellow, Gatefold LP Jacket) (LP)


    This is it, daddy-o, the 1998 album that sparked the whole late-‘90s swing revival! And it’s all decked out in vinyl threads for the first time…clear with red and yellow swirl vinyl, to be exact! Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s first big break came when three of their songs were featured in the hit 1996 indie film Swingers (and the band made a live cameo playing their song “You & Me & the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)”). A major label signing to Interscope (followed by an eventual appearance at the halftime of the Super Bowl) came soon after, and the top 50 album Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (also known as Americana Deluxe) was their debut for the imprint. Songs like “Go Daddy-O” and “Mr. Pinstripe Suit” will make you want to gas up the Packard to go thrift store shopping for zoot suits, while slow-burners like “Please Baby” make contemplating the olive in your cocktail an essential existential exercise. One word of warning, though: wear some comfortable shoes when playing this record, because you’ll be lindy-hopping and mambo-ing till the wee hours. This 2-LP set is all dressed up for a big night out in a dazzling gatefold jacket…a must!

  • Waterhouse Nick - Fooler (LP)


    The title of the sixth album from Californian singer-songwriter Nick Waterhouse is more than just the name of one of its tracks. The Fooler is the new album by Nick Waterhouse, and it’s a lot. Recorded by Mark Neill (Black Keys; Los Straightjackets; Dave Cobb) in Valdosta, Georgia, it’s a song-cycle of sorts, the arc of the album telling a tale of a city and its denizens. The result is a record that offers up new riches and fresh perspectives with every spin. From the hidden corners of ‘Hide & Seek’ and the roadhouse soul of ‘Play To Win’ to the primitive, attitudinal, chugging two-chord thrill of ‘Late In The Garden’, it builds inexorably to the drama of the title track and pulsing roll-and-rock of the final pay off, ‘Unreal, Immaterial’. Play it once and it sounds immediately like a collection of great songs. Play it again – and you will – and it feels like a novel or film slowly unveiling its secrets, kaleidoscopic in its narrative complexity. “Especially during this record, I started just becoming what Allen Ginsberg called a pure breath,” says the artist. “I was becoming pure breath with my ideas.”

  • Magic Emma & The Grand David Orchestra - Lady & Soul (LP)


    Grand David is a multi instruments artist and a composer, known for his works on sound illustrations. This new project, is a beautifull exploration into the TAMLA-MOTOWN sounds, accompagned all the way, by the singer Emma Lamadji.

  • Leinonen Marjo & BubliCans - Holy Roller (LP)


    Marjo Leinonen & Bublicans -kokoonpano julkaisee Holy Roller -nimisen albumin 31. maaliskuuta Playground Musicin kautta vinyylinä, CD:nä ja digitaalisesti. Levyn ennakkomyynti alkaa tänään.

    Albumilta kuullaan esimakua tänään julkaistun Loose Hat -kappaleen myötä.

    – Kepeästi etukenossa kulkeva kappale hyväntuulisine väliosineen innoittaa sauvakävelijän sivakoimaan rivakasti toisenkin kierroksen. Pipo lentoon ja hymyä huuleen! Kappale saattaa osua tunnnehermoon niin, ettei paikalla, iällä, sukupuolella eikä sukupolvella ole merkitystä. Svengi elää ja jatkaa kulkuaan. Pysy kyydissä ja voi hyvin, Leinonen kommentoi.

    Marjo Leinonen tunnetaan myös Balls-, Huff´n´Puff- ja Bigfeet & Lala-yhtyeistään sekä useista erilaisten artistien kanssa tekemistä yhteistöistään: Leinosen tulkintaa on kuultu esimerkiksi J.Karjalaisen, Maija Vilkkumaan, Asan ja Ismo Alangon levyillä. Leinonen on palkittu myös blues & roots -musiikin erikoispalkinto Jemmalla.

    Marjo Leinosen lisäksi yhtyeeseen kuuluu Petri Kautto, Risto Kumpulainen, Sami Vettenranta ja Ville Niemelä.

  • Rondells - Exotic Sounds From Night Trips (LP)


    The new EXOTICA sensation has a Name : The RONDELLS,
    This talented French trio+ 1 is exploring the world and its crazy rhythms on this amazing debut album. All the cuts were recorded and mixed at the ELECTROPHONIC studio, down in Lyon, France,
    by the wizard of the place Hervé Bessenay.
    With a handfull of vacuum equipment and vintage effects, Hervé’s got it ! The mid century Lounge Exotica sound that was in vogue from Miami to Malibu in the 50’s…
    full analogical recording rules ! So get your Bamboo skirt and Limbo barefoot in the sand !

  • Boré Matthieu - Till The Morning Light


    Rhythm ”n” Blues Caribbean style from Montreal, Canada.

  • TT Syndicate - 7 (LP)


    Formed in early 2012 at Porto, Portugal, TT Syndicate comprises roots music lovers with already established musician careers.
    The band is fronted by Pedro Serra and drummer Nuno Gomez who are well-known as members of The Mean Devils and 49 Special; Nuno Riviera, the man behind the take-off guitar, who fronts “Os Tornados” and plays bass with Nuno Gomez in the Surf-Noir Band “Thee Chargers”; Manuel Oliveira, also from “Os Tornados”, drives the Bass lines and last, but not the least, Hugo Lopes on Tenor Saxophone, Joel Rocha on Baritone Saxophone and Bruno Rocha on Trumpet provide sleazy and groovy brass sounds to the combo.
    Their sound is an explosive cocktail of Rhythm and Blues, Northern Soul and 60’s Beat

  • Fez And the Furious - Swingin´On Quicksand (LP)


    WOW! Loistava esikoisalbumi. Jos esim. Kokomo Kings ja Beat From Palookaville kolisee, niin ei muuta kuin tilausta sisään.

  • Harper Ben - Bloodline Maintenance (LP)


    022 release. ”It was like I was moving forward and venturing into places I had never been before. Taking everything I’ve learned from every other record and kind of setting fire to it all and starting over,” Ben Harper says of his new album Bloodline Maintenance. ”And I knew the sounds I was hearing in my head were so unorthodox that I had to do most of it myself.” The result is a fearless and immensely soulful work largely inspired by the loss of a longtime friend and the lingering influence of a mercurial and charismatic father. Along with guitar and bass, Harper als o played the drums including an eclectic assortment of percussions. The deliberately open spaces and accented beats influenced in large part by the exploratory rhythms of the hip-hop he has loved since his teens. The result is less a direct influence than the applying of hip-hop’s inventiveness to longstanding paradigms of soul, blues and jazz, spinning it all forward into a reconfiguration of a new black Americana. ”If this is my Mule Variations, then hallelujah.” Harper says, referencing the groundbreaking Tom Waits record. Bloodline Maintenance is both a political and personally revealing work. It is soul music, but never a stylistic tribute to some bygone era. The sound and words are essential and undeniably timely. Harper acknowledges that much of the exploration on the record was fueled by an awareness of time. ”It’s this notion of mortality and the people we have lost. The way I hoped it would all turn out and the realization that, as beautiful as it all can be, perhaps none of it matters beyond these moments.”

  • Reed "Paperboy" Eli - Roll With You (2LP, Deluxe Edition) (LP)


    Deluxe edition remastered vinyl LP pressing, includes digital download. In 2008, Boston-born, Brooklyn-based soul singer Eli Paperboy Reed released his debut album, Roll With You, to critical acclaim. To mark it’s 10th anniversary, Yep Roc Records presents deluxe remastered edition features the 11 original tracks, 12 previously unreleased tracks, and exclusive content. Previously unreleased tracks, and exclusive content. With ”a voice that brings together the yelp of Georgie Fame, the honey of Sam Cooke and the crackle of Curtis Mayfield,” (The Guardian), Roll With You showcases Reed’s unmistakable soul-infused style and features a gospel-tinged mix of sweaty, up-tempo numbers and aching, lovelorn ballads.

  • Early James - Strange Time To Be Alive (Ltd,Coloured) (LP)


    Limited brown swirl colored vinyl LP pressing. 2022 release. Alabama’s native son, Early James, returns with his sophomore album, Strange Time To Be Alive. The lyrical wordsmith conjures the ghosts of great southern gothic writers from Eudora Welty to William Faulkner, while channeling the haunted spirits of Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt. The album evokes a timeless amalgam of forsaken blues, folk, and Tin Pan Alley crooning, anchored by his unmistakable voice that sways from gravel-filled shouts to pained, forlorn whispers.

  • Too Good To Stay Away From (Gatefold)-0

    Kokomo Kings - Too Good To Stay Away From (Gatefold) (LP)


    Loistavan bändin uutukainen!! Kunnon kattaus roots musaa!!!

    Take a big bucket of unpolished Mississippi juke joint boogie and blend it with another bucket of laid back down home blues. Add a teacup of swamp pop, a tablespoon of hillbilly and a pound of profane, ecstatic gospel and you´ll have the Kokomo Kings.

    This is rock´n´roll before rock´n´roll was born. Nothing but primitive, groovy Saturday-night music made for dancing. The long awaited follow up of their classy debuet record Artificial Natural is here, its called Too Good To Stay Away full of red hot rockin Rhythm and Blues. 12 colorful originals prove once again the smartness and craftmanship of this danish/swedish Cooperation. Long awaited is the remake of The River Tumed To Steam which was available as 7inch version only or A Wasted Day Is Forever Lost, another dancefloor killer ! Smart lyrics, raw unpolished and primitive Rhythms made for dancing ! This is too good to stay away from, so hurry up and get this little platter NOW!

  • Electra-0

    Iker Piris And His Dual Electras - Electra (LP)


    Wow! Tiukka Blues uutuus ! Kunnon jump – bluesia

  • Future Shape of Sound - Shakedown Gospel (LP)

  • Sister Cookie - In The Blue Corner (RSD) (LP)


    Dusk blue vinyl.

  • Here`s-0

    Nikki Hill - Here`s (LP)


    Nikki Hillin eka albumi VIHDOINKIN MYÖS VINYYLINÄ.

  • Beasts Of Burgundy-0

    Squirrel Nut Zippers - Beasts Of Burgundy (LP)


    A Dedication:
    These songs are dedicated to out familiesm all Squirrels past and present, Jazz Poet Ron Cuccia, and the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

    A Note From the Band:
    After many years and incarnations, we would like to say how grateful we are for the wonderful opportunities and grand times you have given us. It’s with heartfelt warmth we share out thanks and appreciation!

    Thanks to deLisle Guitars.

    Thanks to Alex Holeman – Guiding Hand of the S.S. Zipper

  • Warson PM - Dig Deep Repeat (LP)


    Loistava toka albumi.

  • Live At Pappy & Harriet's: In Person From The High Desert -0

    Waterhouse Nick - Live At Pappy & Harriet’s: In Person From The High Desert (2LP, Ltd) (LP)


    A decade ago, journalists, fans, critics, and audiophiles alike were wont to compare Nick Waterhouse to his predecessors. And it was a convenient way to categorize an artist that has since proved uncategorizable-he had a voice that balanced somewhere between Van Morrison and Ray Charles, an aesthetic that caught the attention of style reporters at GQ, an ambitious production vision that stood out among the lo-fi rock and alternative bands of the zeitgeist. And he was disarmingly earnest in his own influences-citing artists like Mose Allison and Them as early inspiration. But now, coming off of his searching, intimate, self-titled album of 2019 and bringing us ”Nick Waterhouse Live at Pappy & Harriet’s; In Person from the High Desert” in 2020, it’s clear that comparisons, of any kind, no longer suffice.