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  • Live At Banbury DVD-0

    Higham Darrel And The Enforcers - Live At Banbury DVD (DVD)


    Hieno keikka! Loistava bändi! Kunnon Eddie Cochran tyylin rock`n`Rollia ja Rockabillyä englannista.

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    Kane Candye - In Concert DVD (DVD)

    Original price was: €25,00.Current price is: €7,50.

    Upea Live taltionti 1997!!!

  • Devil In Disguise-Live In Estonia Oct. 2007 DVD-0

    Gordon Robert With Marco Di Maggio Band - Devil In Disguise-Live In Estonia Oct. 2007 DVD (DVD)


    Viimeisen päälle hyvä Live taltiointi! Hyvät soundit ja monikamera kuvaus!

    Recorded live at Rock Café, Tallinn, Estonia – October 20, 2007It was great to be in Estonia, man. It was just like the old days.”.- Robert GordonIn October 2007, rockabilly legend Robert Gordon went on a European tour incelebration of the 30th anniversary of his professional career. The tourencompassed countries like Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Russia and theU.K. The DVD that you are about to see was recorded on the 4th night of thetour at the Rock Café in Tallinn (Estonia). An animated and superbly voicedRobert Gordon offered the 1,000 fans present a standout performance, ablybacked by the Marco DiMaggio band from Italy. The setlist was strong andvaried, and consisted of classics from his Private Stock- and RCA albums,songs from his recent Elvis tribute album, as well as various new additionsto the setlist, including ’The Wanderer’ and ’Devil In Disguise’.During his fast-movin’ one-hour performance, Gordon had a firm grip on theEstonian crowd as he made the foundations of the large historic buildingshake with rockers like ’Move It’, while he used his powerful baritone voiceto great effect on ballads like ’A Picture Of You’. This recording reallycuts to the core of what makes Gordon such a popular live performer, and whyhe still attracts an almost cult-like adoration. This is the essentialRobert Gordon – giving his all to the audience, with that same unmistakablevoice and unique stage persona that has captivated audiences since 1977. Abrilliant registration of one of rock ’n’ roll’s most thrillinglive-performers at his very best!”

  • Lewis Linda Gail - Family Jewels (CD+DVD) (CD)


    Linda Gail Lewis – the sister of famed Rock & Roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis – delivers classic rock & roll songs live in concert with her stellar band that features Danny B Harvey on guitars and her own daughter Annie Marie Lewis (the niece of Jerry Lee Lewis) on backing vocals.

  • Jets - Isolation Sessions #1 (DVD)


    Very limited edition!

  • Jets - With Darrel Higham: Isolation Sessions #2 (DVD)


    Very limited edition!

  • Various - Big Beat Generation Vol 1 DVD (DVD)


    Kokoelma Big Beat levy-yhtiön bändien eri TV ja Live esiintymisistä.

  • Big Beat Story Vol. 1-0

    Various - Big Beat Story Vol. 1 (DVD)


    Loistava uutukainen. Hienoja taltiointeja ranskan eri tv-ohjelmista!!! MUST!! for All Rockabilly fans!!

  • Polecats - White Devils From Satan’s Hollow (DVD)


    One of the wildest live bands of the 1980s Rockabilly revival show that time hasn’t tamed them with a lively Polecats performance filmed at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester, England.
    The Polecats blast through their best-known songs and hit singles including Rockabilly Guy, John I’m Only Dancing, Marie Celeste, Jeepster, Down The Line, Red Ready Amber and many others, with bonus interview footage too.

  • It's a Rockabilly World!-0

    Movie - It’s a Rockabilly World! (DVD)


    It’s a Rockabilly World! (2016) Rockabilly is a subculture whose members operate as if they are living in the 1950’s. From the music to the tattoos, pin up girls, hot rod cars and vintage fashion. This lifestyle gives creative people a place where they feel empowered. Rockabillies don’t fit the mold of what American culture says is ’normal’. This scene makes invisible people visible. Simple as that. A Rockabilly’s greatest fear is not being noticed. – It’s a Rockabilly World takes you behind the scenes with interviews with some of the most colorful Kats and Kittens in the subculture. You’ll learn the difference between Rockabilly and Psychobilly music. Rockabilly is a global sensation that not only has a huge following in American but is popular in Europe, South American, South Africa and Japan. It’s a Rockabilly World will also take you to the Granddaddy of all Rockabilly Events, Viva Las Vegas. Some of the subjects in It’s a Rockabilly World will tell you that the scene and culture has changed their lives… forever.

  • Video tape (Ltd, DVD)-0

    Lonestars - Video tape (Ltd, DVD) (DVD)


    Recorded at Studio 303 January and March 1981. Filmed spring 1981 Katajanokka, Helsinki. Ltd 300 copies

  • Live On The Sunset Strip + Mondo Legend-0

    Legend Johnny - Live On The Sunset Strip + Mondo Legend (DVD)


    EI MITÄÄN LASTEN KATTELTAVAA!! TODELLINEN ROCK`N`ROLL LEGENDA! PALJON MATSKUA VUOSIEN VARRELTA!! Notorious rebel rocker Johnny Legend brings his rousing stage show to the Sunset Strip, and now fans who may not have been able to catch the show live can see just how wild things got thanks to this release featuring The Naked Die Young”, ”I Itch Like a Sunuvabitch”, ”Soakin’ to the Bone”, and more. An addition compilation of clips captured over the last few decades follow Legend and company on a bizarre odyssey across the U.S.A.”

  • The Low Road CD+DVD-0

    Lee Rocker - The Low Road CD+DVD (CD)


    Wow ! Mahtava Live taltiointi!

  • Blue Suede Shoes-0

    Movie (feat. Crazy Cavan, Matchbox...) - Blue Suede Shoes (DVD)


    Upea dokumentti. This U.K. documentary show the revival of British rock and roll genre through the eyes of a weekend pilgrimage of Teddy Boys, Rockabilly Rebels and Rockers.

    Bands performing include Bill Haley and the Comets, Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers, Matchbox, Flying Saucers, Freddie Fingers Lee, Ray Campi and his Rockabilly Rebels.

  • Sale! Long Lonesome Highway / Mess Around-0

    Route 67 - Long Lonesome Highway / Mess Around (7 single/EP)

    Original price was: €8,00.Current price is: €5,00.

    ltd. single, white label, black vinyl, 150 copies made!

    Russian Neo-Rockabilly / Psychobilly trio, ROUTE 67, with a very limited piece of vinyl! ”Long Lonesome Highway” is a song written by Lance Bakemeyer, bass-player of the HILLBILLY HELLCATS!!

  • One Long Saturday Night - Live-0

    Br5-49 - One Long Saturday Night – Live (DVD)


    Alternative country-rockabilly pioneers BR549 at the top of their game!  Their only DVD!
    All their hits and fan favorites!
    Liner notes by the band’s Smilin’ Jay McDowell!
    You wouldn’t think it would be so hard selling authentic, down-and-dirty, revved-up country music in
    Nashville—the home of country music—but BR5 49 started off playing for tips in the bars of Lower
    Broadway while the music industry ignored them just a few blocks away. The industry was forced to
    take notice, but by then legions of fans were flocking Lower Broad to catch the scene.
    This DVD recorded in Germany in 1996 catches BR5 49 at the peak of their game. It’s a tribute to the
    strength of their original compositions that they can mix up their own songs, like Bettie Bettie and Little
    Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts), with classics like Gone, Gone, Gone or Cherokee Boogie, and you never
    notice that there’s a forty-year gap between them. The new songs sound like classics and the classic
    songs sound new!
    As the band’s Smilin’ Jay McDowell says in his liner notes, ”We were doing the music we wanted to do
    the way we wanted to do it. We weren’t trying to fit into any mold. We had no expectations of any
    record labels being interested in us. We just showed up every night and did our thing and worked on
    getting better.”
    This program is also available as audio only on CD with the addition of four songs!

  • Rebellion-0

    Rebel Dean - Rebellion (DVD)


    Odottettu DVD julkaisu!

  • Let`s Bop With DVD-0

    Polecats / Boz Boorer - Let`s Bop With DVD (DVD)


    Vuoden 1981 Polecats keikka (1-11) sekä Boz Boorerin soolo keikka vuodelta 1988 (12-20).’Let’s Bop With The Polecats!’ is the first ever DVD release from the most energetic and colourful band of the 1980’s Rockabilly revival. The Polecats signed a major-label deal which led to international success and hits singles ’Rockabilly Guy’, ’John I’m Only Dancing’, ’Jeepster’ and ’Make A Circuit With Me’. Their Dave Edmunds produced album ’Polecats Are Go!’ is regarded as a classic of the genre. But the Polecats were are the wildest live on stage, as this 1981 performance shows.A storming 1988 show from guitarist Boz Boorer’s post-Polecats project Boz & The Bozmen is included as a bonus programme. Boorer teams up with other well-known faces from the 80’s Rockabilly scene to form the first Rockabilly Supergroup.

  • Christmas-0

    Isaak Chris - Christmas (DVD)


    Nyt jo loppuunmyyty DVD taltiointi.

  • Live At The Rockpalast CD + DVD-0

    Rockpile - Live At Rockpalast CD + DVD (DVD)


    PERFORMANCE DATE:MARKTHALLE HAMBURG,GERMANY,12 JANUARY,1980.Their only appearance as Rockpile(though Dave Edmunds appeared solo later in 1983).Rockpile was a tight,entertaining band combining the talents of Dave Edmunds(guitar,vocals),Nick Lowe(bass,vocals),Billy Bremner(guitar,vocals)and Terry Williams(drums).This is an essential release for fans,as Rockpile never released a live album in their short lifetime.Contains greatest hits from both Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe’s stellar back catalogues.Features songs contributed by Mickey Jupp(You’ll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those),Elvis Costello(Girls Talk),Chuck Berry(Let It Rock & Promised Land)and,of course,Nick Lowe – Stiff Records songwriter supreme – including a version of his debut solo hit So It Goes.Informative booklet with twin liner notes – in English by Will Birch,noted British journalist,broadcaster,author and, expert on the Pub Rock and the Southend Rock scene,and in German by noted journalist and broadcaster Uli Kniep.Expertly restored and remastered.Superb vision,outstanding sound.The best in the business!

  • Russian Roulette DVD-0

    Hot Roddin` Romeos - Russian Roulette DVD (DVD)


    Russian Roulette DVD Combines all the elements from the Russian Roulette CD, with TONS of Special Features! This DVD includes 4 multiple versions of the Russian Roulette Music Video (including 3D version), Sexy Pin-up Girls for every song, Options for 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround, and Exclusive Bonus features. Bonus Features which include: Previous EP releases from the last 6 years, interviews, band bios, and lots of bonus videos! Package contains Anaglyph 3D Glasses! The Ultimate Hot Roddin’ Romeos Experience!

  • Sale! It´s All In The Game-0

    Richard Cliff - It´s All In The Game (Käytetty LP/12)

    Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €10,00.
  • Sale! Hot Rod Hayride-0

    Movie - Hot Rod Hayride (DVD)

    Original price was: €25,00.Current price is: €10,00.

    Filmed at the 7th Annual Hot Rod Hayride, Bisley, UK (July 2011). Featuring the Detonator Drags (Dunsfold airfield), Demon Drome Wall of Death, Soap Box Derby, Hod Rod Showfield, Burlesque (Anna Fur Laxis) and Circus Freak Show. Also includes live performances from Rusti Steel & The Star Tones, Knocksville, The John Lewis Trio, The Slapbacks, Union Canal String Band and Deke Dickeson & The Ecco-Fonics, alongside interviews with organisers/punters and bands (including Mouse Zinn, John Lewis and Deke Dickerson).

  • Sale! Live - Rockabilly Rave 2011-0

    Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio / Bellfuries - Live – Rockabilly Rave 2011 (DVD)

    Original price was: €20,00.Current price is: €10,00.

    KAKSI LOISTAVAA ROCKABILLY BÄNDIÄ!! TÄSTÄ EI 50s TYYLIN ROCKABILLY PARANE! In June 2011, at the 15th Rockabilly Rave these two super groups came together in front of a massive sell out crowd. Thousands of rockin’ fans witnessed a Saturday night that has gone down in Rockabilly history. These two albums which you know so well are brilliantly and vibrantly brought to life by the bands that created and recorded them.

  • Live At Montreux 1981 DVD-0

    Stray Cats - Live At Montreux 1981 DVD (DVD)


    ”Legendaarinen keikka vuodelta 1981. NYT EKAA KERTAA VIRALLISENA JULKAISUNA!!! When the Stray Cats rolled into Montreux in July 1981 they were one of the hottest

    properties around. They had 3 hit singles and a UK top 10 album already under their

    belts along with a string of headlining concerts, all of which had come since their

    relocation from New York to London in 1980. The band’s combination of original songs

    and rockabilly classics with a punk attitude and style had caught the moment to

    perfection. Added to this were their considerable musical accomplishments and knack

    for songwriting. All in all it was a heady concoction and the crowd in Montreux

    reacted with near hysterical excitement, something rarely seen in what is usually a

    polite and reserved audience. This is the Stray Cats at their peak. Simply


    First ever DVD release of Stray Cats material from their heyday in the early

    eighties. Features their huge hit singles ”Stray Cat Strut”, ”Rock This Town” and

    ”Runaway Boys” plus many other classic tracks.

    Featuring, of course, the line-up of Brian Setzer (guitar & vocals); Lee Rocker

    (upright bass & vocals); Slim Jim Phantom (drums); this is the Stray Cats at their peak. Simply unmissable.”

  • Sale! Young & Wild -0

    Rhythm Shakers / Caezars - Young & Wild (DVD)

    Original price was: €20,00.Current price is: €10,00.

    The 15th Rockabilly Rave saw two of the most talked about young bands on the rockin’ scene tear up the stage – but from two sides of the Atlantic and with two very different styles.The Rhythm Shakes hit the Rave with the force of an express train…smouldering flame haired Marlene Perez looking a million dollars in a sophisticated black sparkling lame cocktail dress.’Powerhouse’ is often over used when describing live acts, but not usually young female singers – but Marlene rewrites the rules about what is acceptable. The band drives the show on and her sultry, huskie voice fills the hall. By the third number, her hair is wild and the excitement mounts…she breaks into her tough trade mark ’Hit The Road’ spat out with passion and venom.All the hits follow until she is withering on the floor and pounding the stage with her fist…the crowd love her honesty and her deep soulful voice. This is the new breed of rockin’ music straight from the streets of L.A.Without a doubt the most talked about rockin’ band in the UK the Caezers have a lot of hype to live up to before their show on the mainstage at the Rave. They were the most successful band to play both outside of the scene at mainstream events such as Glastonbury or on tour with the Vaccines, Imelda May and Brian Setzer as well as top rockin’ festivals all over the world such as Viva Las Vegas, Hemsby and High Rockabilly. The show on film was one of the most talked about shows in years, with singer AJ shakin’ the place up with his tongue in cheek humour and playing at being a young Mick Jagger. If you want to know what Young and Wild is? Check out this DVD.

  • Reverend Horton Heat - 25 To Life 2CD + DVD (CD)


    YES! Aivan loistava uutuus! Mieletön LIVE taltiointi! Mukana paketissa LIVE CD + DVD sekä Best Of CD!!!!! RAJOITETTU BOXI!!!! TILAA HETI JA VARMISTA SAANTI!!!! The Reverend Horton Heat: 25 to Life was filmed and recorded live at the legendary Fillmore Theater in San Francisco in 2010 and includes live concert footage, band interviews, crew interviews and more. This movie captures the sights, sounds and energy of The Reverend Horton Heat doing what they do best – performing live and killing it. In addition, the interviews, historical images and footage, provide background and a deeper appreciation for one of the hardest touring bands in the business. They’ve been at it for over 25 years and they show no signs of slowing down.This deluxe CD boxed set of The Reverend Horton Heat: 25 to Life includes the full film on DVD plus 2 CDs featuring a live album of the recordings made at the Fillmore plus the first ever, career spanning best of” compilation of the band’s studio recordings. See the full track listing for all three discs below. Along with the DVD and 2 CDs, the set also includes a 52 page booklet featuring images and stories from the band’s 25 year span. The entire set is housed in a collectable box.”

  • The Wildest Show Live!-0

    Various - The Wildest Show Live! (DVD)


    CODE FREE DVD with more than 50 songs from the featured WILD artists
    Shot on Location Weber’s Sports Bar & Grill in Reseda, CA December 17, 2011
    Executive Producer: Mr. Wild Records, Reb kennedy
    Directed by Elise Salomon
    Edited by Suzanne Spangler
    Cinematography by Mike Abarta, Luke Dejoras, Engineered by Omar Romero.
    Titles and Graphics by Aaron Needham. Artwork by Roger Biersborn.
    Still Photography by Daniel Funaki
    On the DVD Dustin Chance is Dustyn Chance, Texas Steve & The Tornados is Texas Steve and Louis is Luis.

  • Rockin The 229-0

    Various - Rockin The 229 (DVD)


    TODELLA HIENO DVD TALLENNE!! Contains 25 full length live performances from some of the current crop of artists on the label. It was filmed at the 229 club, London in February 2011 by Chris Magee and his team (Bopflix Films), who are the kings of film making. Both picture and sound are fabulous quality, and the performances from the artists are something else. The trailer below will give you a taster but you really need to see these masters of the stage in their full glory. Amazing stuff!

  • Sale! Love Me To Pieces - A Tribute To Janis Martin-0

    Various - Love Me To Pieces – A Tribute To Janis Martin (DVD)

    Original price was: €20,00.Current price is: €10,00.

    Loistava tribute Queen Of Rockabillylle!!