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  • Wainwright Paul - The Resurrection of The Crazed (Kirjat)


    The scene meant so much to so many and ‘The Crazed’ was there to document it.
    This book recaptures how it felt at the time. After lying dormant for over 30 years ‘The Crazed’ has now been resurrected.

    ”Foreword by Craig ‘Bracko’ Brackenridge of Vintage Rock”
    ”Klub Foot cover art by Paskal Millet”

    Join the author as he journeys back to those mutant rockin’, venue wreckin’, snakebite sodden days of the Psychobilly/neoRockabilly scene of the 80’s. His fanzine ‘The Crazed’ was right there, reporting on the scene as it grew and writing about bands such as The Meteors, GuanaBatz, Demented Are Go, King Kurt, Long Tall Texans and Restless.

    Travel back through those articles and interviews and revisit the experience. Enjoy noisy nights at The Klub Foot, mecca of all
    things Psychobilly, where many of these interviews were conducted after sweaty gigs. Read the bands own words, full of enthusiasm, excitement and optimism about what the future might hold, and discover what it was like to produce and edit a
    fanzine back then.

    In Paul’s teenage years during the 1980’s he was totally captured by the Psychobilly, Garage and Rockabilly scene. He couldn’t play an instrument and really didn’t have the patience to learn but really wanted to get recognised within the scene. He had an inquisitive mind and decided to attempt to produce a fanzine which would give him the opportunity to meet and question many of the bands whose records he was so religiously buying.

    The first interview he conducted was with arguably the biggest Psychobilly band in England – The Meteors. This set-in motion a series of interviews with other bands and musicians within the scene, many of whom had not been given any exposure from the English music press.

    His fanzine was called ‘The Crazed’ and lasted for just four issues, but featured interviews with quite a few of the leading 80’s
    Psychobilly/Rockabilly bands, such as The Meteors, GuanaBatz, Demented Are Go, Restless and more.

    Published: 07/12/2023
    260 pages
    Paperback: £19.99 / 23 €

  • Randy Richter - Rock ’n’ Roll Fieber (Kirjat)


    Rock ’n’ Roll Fieber was the title of my first song, which I wrote at
    the age of 15. I didn’t even own a guitar yet. I tried to coax melodies
    out of my buddy Wassilly’s classical guitar whenever I visited him.
    Since I wasn’t fluent in English at that time, I wrote the lyrics in my
    native language.

    Am Samstag ist das Leben nicht mehr so grau
    Warum das weiß jeder ganz genau
    Der Saal ist schon gerammelt voll
    Denn gleich geht es los mit Rock ’n’ Roll

    That was the first verse. It describes perfectly how we pictured our
    weekends. We had nothing but rock ’n’ roll and the 1950s on our
    minds. We wanted to look, dance and sound like Elvis. In numerous
    neglected waste piles, we searched for radios, lamps, furniture and
    record players from the era. We bought a 1958 Wartburg 311 feeling
    like “Kings Of The Road”.
    Our parents and teachers thought we were just going through an
    adolescent phase that would soon end.
    Little did they know that we had caught the rock ’n’ roll fever which
    was immediately driving us crazy. We were infected for good. No
    matter what they tried, we never got rid of it again.
    This “phase” has lasted more than 30 years now. We’re still crazy
    about the beat of the 1950s, as are many of our friends who also
    caught it. They will recognize themselves in some of the stories.
    To all those who haven’t gotten the rock ’n’ roll fever yet, be warned.
    Infection from reading this book cannot be ruled out entirely.

  • Brackenridge Craig - Doin’ My Own Thing – Alan Wilson Autobiography (Kirjat)


    Doin’ My Own Thing is the autobiography of Alan Wilson and covers everything from childhood, school days, playing in bands, touring overseas, producing records, writing songs and owning a recording studio and record label. This book also covers the fascinating period when the first Psychobillies broke away from the Rockabilly scene to create their own subculture.

    “If you are expecting a straight-up rock biography here then think again. The bust-ups, bad behavior and (occasionally eye-watering) backstage antics are all present but there is also so much more. The early days stories are alive with detail and pitched somewhere between the movie Kes, Play For Today and a particularly violent episode of Grange Hill. Alan also takes a trip through the history of British Rock ‘n’ Roll whether it is experiencing the fine lines between the cults of Ted, Rockabilly and Psychobilly or working alongside many of his childhood heroes. Stories of many big names appear throughout but never in a boastful manner as you get the impression that Alan soaks up each experience with vivid powers of recall and uses these moments to inform his creative endeavors. While many books from musicians take you on a standard trip from obscurity to burn-out with possible salvation along the way, Alan deviates from this path and takes a good few page-turning detours that are bemusing but wildly entertaining. The career of The Sharks, Alan’s production work and the history of the Western Star Recording Company are only part of the story here. This is a meaty portion of non-fiction indeed. Dig in!”
    Craig Brackenridge – Author

  • Rockin ' Bones KIRJA + Bonus CD-0

    Make Tapio Memorabilia - Rockin ’ Bones KIRJA + Bonus CD (Kirjat)


    Marko Tapion hurmioitunut rock and roll -vuodatus sotki systeemini.
    Kuinka kukaan voi kirjoittaa rockabillystä ja rhythm & bluesista näin
    sekopäisiä sanaryöppyjä? Ensishokin jälkeen ymmärsin, että kiihkon
    vallassa runoileva nuorimies oli oikeilla jäljillä.” – Pekka Laine
    (The Fanatic IV, Hip Shooters, YLE)

    Make Tapion tekstit olivat kuin Gene Vincentin ensimmäiset
    levytykset: villejä ja vaarallisia, ja varsinkin Suomen oloissa rajoja
    rikkkovia. Maken sanan säilä viilsi hurmokselllisesti kuin Cliff
    Gallupin kitarasoolo.” – Masu Ijas (Pink Thunderbird)

    Marko ”Make” Tapio (1967 – 1991) oli oululainen rock and roll -friikki ja tuottelias kirjoittaja. Maken tekstejä julkaistiin satoja sivuja
    sellaisissa ”alan” pienlehdissä kuin Pink Thunderbird, Too Much Noise ja Blues News.

    Maken muistolle omistettu Rockin’ Bones -kirja kokoaa yhteen näistä jutuista parhaat ja kaivatuimmat – sekä yli 70 sivua ennenjulkaisematonta materiaalia! Kirjassa Maken verbaalisesta ilotulituksesta pääsevät osalliseksi muun muassa Link Wray, Tall Boys, The Cramps, Larry Williams, Don & Dewey, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Thurston Harris, Larry Donn ja monet muut rock’n’rollin, rockabillyn ja r&b:n unohdetut kulttisankarit.

    Rockin’ Bonesin mukana tulee synkassa kirjan juttujen kanssa etenevä 30:n kappaleen cd, ”musiikillinen matka Maken maailmaan”.

  • How Britain Got The Blues 1: Skiffle, Folk, R´n`R & The British Blues Boom 2CD-0

    Various - How Britain Got The Blues 1: Skiffle, Folk, R´n`R & The British Blues Boom 2CD (Kirjat)


    ”History of RnB Records presents a new series of double CDs highlighting the 240 or so songs most frequently performed by British beat and blues groups. Volume One concentrates on the pre-Beatles skiffle and folk era and ties this into the Blues Boom group material of the late 1960s. Volume Two spotlights Merseybeat; two further volumes concentrate on the London scene and the jazz and soul sounds that influenced the mod movement. An illustrated 28-page booklet for each set includes detailed sleeve notes by Alan Clayson.”

  • Rockabilly Underground London 1980`s-0

    Book By William Jones - Rockabilly Underground London 1980`s (Kirjat)


    ERITTÄIN MIELENKIINTOINEN KIRJA ENGLANNIN SCENESTÄ 80_LUVUN ALUSTA! MUKANA MYÖS SUOMI OSUUS!! A look at the thriving Rockabilly scene in 1980s London – perhaps the best place to be at the time. Includes interviews with many of the scene’s important figures, and a whole lot of photos from the era.