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  • Big Bat (Ltd, Yellow,Numbered)-0

    Batmobile - Big Bat (Ltd, Dracula,Numbered) (10``LP)


    Uusintajulkaisu 2020 julkaistusta levystä.

    300 copies

  • Fenech P. Paul - Happy Halloween VIII (Black) (10``LP)


    Jatkoa seuraa. Nyt 10″ muodossa. Limited to 200 copies

  • Fenech P. Paul - Happy Halloween VIII (Orange) (10``LP)


    Jatkoa seuraa. Nyt 10″ muodossa. Limited to 300 copies

  • BZFOS - Geisterhaus (Mörder Blues III) (10``LP)


    Comes in gatefold cover with pop-up art.
    Limited to 500 copies.

  • Hot Dog! Ten Inches Of Pleasure-0

    Various - Hot Dog! Ten Inches Of Pleasure (10``LP)


    Hyvä Neo-psychobilly kokoelma!

  • King Kurt - Billy (Shaped Picture Disc) 10″ (10``LP)

  • Kings Of Outer Space - Last Elevator to Spaceville (10``LP)


    A long awaited new release from this popular UK Psychobilly/Rockabilly band.

  • I Wanna See You Bleed! 10``EP (red)-0

    Demented Are Go - I Wanna See You Bleed! 10″EP (10``LP)

  • Hypnosis - Sin City Sun Resort (10``LP)


    10″ tuumainen musta vinyyli, komeilla värikansilla ja kuusi biisiä. Tuote on itsessään jo aika komia, mutta kyllä musakin potkii 🤘 Edelleen psychobillyä ja surfia, mutta ehkä vähän synkempään suuntaan kuin edellisellä levyllä…

  • Sale! The King Of London (Coloured)-0

    Sharks - The King Of London (Coloured) (10``LP)

    Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €9,90.

    Very Limited!

  • Sharks - Colour My Flesh (10``LP)


    First time on vinyl for this mid 90s Sharks album

    Limited edition, 10-inch coloured vinyl.

  • Sale!

    Strays - Goodbye Cruel World (10``LP)

    Original price was: €22,00.Current price is: €9,90.

    This 10″ limited edition, coloured vinyl follows hot on the heels of their two acclaimed CD albums

  • GoGo Cult - Tarantula (10``LP)


    Limited pressing coloured ten inch vinyl

  • Raymen - Long Lonely Highway (10``LP)


    Elvis biisejä!

  • Stage Frite - Swan Song (Red) (10``LP)


    Limited edition

  • Sharks - Rockabilly Moonquake (10``LP)


    Ltd. Biisit jota ei ennen ole julkaistu vinyylillä.

  • Sharks - Songs From The Sarcophagus 10″EP (Ltd, Coloured) (10``LP)


    A Tribute To Screaming Lord Sutch.

    This is a new 10 inch version in beautiful coloured vinyl of a long since sold out 7″ EP by The Sharks. Here they perform 4 Lord Sutch numbers and there’s even a 30 second bonus surprise at the end (which wasn’t on the original 7″).

  • Mad Sin & Pornomat - The Hardwrights 10″EP (10``LP)


    Todella harvinainen 10 EP!!!!”

  • Sharks - Phantom Rockers Part 1 + Part 2 (Double) (10``LP)



    Phantom Rockers Part 1 10-Inch Mini Album (Coloured Vinyl)
    Phantom Rockers Part 2 10-Inch Mini Album (Coloured Vinyl)
    The Sharks debut album Phantom Rockers has been described as an era-defining release. It has certainly become a classic and over the last 38 years has been released and re-released on many different labels and formats.

    We’ve decided to give the tracks a long-overdue remastering. These songs have never sounded better!!! Get your limited editions now, released for the first time as two 10″ mini LPs (part 1 & part 2) both on different colour vinyl, making this as special a release as possible.

  • Smoke `Em If You Got `Em (White-Black Marbled)-0

    Reverend Horton Heat - Smoke `Em If You Got `Em (White-Black Marbled) (10``LP)


    Orig USA! RARE 10″ White-Black vinyl!!!!

  • Rigormortis Rock 10"EP (Ltd, Numbered, Coloured)-0

    Gazmen - Rigormortis Rock 10″EP (Ltd, Numbered, Coloured) (10``LP)


    In 1995 Gary Day, long time bass player with Morrissey (and ex Sharks/Frantic Flintstones/Nitros) put together a project with his old band mates Alan Wilson and Hodge of The Sharks and Alain Whyte who was Morrissey’s guitar player and co-writer. 4 tracks were recorded which were realised as a 12″ EP on Vinyl Japan. This sold out and the vinyl has been out of print and hard to get for 20+ years. Some time later the EP came out on an American label as a CD-EP. Again this has been out of print for many years.

    As the decades have passed, The Gazmen EP has been referred to by fans and collectors alike as one of the best-loved releases in the history of the Rockabilly & Psychobilly scene. We are proud to have secured this re-issue and in keeping with the near-mythical status of the original, we’ve kept it collectable and special. Western Star are proud to present this long-awaited reissue; this time as a 10″ coloured vinyl EP limited pressing.

  • Wall Of Death-0

    Various - Wall Of Death (10``LP)

  • Headless (Red Vinyl)-0

    Long Tall Texans - Headless (Red Vinyl) (10``LP)



    This fast selling 10-inch has been out of print for a while so we have re-pressed it in a different colour vinyl. This will please those who missed out initially as well as the uber-fans who will want both colours.


  • Sale! The Invisible Man 10"EP-0

    Atomic Papas - The Invisible Man 10″EP (10``LP)

    Original price was: €13,00.Current price is: €7,50.

    The Invisible Man is a 4 track ep from Italian (Campiglia Marittima ) Neo Rockabilly trio the Atomic Papas, and I like it a lot!
    Now it’s hard to get a real understanding of what a band is all about from a 4 track ep but from what I’ve heard these guys are very good, their style seems to be mix of 80’s Neo Rockabilly and Old school psychobilly and it’s very good!

    Nicola Guidi adds great vocals and guitar, he is backed by Lorenzo Frangini on Slap Bass and Francesco Giomi on drums. On the ep there is also a special appearance on tracks 2 and 4 from Sax player Alessandro Riccucci.

  • Same 10"EP-0

    Speedmobile - Same 10″EP (10``LP)


    Limited ten inch red vinyl pressing. What do you get if you take the frontman (singer/guitarist Jeroen Haamers) of Holland’s rockingest rock & roll – psychobilly band ever, Batmobile, and stick him in a room together with the rhythm section (drummer Bart Nederhand and bassist Bart Geevers) of Holland’s other rockinest rock & roll band ever, Peter Pan Speedrock? Yes indeed… Speedmobile!

    What started out as a one-off, playing Motörhead classics at a Lemmy memorial show at the end of 2018, has turned into a full-time band with brand new material, ready to wreck 2020!

  • The Beast (Coloured)-0

    Henry & The Bleeders - The Beast (Coloured) (10``LP)


    Following their well received 3rd CD album and vinyl 7″ last year, this exciting UK 4-piece Psychobilly band are back with brand new recordings in the shape of a limited edition coloured vinyl 10″ minip.

  • Night Flier / Rainy Season (Picture Disc 10")-0

    BZFOS (Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space) - Night Flier / Rainy Season (Picture Disc 10″) (10``LP)


    Rajoitettu 400 kappaleen painos! Vain muutama!

  • Bonanza 10"EP-0

    Hardwrights / Mad Sin / Pornomat - Bonanza 10″EP (10``LP)

  • Sale! Vs. Dr.Loomis And The Freakies -0

    Delirium Tremens - Vs. Dr.Loomis And The Freakies (10``LP)

    Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €7,50.

    Split album between 2 French Psychobilly bands ( All new songs !) Psycho from East of the France meet Psychos from West of the France in an asylum!!!

  • Sir Psycho 10" EP (Yellow)-0

    Sharks - Sir Psycho 10″ EP (Yellow) (10``LP)


    Re-issue of long since sold-out 7″ from the mid 90s.