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  • Social Distortion - Love & Death (The 1994 Demos) (LP)


    11 out take studio tracks from the ‘White Light, White Heat, White Trash’ sessions…Incredible sound quality and comes in a great sleeve as well.

    See gallery image for full track listing, limited quantity.

    This compilation (c) Waste Management 2023.
    Licensed by SD fan club , Fullerton, California

  • Various - High Voltage Punk – A Tribute To AC/DC (LP)


    Punk legends pay their due respects to one of the longest running, most successful, best loved groups of all-time, AC/DC!

    Features rousing performances by UK Subs, 999, Fear, Skids, Anti-Nowhere League, The Vibrators, The Queers, D.I., Peter And The Test Tube Babies and lots more! Hear these songs cranked to 11 with a heavy jolt of punk rock energy: ”Live Wire,” ”Hell’s Bells,” ”T.N.T.,” ”Highway To Hell,” ”You Shook Me All Night Long” and many more!

  • Reno Divorce - Naysayers & Yesmen (blue)


    Denver, CO based punk/psychobilly band, started in 2001.
    Consisting of: Brent Loveday (lead vocals / lead guitar), Tim Jadowski (bass guitar / vocals), Tye Battistella (rhythm guitar / vocals) and Ruben Patino (drums)

    Originally released 2002. Now first time on vinyl! Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Blue Clear

  • Operation Ivy - Energy (LP)


    2023 re-issue

  • Operation Ivy - Hectic E.P. (LP)


    2023 re-issue

  • Rancid - Tomorrow Never Comes (Eco-mix color vinyl)


    Carrying the same raw energy since their 1991 inception, RANCID has been deemed by Stereogum as ”incapable of making a bad album.” Today, the Berkeley, California, punk stalwarts continue that streak with the announcement of their highly anticipated tenth studio album. ”Tomorrow Never Comes” is due for a June 2 release via Epitaph, produced by longtime collaborator, BAD RELIGION guitarist and Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz.

    Their first new music since 2017’s ”Trouble Maker”, RANCID also shares the exhilarating title track and lead single today. Highlighting their collective ear for melodic rock hooks and catchy, sing-a-long choruses, the song is complete with the familiar wailing guitars and punishing punk rock rhythms that have solidified RANCID as the legends they are.

    At a whopping 850 million catalog streams to date, fans and critics alike seem to agree that RANCID’s brand of high-impact, no-frills punk still flows abundantly in their blood, while easily translating to a modern audience. Now embarking on their tenth full-length effort, this is evident throughout ”Tomorrow Never Comes”. With its sixteen blistering tracks barely making the two-and-a-half-minute mark, the album boasts the same gritty, straight forward punk-with-a-purpose that the world just can’t get enough of.

    On their last studio album, ”Trouble Maker”, Pitchfork explored the band’s themes of ”contemporary political turmoil–blue-collar identity crises, tense demonstrations, the ever-present shadow of the Man — through the prism of their rebellious past, a little more wizened but just as rambunctious as ever.”

    Punk News also raved, ”RANCID makes a radical left turn from the norm, pushing far past the boundaries, not just of punk, but of the traditional rules of music itself, creating the most original sound to come out of any musical artist since Beethoven.”

    Throughout the last three decades, RANCID has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to their community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues, while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend and inspiration to punk bands that have come after.

  • Flogging Molly - Anthem (Gold) (LP)


    Anthem is Flogging Molly’s first album since 2017’s Life Is Good. Anthem is the band’s seventh studio album and sees them reuniting with Steve Albini, who mixed their 2000 album, Swagger. Frontman Dave King states, ”With this record we went back to the basics in a way that I don’t think we could have done if we hadn’t been playing together for over 20 years. I think going back to Chicago and doing this record with Steve made the experience so fun and I really believe you can hear that on the record.”

  • Speedmobile - Supersonic Beat Commando (LP)


    Speedmobile is the result of two of Holland’s “rockinest” rock & roll bands put together.

    The trio Speedmobile consists of Batmobile’s frontman Jeroen Haamers, and Peter Pan Speedrock’s drummer Bart Nederhand and bassist Bart Geevers. What started off as a one-off for a Lemmy tribute, turned into a fulltime band with brand new material. After releasing their EP, it’s time for their full-length debut album.

    This 15-track set is titled Supersonic Beat Commando and consists of 14 self-penned tracks and a fantastic cover version of the rock & roll classic “Train Kept A-Rollin’”.

    An intensive tour will follow the release of this album.

  • Seized Up - Brace Yourself (LP)


    45 RPM, Album, Piss Yellow Cloudy With Red, White And Black Splatter. Limited 500 copies

  • Sale! Suicide Hotline (Ltd)-0

    Rejected - Suicide Hotline (Ltd) (LP)

    Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €5,00.

    Tiukka kotimaine uutuus!! Very limited vinyylipainos!!!

  • Frederiksen Lars - To Victory (LP)


    Pirates Press Records could not be more proud to present this, the first solo recordings from infamous/notorious Rancid frontman Lars Frederiksen. Overflowing with the passion he’s so well known for, these six songs are belted out with the authenticity and power that only Lars could bring to the table.

    The song selection holds deep personal meeting for Lars, as he writes in an inspired and detailed explanation within the packaging. Bringing together and reinventing songs from his other bands, and even including a few covers, it’s quite clear to see how Important this release is for him. Many may remember that the pandemic sidetracked an endeavor to take this gig on the road. While there was one show at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland just before the pandemic, the rest of the concert-going world has been waiting quite some time to see and hear Lars perform in this Billy Bragg inspired fashion. With this album in hand, it’s safe to say you can expect to see Lars take this to fans across the globe… And as fans, we can all hope that this is just the start of more to come!

  • Anti-Flag - 17 Song Demo (Colored Vinyl, Red, Silver) (LP)


    First ever reissue of the legendary 1992 cassette-only, self-released demo from political punk icons Anti-Flag. Includes early versions of the classics ”Drink Drank Punk,” ”F*** Police Brutality,” and ”Red, White & Brainwashed” plus 10 songs not found on the band’s 1996 label debut album. This is punk rock in it’s rawest, roughest and purest form. Includes the special 18th track – a ferocious cover of Mission Of Burma’s ”That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”!

  • Anti-Flag - 20/20 Division (RSD) (LP)


    12×24 printed insert
    RSD 2021 Exclusive

  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones - When God Was Great (LP)


    Since their formation in 1983, the BossToneS have been credited as one of the forefathers of ska punk and the creators of its subgenre, ska-core. With a career spanning over 30-years Boston’s best dressed band has built and continued to build a devoted following with their unique brass-infused brand of punk rock.

    Here with their 11th studio album , When God Was Great , their first for Hellcat Records, produced by Tim Armstrong (of Rancid) and Ted Hutt (of Flogging Molly), and featuring guest artists from the many punk and ska bands that they have influenced.

    The Mighty Mighty BossToneS are vocalist Dicky Barrett, bassist Joe Gittleman, saxophonists Tim “Johnny Vegas” Burton and Leon Silva, Bosstone Ben Carr, drummer Joe Sirois, guitarists Nate Albert and Lawrence Katz, keyboardist John Goetchius, and trombonist Chris Rhodes.

  • Sale!

    Saint - Preach Goddamn It (LP)

    Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €7,50.

    Includes printed insert.

  • Dropkick Murphys - Turn Up That Dial (Pink/Green LP + Bonus 7″ + Bonus Flexi & Signed Poster) (LP)


    Deluxe Edition includes Album, Bonus 7″, and Flexi Discs, with signed 12″x12″ poster.

    Uusi albumi.

  • Dropkick Murphys - Turn Up That Dial (Gold, Ltd) (LP)


    Uusi albumi.

  • Jim Jones Revue - Here To Save Your Soul (Singles Volume One) (LP)


    Aikoja sitten loppuunmyyty albumi. Varastolöytö!

  • Rancid - Vs Operation Ivy – Live In Japan 2007 (45 rpm) (LP)


    Grey splattered version.

  • Sings Elvis-0

    Danzig - Sings Elvis (LP)


    2020 studio album from punk/metal icon and powerhouse vocalist Glenn Danzig paying tribute to his idol and inspiration, Elvis Presley. Features 14 unforgettable interpretations of well-known Elvis classics and unheralded deep cuts that will thrill fans of both of these kings of rock music. Highlights include Danzig’s sinister take on ”Fever” and a truly haunting version of ”Always On My Mind!” Danzig is no stranger to working with American music royalty having written songs for both Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison!

  • White Crosses (180 gram, Silver)-0

    Against Me! - White Crosses (180 gram, Silver) (LP)


    180gr./Insert/750 Numbered Copies On Silver Vinyl

  • Fairweather Friends LP + CD-0

    Reno Divorce - Fairweather Friends LP + CD (LP)


    Only 110 Copies made!

  • Skinners Cage-0

    Big John Bates - Skinners Cage (LP)


    The third album to come from the tireless touring machine that is Big John Bates, Big John Bates: Noirchestra now finds the musician stepping out into slightly different terrain. The songs are less full-on rock attack and more exploring of textures and variations while still working firmly in the Americana Noir genre the band is known for.

    It’s a very good fit having the trio of guitarist Bates, bassist Brandy Bones and drummer Ty-Ty expanded to include violinist RequiEmily, who greatly expands the sonic capacities of the group.

    The 11 tracks include both originals and covers of Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English, Kurt Weil’s Moon of Alabama and Dead Moon Night by Dead Moon.

  • Collectiv-0

    Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind - Collectiv (LP)

  • Sale! Dropout! -0

    Relentless - Dropout! (LP)

    Original price was: €20,00.Current price is: €10,00.

    What is this? Siinä on kontrabassoa, lehmänkelloa, ska-poljentoja, irkkumelodioita, kitarabattleja… Sillisalaatti? No, ei vaan aika mielenkiintonen paketti! Biisi-skaala pitää homman tuoreena ja levyähän jaksaa kuunnella tuhat ja yks kertaa.-Relentless perustettiin Joensuussa 2006 ja Dropout! on bändin kolmas pitkäsoitto. Homma aloitettiin punkabilly-vetoisena triona, mutta nykyisin bändin mielestä on turha yrittääkään kategorisoitua. Se on rokkenrollia, tiukkaa sellasta ja sillä sipuli!!!

  • One Hour Hero LP (ltd colored)-0

    Heartbreak Engines - One Hour Hero LP (ltd colored) (LP)


    No more sadness, no more sorrow! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about time for One Hour Hero”! The HEARTBRAK ENGINES are here again, once more, back and never gone! After two acclaimed long players the time is due for another high profile output of Germany’s number one in authentic Punk Rock`n`Roll. Being welded together by spending countless days on the road destroying stages all over Europe, the band outstands solid as a rock in the sea of today’s quick moving society.”

  • Same-0

    Mings - Same (LP)


    The long awaited debut LP from The Mings is finally here…Dead Ming (Dead Elvis), Bald Ming (Hipbone Slim), Wild Ming (Marky Wildstone)…Give you their savage, mutant Garage Punk sounds with a touch of Surf for good measure…..Sounds like some deranged, mid-60’s Texas Punk…..11 blistering tracks of top notch trash.

    Be warned…this isn’t some weak ass paisley 60’s folk shit pretending to be Punk..This is the real deal. 11 on the Richter scale…….

    Do The Ming !……..

  • Wunderbar + Live In Europe 2018 (2LP)-0

    Living End - Wunderbar + Live In Europe 2018 (2LP) (LP)


    Limited Edition: Wunderbar / Live in Europe 2018′ LP Double Vinyl 12″.

    It is a double vinyl with gatefold cover (Wunderbar disc 1 – straight purple wax, live album disc 2 – black and red wax).

    Each record is signed and numbered and limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Made available at live shows.

    ”Recorded over 3 shows from our ‘18 European tour, we proudly give you our live album as at treat along with our latest studio album “Wünderbar”. From festivals to club shows it was a summer of love for TLE and this recording comes straight off the press with no overdubs or fix ups, just all the blood and sweat that was shed on the night. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did. Loud and clear on vinyl.”

  • Fight the Good Fight-0

    Interrupters - Fight the Good Fight (LP)


    The Interrupters are an L.A. based four-piece bound by their rebel spirit and deep love of punk, rock, ska and 2 Tone.

    They make super high-energy rock -n-roll that’s equal parts catchy and confrontational. ‘Fight The Good Fight’, was produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. The album features front-woman Aimee Inter¬rupter, guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivone and drummer Jesse Bivona, spitting out lyrics that take on matters as thorny as family, friendship, martial law and loyalty, while churning out bounc¬ing rock-steady rhythms and snarly guitar riffs.

  • Olgacoustic -0

    Olga From The Toy Dolls - Olgacoustic (LP)


    Limited 1000 copies.