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  • Teds`n`Arse Vol. 3-0

    Various - Teds ’n’ Arse Volume 3 – Rare Revival 1968-1995 (Käytetty CD)


    Upea jatko! Harvinaisuuksia v. 1963-1995

  • Comet Combo - Race With The Devil (CD)


    6 tracks minced.

  • Manos Wild - A Session For Everyone! (CD)

  • Rockin' Aldo - Baby Bomb (CD)

  • King Drapes - Hot Rock Teds (CD)

  • Rebel Rockers - Sinking Down In The Blues (CD)


    Band Members.
    Colin House – Guitar & Lead Vocals
    Paul Boyer – Lead Guitar
    Buddy Harris – Double Bass
    Kenny Harris – Drums
    Guest Musicians.
    Dave Hockley – Sax & Harmonica
    Jim Hammond – Piano

    Engineer and Mastering – Graham Dominy
    Mixed By The Rebel Rockers
    Recorded at Embassy Studios (Upton Grey)

  • Lucas & The Dynamos - Recharged (CD)

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    Double Six - Ludopated (CD)

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    Teddy Boy band from Spain.

  • Snakebite - Boss On The Street (CD)


    Ruotsin hurjien uusi albumi.

  • Flying Flick Knives - Razor Sharp (CD)


    Uusi tuttavuus Suomesta.

  • Bad Luck & Trouble - Same (CD)


    This story starts out years ago up to days date. The exact time, back in 1997.
    In a small mid-west Swedish town called Arvika, two friends Lars Wermlund and Rolf Andersson started a beginning of an new era with a band called “The Dreadnoughts” British revival rock’n’roll with a Swedish rebel rockin’ touch, that’s how the boys brand their style.

    Now, back in early 2000!
    Rolf wanted to evolve his burning passion for the music. Together with some local musicians Rolf formed the today so well-known and respected band “Snakebite” with Steve Riot on bass guitar in their first lineup.
    Later on Steve switched to rhythm guitar and Lars joined in the band.
    2007, another today big name on the rock’n’roll scene were born. Wild Rooster!

    A band that Lars and Steve formed into what it is today with the amazing guitar player Kim Amberg. Years went by, and as you all know life happens to most of us!!
    Now as we speak it is 2021…

    And the red thread has spiral its way back through maze to the beginning of this story to light another rockin’ wild fire.
    The Devil’s brew has been boiling long enough and are now ready to be served!

  • Ford Sandy (Flying Saucers) - Here On Earth (CD)


    Legendary Sandy Ford from The Flying Saucers has a new 24 track CD ”Here On Earth”.

    It contains 9 new originals from Sandy….a must for all his fans.

  • Evil Teds - Ugly Ducklin’ (CD)


    Uusi albumi.

  • Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers - Cool And Crazy Rockabilly + Bonus (CD)


    Odotettu uudelleen julkaisu bonus biisien kera. Still Crazyn jälkeen tehty albumi.

  • Freddie Fingers Lee - I Am A Nut (CD)


    2 levyä yhdellä cd:llä. Freddie Fingers Lee started out as a guitar player in the 50’s with different skiffle bands. After hearing Jerry Lee Lewis on the radio, he resolved to make the piano his instrument. With his band he moved to Hamburg. At that time Hamburg was the place to be – just remember The Beatles and all the big names of these days were passing through Hamburg. In the early 70’s in the UK a sort of a R’n’R revival came about and Freddie moved back to England. He was a sort of an English answer to Jerry Lee Lewis. All promoters wanted him to put him on the bill. Over the years, Freddie has built up an own stage act. He toured all over Europe and still dies. Freddie Fingers Lee has made many Radio and TV show like Jack Good’s ’Oh Boy’. When Bill Haley came to the UK, Freddie was the first to meet him personally. In 1995, Freddie Fingers Lee went on tour with Bill Haley’s band, The Comets, throughout Europe, including Belgium (which he visited a couple of times). Freddie Fingers Lee is raw, flamboyant, exciting, colourful, brash and humorous. He writes his own songs with own humour and style. On his live gigs, he wears a cowboy hat and a eyepatch (he has only one eye). That’s why they call him ’The one-eyed boogie boy’. Attacking the piano with his feet and other parts of the body, using a paintroller, standing on his head while playing the 88’s, Freddie Fingers Lee is a stage act ’no-one could follow’.

  • Cosh Boys - Rock Is Here To Stay (CD)


    Cosh Boys, the rock and roll band from Finland was formed at 2003 and have various records released during the years by many record companies. Their previous long play album “Those British Sounds” was released by Rebel Music at 2014. Now you have got in your hands the brand new record by boys. It is called “Rock Is Here To Stay” and contains brand new songs, where seven out of twelve are written by band and have a great rockin’ variety on them. There is one tribute kind of song about early English rockin’ group Wild Angels, who have been one of the primus motors for the Cosh Boys’ sound. Also songs about motorcycle death, horror type of saga about Frankenstein’s daughter, songs about sad times and happy too. There is eight rock and roll vocal tracks plus guitar instrumentals written by Cosh Boys. Cover songs are well selected and mostly not the most well known ones. Four out of five of them are also recorded by English artists or groups during the years, though original versions are mostly fro America, so it is easy to see that English flag is well waved by Cosh Boys again. So hit the needle onto the grooves and let your hi-fi blast out some great rockin’ sounds, ‘cause like they say Rock Is Here To Stay !

    Cosh Boys, suomalainen rock and roll yhtye perustettiin vuonna 2003 ja heiltä on vuosien varrella julkaistu useita levyjä eri levy-yhtiöillä. Heidän edellisen pitkäsoittoalbuminsa ”Those British Sounds” julkaisi Rebel Music vuonna 2014. Nyt sinulla on käsissäsi upouusi Cosh Boys levy. Se on nimeltään ”Rock Is Here To Stay” ja se sisältää uusia kappaleita, joista seitsemän kahdestatoista on bändin kirjoittamia ja niissä on monenkirjavaa rock’n’roll meininkiä. Englantilaisesta rock and roll yhtyeestä Wild Angelsista, joka on ollut yksi Cosh Boysin soundin suunnan näyttäjistä, on tehty kunnianosoituksena yksi kappale. Mukana on myös lauluja moottoripyöristä, kauhutyyppistä tarinaa Frankensteinin tyttärestä, lauluja iloisista ja myös surullisista asioista. Mukana on kahdeksan Cosh Boysin kirjoittamaa rock and roll lauluraitaa ja kitara instrumentaalia. Cover kappaleet ovat hyvin valittuja, eivätkä kaikki niitä kaikkein tunnetuimpia. Näistä neljä viidestä on myös englantilaisten artistien tai ryhmien äänittämiä vuosien aikana, vaikkakin alkuperäiset versiot ovat pääosin Amerikasta. On siis helppo huomata, että Cosh Boys musiikki nojaa vahvasti perinteeseen, joka juontaa juurensa 60- luvun alkuvuosien englantilaisesta rock and rollista. Joten laske neula uraan ja anna hifisi paahtaa täysillä, koska kuten he sanovat…Rock Is Here To Stay!

  • Thierry Le Coz - From Teen Kats To Casanova (Käytetty CD)


    Uusintapainos uudella kannella ja remasteroituna.

  • Chargers - Brand New Good Old Days (CD)


    1st Release by this great Rockin’ band from UK

  • Vengeance Pete & Ivan Charm Backed By The Driftstars. - The All New Oh Boy ! Show (CD)

  • Sha Na Na - Woodstock: 20 Years After (CD)


    the original 1969 Woodstock Festival was a defining moment in rock history, it was also a defining moment in the history of Sha Na Na. The group’s appearance – only the eighth in Sha Na Na’s career, followed by the Woodstock album and movie, cemented their reputation and style. ”We did 40 minutes and were paid $350… and the check bounced!” Sha Na Na was the only group at Woodstock without a record deal. Immediately afterwards, they had one and today the group has released eighteen albums in total, with worldwide sales of more than 20 million. Twenty years after that Woodstock performance, Sha Na Na once appeared on a stage at ”Woodstock” Twenty Years After” along with other veterans of the original Woodstock festival including Melanie, Canned Heat, Country Joe MacDonald, Blood, Sweat and Tears. The energy that got them a standing ovation for their rendition of ”At the Hop” (and they were the second to last act before Jimi Hendrix took the stage) This event took place 3,000 miles away at Cal State Dominguez Hills and also included performances by other luminaries from the Woodstock era including Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), It’s A Beautiful Day, Chambers Bros., Iron Butterfly and other rock luminaries.

  • Fenton Graham - And Friends (CD)


    Matchbox laulajan uusi soolo albumi. Taustalla rockabilly genreen parhaat!
    Graham Fenton – Lead Vocals
    Darrel Higham – Guitars
    Pete Pritchard – Bass
    Liam Grundy – Piano
    Russ Chadd – Drums

    Recorded at Embassy Studios January 2022.
    Mixed and Mastered by Graham Dominy
    Produced by Darrel Higham & Graham Dominy

  • Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers - A Rockin Legend (CD)


    Upea albumi. Ennenjulkaisemattomia versioita ja biisejä.
    A collection of 16 previously unheard recordings.
    Collated by Lyndon Needs from his extensive collection of tapes, demos and homemade recordings.
    Covering the years 1972 to the band’s last recording in September 2021
    The Album also features Cavan’s interview with Jools Holland in 2015

  • Boppers - White Lightning (CD)


    2022 The Boppers celebrate 45 years as a band with a brand-new album.

    On ”White Lightning” they kind of find themselves back at the start again even if it also means opening new doors.
    They”ve collaborated closely with Sulo (singer and front man of Diamond Dogs), musical friend Eva Eastwood (Swedish rockabilly/country star) on the songwriting and let legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg (The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies etc) set the sound.

    It kicks off with a riotous cover of Chris Speddings 1975 gem ”Motorbikin”” and that sets the bar high for the rest.
    But no one will get disappointed. ”White Lightning” is an album that shows a band spreading their 45 years of duty and musical knowledge.
    Chris Spedding returns the favor by joining them on a Gene Vincent twangy guitar on ”Teddyboy”s Are Back”.

    The Boppers pay their tribute to punk by turning the Generation-x cover ”King Rocker” into a jungle hop and Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters put his mark on the 60”s colored ”Callous Rain” and ”Motorbikin” with fiery solos.

    ”White Lightning” is an album where The Boppers prove that they still are a band that matters.
    It’s an album for old fans as much as for beginners.

    45 years down the road they sound hungrier and more furious than ever.
    They keep carrying the torch of original rock n roll with pride and it shines as bright as ever before.

    RELEASE DATE: JULY, 01. 2022

  • The Albums 1979-82 (4CD Boxset)-0

    Matchbox - The Albums 1979-82 (4CD Boxset) (CD)


    • Disc 1 is their self-titled debut for the label which reached No. 44 in the UK chart. It contains the hit singles ‘Rockabilly Rebel’ (No.18) and ‘Buzz Buzz A Diddle It’ (No.22) as well as the non-charting ‘Black Slacks’. Now comes with four bonus tracks including two recorded under the name of Cyclone.

    • The second disc is 1980’s “Midnite Dynamos” album which reached No.23 in the British charts. The title track gave the band a No.14 hit single and the album also includes the No.4 smash ‘When You Ask About Love’. The eight bonus cuts include the No.15 hit ‘Over The Rainbow/You Belong To Me’ as well as two ultra-rare Japanese only singles, ‘I’m A Lover Man’ and ‘Little Lonely Girl’.

    • Disc 3 is the “Flying Colours” album which contained the hit singles ‘Babe’s In The Wood’ (No.46) and ‘Love’s Made A Fool Of You’ (No.63).

    • The final disc is the 1982 LP “Crossed Line”, released here on CD for the first time. It features the No.63 hit single ‘One More Saturday Night’ plus their collaboration with the late Kirsty MacColl on ‘I Want Out’.

    • Housed in a sturdy clam shell box, each disc comes in a card wallet depicting the original LP art on the front. The 20 page booklet comes complete with in-depth liner notes plus pictures of all relevant singles sleeves and memorabilia.

  • Darts - The Albums 1977-81 (4CD Boxset) (CD)


    4 albumia kera bonuksien.

  • Alvin Stardust - The Magnet Albums (3CD Set) (CD)


    • A 3CD 54 track round up of everything recorded by 70s Glamster Alvin Stardust for Magnet Records

    • Disc 1 features Alvin’s debut album which reached No.4 in the UK charts. Includes the world-wide chart smash ‘My Co Ca Choo’ (UK No.2, Germany No.3, Australia No.1) plus his sole BriRsh chart topper ‘Jealous Mind’ which also hit No.5 in Germany.

    • The second disc contains his self Rtled No.37 charRng album. Featuring the UK hit singles ‘Red Dress’ (No.7), ‘You You You’ (No.6) and ‘Tell Me Why’ (No.16) plus, among the seven bonus tracks, the No.11 smash hit ‘Good Love Can Never Die’.

    • The final disc is the ‘Rock With Alvin’ album from 1975 which now comes compete with 11 bonus tracks made up of non LP singles including the previously German-only 45 ‘Sweet Li^le Rock ‘N’ Roller’ which makes its debut on this release.

    • Phil Hendriks has supplied in-depth liner notes and the booklet also contains stacks of picture sleeves from across the globe plus memorabilia from the era.

  • Mud - The Albums 1975-1979 (4CD Boxset) (CD)


    • 62 track 4 CD clamshell box set covering the albums recorded by ‘70s legends Mud
    between 1975 and 1979.

    • Disc One is 1975’s ‘Use Your Imagination’ album which reached #33 in the UK charts. It features the Top 10 singles ‘L’L’ Lucy’ (#19 in Germany) and ‘Show Me You’re A Woman’ (#43 in Germany).

    • The second disc is the ‘It’s Better Than Working!’ album which contains the singles ‘Beating Round The Bush’ and ‘Nite On The Tiles’ (#37 in Germany). Among the bonus tracks is the UK #7 smash hit ‘Lean On Me’ (#44 in Germany) and the #12 hit ‘Shake It Down’ (#45 in Germany).

    • 1978’s ‘Rock On’ album can be found on Disc Three which features the 45s ‘Slow Talking Boy’, ‘Cut Across Shorty’ ‘Drift Away’ and ‘Just Try (A Little Tenderness)’.

    • The final disc is the band’s last studio album, ‘As You Like It’ which includes the ‘You’ll Like It’ and ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love / Book Of Love’ singles. Among the bonus tracks are two rare singles recorded under the name of Roly which appear for the first time on CD.

    The booklet contains detailed liner notes by ‘70s expert Phil Hendriks plus repros of relevant sleeves from around the globe.

  • Spunyboys - Moonshine (CD)


    Vihdoinkin uusi albumi supersuositulta teddy-revival bändilta Ranskasta. Eikä siinä vielä kaikki, kun samaan aikaan julkaistaan toinen albumi Just A Lille Beat. MAHTAVUUTTA!

  • Evil Teds - Same (CD)


    Uusi teddy boy-revival bändi ranskasta.

  • Big Black Cadillac - Boppin’ and Shakin’ (CD)


    Big Black Cadillac originally formed in 2008.

    A four piece band hailing from the UK, the band is now almost back to the original line up, playing Rockabilly music in a wild and enthusiastic manner.
    Their first album Let’s Get Reckless was almost all original self penned tracks.
    With Boppin’ & Shakin’, Big Black Cadillac have now returned to their rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll roots and recorded some of their favourite tracks, along with two original instrumentals written by their new guitarist Danny Gillies.