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  • Cody Jinks - Adobe Sessions 2LP (LP)


    Vinyl LP pressing. Cody Jinks’ credible grit and meaningful tattoos are no fad. They define exactly who he really is: someone who was raised on the sounds of country music and metal. Ultimately, Jinks found himself back to where it all began. His father loved the outlaw country icons: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and The Hag. That never ending consistency of incredible music growing up laid some very deep seeds and those early influences shine through his music. Jinks’ beloved 2015 album Adobe Sessions, his fourth overall, is available on vinyl for the first time with bonus track ”Fast Lane” and Side-D etching. ”In 2015 a great crop of fresh faces in country and Americana arose on many people’s radars,” writes Country Perspective. ”Hands down one of the best artists to emerge amongst this group was Cody Jinks…[His] 2015 album Adobe Sessions felt like the awaited breaking out of the next big star in the independent country scene. The album is full of traditional country, plenty of steel guitar and ballads on life and love.”

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  • Watson Johnny Guitar - A Real Mother For Ya (180 gram, crystal clear) (LP)


    The multi-talented Johnny “Guitar” Watson was known for his guitar skills and was one of the hottest blues artists during the 1950s. His 1977 funk album A Real Mother For Ya produced the same titled international hit song and features “Nothing Left To Be Desired” and “Lover Jones”. Also included is the 2020 Ben Liebrand Oldskool mix as a bonus track, which was not available on the original album. During his career, Johnny “Guitar” Watson influenced Jimi Hendrix amongst others and earned a Grammy nomination for best contemporary blues album. Sadly Johnny “Guitar” Watson passed away while touring Japan in 1996. A Real Mother For Ya is available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on crystal vinyl

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  • Parker Junior - Like It Is / Honey-Drippin’ Blues (CD)


    Junior Parker’s two albums for Mercury Records, dating from 1967 and 1969. Parker’s driving blues made him a force to be reckoned with, with his distinctive vocals and harmonica style. Sadly he was cut down in his prime, dying during surgery for a brain tumour in 1971. Digitally remastered and slipcased. New notes.

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  • Various - Stax Country (CD)


    As part of Stax’s year-long, 60th anniversary celebration, this collection of long-lost gems from the latter days of the Stax empire, Stax Country highlights the Memphis soul label’s effort to branch out into country music. Although the majority of the tunes on this album never made it to the radio waves, the tracks here stand as a unique time capsule of early 70s country. Includes new liner notes by country biographer and Tony-award winning playwright Colin Escott.

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  • Teddy & The Tigers - Dancing Shoes – The Complete Masters Collection 1977-1980 (3-CD) (CD)



    Tässä kaikki Teddy & the Tigersin vuosina 1977-1980 julkaisemat äänitteet, yhteensä 79 kappaletta joista 24 on aiemmin CD:llä julkaisemattomia. Tämän keravalaistrion rooli 1950-luvun rock ’n’ rollin nousussa hetkeksi Suomessa mittavaksi muoti-ilmiöksi oli merkittävä ja yhtye myi lyhyessä ajassa lähes 100.000 levyä.

    Tamperelaisen levykaupppiaan Epe Heleniuksen vastaperustettu levy-yhtiö Poko Rekords julkaisi Tigersin Boppin’ –nimisen LP:n toukokuussa 1978, samanaikaisesti Eppu Normaalin debyyttialbumin kanssa. Boppin’ -levyn menestys antoi Pokolle lentävän lähdön. Levyn tuottoja investoitiin paitsi Eppu Normaaliin ja Popedaan myös Tigersin vielä jouluksi 1978 ilmestyneeseen toiseen albumiin Burn It Up, mikä räjäytti pankin lopullisesti. Levyn avauskappale Tiger Twist muodostui paitsi Tigersin, koko suomalaisen 1950-lukubuumin epäviralliseksi tunnuskappaleeksi, ja lennätti LP:n yli 35 000:n rockabillystä innostuneen suomalaisnuoren kotiin.

    Käytyään managerinsa Kari Heimosen johdolla syksyllä 1978 Lontoossa opintomatkalla katsomassa sen aikaisia brittiläisiä teddy boy -bändejä Tigers päätti kolmannella levyllään Rock-A-Billy Rebel hylätä balladit ja teinipopit ja sukeltaa rockabillyn rujoille alkulähteille. Omana aikanaankin suurelle yleisölle tuntemattomaksi jääneiltä artisteilta löydetyt primitiiviset lainabiisit olivat täysin uusia paitsi Tigersille, myös yhtyeen suomalaiselle yleisölle.

    Tukholmassa äänitetty ja toukokuussa 1979 ilmestynyt Rock-A-Billy Rebel –LP, saman vuoden syksyllä julkaistu Tiger Tracks sekä typistetyllä Tigers-nimellä tehty viides ja viimeinen albumi White Hot Rock (1980) ovat nyt julkaistavan uuden kokoelman kiehtovinta sisältöä siksi, etteivät ne ole olleet aiemmin saatavilla CD-muodossa. Nykyvinkkelistä kuunneltuna varsinkin Rock-A-Billy Rebel paikantuu kadonneeksi helmeksi. Se on suomalaisen kevyen musiikin historiassa ensimmäinen kokonainen albumi, jolla asiaan vihkiytynyt yhtye pyrkii soittamaan rockabillyä kutakuinkin niin kuin sitä soitettiin yli 20 vuotta aikaisemmin 1950-luvun Yhdysvaltain syvässä Etelässä; primitiivisesti ja ilman tukeutumista 1970-lukuisen listapopin soundeihin tai tuotannollisiin ideaaleihin.

    Dancing Shoes – The Complete Masters Collection 1977-1980 ei ole aikamatka sen paremmin amerikkalaisen kuin suomalaisen 1950-luvun kuvitteellisiin viattomuuden vuosiin. Sen sijaan nämä äänitteet tarjoavat – kuulijasta riippuen – nostalgisen tai eriskummallisen kurkistusreiän Kekkoslandian ajan kadonneeseen Suomeen, ja erääseen sen harvoista vaihtoehtoisista teinielämäntavoista.

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  • Rhum Runners - Kick The Gong! (CD)


    Hieno albumi. Exotic Rock`n`Roll as it´s best! Real nice artwork by Mr. Marcel Bontempi.

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  • Johnson Wilko - I Keep It To Myself / The Best Of Wilko Johnson (2LP) (LP)


    2017 release. Continuing his association with the reactivated Chess imprint, the label that issued so many of the tunes that inspired him in his youth, I Keep It To Myself – The Best Of Wilko Johnson draws together 25 tracks recorded between 2008 and 2012 by the legendary guitarist and songwriter with backing largely provided by Norman Watt-Roy (bass) and Dylan Howe (drums), the same rhythm section that performed on Wilko’s enormously successful Going Back Home album with Roger Daltrey.

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  • Various - Hillbillies In Hell: Country Music’s Tormented Testament (1952-1974) Deluxe Edition (CD)


    Hillbillies In Hell: Country Music’s Tormented Testament (1952-1974) Largely unknown and unheralded, this collection of Hell-Bound Hayseeds will come as a revelation. Mostly cut on microscopic or private-press labels and distributed in minuscule amounts, these Tortured Troubadours tell of torments, temptations and tumults – Satan, drugs, murder, suicide, demonic visions, infanticide and redemption.


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  • Movie - Rock! Rock! Rock! (1956) DVD+ 2CD (DVD)


    This pioneering 1956 Rock ’n’ Roll film features disc jockey and impresario Alan Freed introducing performances by Chuck Berry, La Vern Baker, Johnny Burnette and Frankie Lymon. A must see for all fans of Rock ’n’ Roll music. Featuring a youthful Tuesday Weld who later appeared opposite Elvis in Wild In The Country, the film is an American time capsule featuring stunning performances from many rock artists .

    Also included are two CD compilations with 60 original remastered hits: CD1 captures the thirty key songs that made Rock ’n’ Roll great, from it’s roots to The Beatles and CD2 includes thirty Rock ’n’ Roll hits from the movies of the ’50s and ’60s. Featuring original recordings from Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, The Four Seasons and The Beatles

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  • Spellbound - New Blood (Ltd, Numbered, Green Marbled) (LP)


    Irlantilaisbändin uutukainen. Bändin paras ! Hieno sekoitus Psychobillyä ja Rockabillyä!

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  • Various - I am The Blues (DVD)


    I AM THE BLUES takes the audience on a musical journey through the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta and Moonshine soaked BBQs in the North Mississippi Hill Country. The film visits blues musicians rooted in the genre’s heyday, many in their 1980s, still living in the American deep south and touring the Chitlin’ Circuit. Let Bobby Rush, Barbara Lynn, Henry Gray, Carol Fran, Little Freddie King, Lazy Lester, Bilbo Walker, Jimmy ”Duck” Holmes, RL Boyce, LC Ulmer, Lil’ Buck Sinegal and their friends awaken the blues in all of us.

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  • Hillbilly Casino - Red, White & Bruised (Blue with purple splatter) (LP)


    Uusin ja kuudes Hillbilly Casino albumi. Taattua menoa Nashvillestä Neo-rockabillystä kantrin kautta myös perinteisempään rockabillyyn.

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  • Nelson Ricky - Sing, Ricky, Sing! (10``LP)


    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – Limited collector’s edition.

    • 10inch LP (limited edition – colored vinyl)
    • 10 tracks. Unique 10inch in our 11000 collectors series
    • Reproduction of the extremely rare original album cover
    • Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl 

    The original 10-inch LP was probably released in 1960 (only in Japan!) and contained eight tracks from Ricky’s successful early years, recorded for the Imperial label. 
    Girls were probably on the ballads at that time, but boys and rockers liked the fast ones, especially those with James Burton on the guitar. In retrospect, these recordings appear like instrumental blueprints for successors such as Shakin’ Stevens.

    In Japan, too, Ricky Nelson was very popular in those days. From a selection  of three, or four known 10“LP releases, we have chosen the one with the most beautiful cover design,  and we added two bonus tracks, also from the period 1958 – 1960. One Of These Mornings, a grim rocker, has rarely been re-released.

    The newly mastered recordings together with the carefully restored cover provide a much better price-performance ratio than the extremely expensive originals!

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  • Various - A Tribute To Gene Vincent – A Piece At A Time (10``LP)


    A great looking and sounding Tribute to Gene Vincent; 12 rockin’ recordings featuring the previously unissued title track along with more from Gene and from those who admire him.

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  • Golliwogs - Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 (LP)


    John and Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford… CCR, right? Yes, but pre-Creedence they were the Golliwogs, a rockin’ Bay Area band who gradually saw John take over songwriting duties from brother Tom. Their only collection boasts A- and B-sides as well as recordings that went unreleased at the time. Their regional hit rendition of ”Brown-Eyed Girl” joins ”Fight Fire,” ”Try Try Try,” ”Where You Been,” ”You Got Nothin’ on Me,” ”She Was Mine,” ”Tell Me,” ”Little Tina,” ”Fragile Child” and more on CD or double vinyl!

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  • Golliwogs - Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 (CD)


    John and Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford… CCR, right? Yes, but pre-Creedence they were the Golliwogs, a rockin’ Bay Area band who gradually saw John take over songwriting duties from brother Tom. Their only collection boasts A- and B-sides as well as recordings that went unreleased at the time. Their regional hit rendition of ”Brown-Eyed Girl” joins ”Fight Fire,” ”Try Try Try,” ”Where You Been,” ”You Got Nothin’ on Me,” ”She Was Mine,” ”Tell Me,” ”Little Tina,” ”Fragile Child” and more on CD or double vinyl!

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  • Fia Sco & The Majestics - Icebear! / Shame On You (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


    Two great Songs from Fia Sco & The Majestics – female led hillbilly music from the hills of Austria!

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  • Long Tall Texans - Five Beens In The Wheel 2LP (Red) (LP)


    Varastolöytö 2 kpletta! STIIL SEALED / MUOVEISSA. Uusintapainos gatefold kansissa ja tuplana.

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