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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis A Boy from Tupelo – The Complete 1953-55 Recordings (3CD+BOOK) (Käytetty CD)


    ”Kaikki Elviksen SUN aikojen äänitykset vuosilta 1953-1955. Eli kaikki studio äänitykset, sekä kaikki hyvä tasoiset radio ja live nauhoitukset. Mukana on myös kymmenen ennenjulkaisematonta levytystä!!!

    Kirjassa on sivuja 512 ja yli 500 kuvaa, joista 200 ennenjulkaisemattomia. KIRJA/CD paketti on LP levyn kokoinen paketti!! VIELÄ MUUTAMA JÄLJELLÄ!!!

    Disc 1 tracks 1-4: Elvis Presley: guitar, vocals

    All other recordings (except when noted):

    Elvis Presley: guitar, vocals; Scotty Moore: electric guitar; Bill Black: bass

    Disc 1 track 13: possibly Buddy Cunningham: brushes on snare drum

    Disc 1 track 19 and disc 2 tracks 34-35: Jimmie Lott: drums

    Disc 1 tracks 20, 22-23 and Disc 2 tracks 36-41: Johnny Bernero: drums

    Disc 1 track 27: Chet Atkins: guitar; Grady Martin: guitar; Henry Strzelecki: bass; Buddy Harman: drums; Charlie McCoy: harmonica; Anita Kerr Singers: backing vocals

    Disc 3 tracks 5-7 & 10-13: Sonny Trammel: steel guitar; Leon Post: piano

    Disc 3 tracks 14-19 & 25: Jimmy Day: steel guitar; Floyd Cramer: piano”

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  • Presley Elvis - Such A Night In Pearl Harbor 1961 (CD + Book) (Käytetty CD)


    JOS AIKAKONE OLISI KEKSITTY, NIIN TÄMÄ OLISI SE KONSERTTI, JOSSA HALUAISIN OLLA PAIKALLA!! ELVIS LIVENÄ V. 1961 WOW! MITÄ BIISEJÄ!! Nyt paremmilla soundeilla kuin koskaan aikaisemmin, sekä mukana myös upea 100 sivuinen kirja!

    Memphis Recording Service in association with JAT Productions will release the next Elvis Presley titled ’Such A Night in Pearl Harbor’ in March 2012. It will contain a completely new re-mastered CD of Elvis’ performance of the benefit concert recorded at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25th 1961 to aid of the USS Arizona Memorial Fund. The quality is of this concert is far superior than anything of this ever released before and will now be considered, one of the best Elvis concert recordings up until that time. Amazing samples of this will be available in the coming week.Elvis performs 15 songs and sings every one as if it were the first time he had ever presented them to an audience. This includes many #1 hits and includes classics that were never performed previously or again such as ’A Fool Such As I’, ’I Need Your Love Tonight’ and more.Also included for the first time ever, is the 30 minute radio broadcast from Hawaii a week before Elvis’ arrival. It promoted the concert for the memorial fund, playing selected tracks from Elvis’ Christmas and ’His Hand in Mine’ album, released at that time including words by Elvis Presley.As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 100 page hard back book that contains many rare photographs with extensive and informative linear notes detailing Elvis’ arrival and performance in Hawaii.

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  • Presley Elvis - Our Memories Of Elvis 2CD (CD)


    Klassikko albumit 1 & 2 sekä uusi täysin ennenjulkaisematonta oleva osa 3 = CD2. Pure Elvis ilman dubbauksia.

    Our Memories Of Elvis is a 2-Disc 5″ version of the original albums, with …

    an added bonus of the previously unreleased Volume 3 LP master tape, as well as
    six more cuts that series producer Joan Deary had prepared at the time.
    This will come with a 12-page booklet of memorabilia and photos.

    The ’undubbed’ Elvis has always been a favourite with many fans, and listening to these again, is an experience full of pleasant surprises.

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  • Presley Elvis - 3000 South Paradise Road 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    ”Ennenjulkaisematonta harjoitusmatskua vuodelta 1972, sekä ennenjulkaisematon konsertti samaan harjoitukseen liittyen. 7″ Single koteloon pakattuna!!

    3000 South Paradise Road in a 2 disc 7″ ’Classic Album’ format with a 16-page booklet. This release takes a closer look at Elvis’ engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton with a soundboard recording in August of 1972. The main disc is from the dinner show on August 12, and the second disc is culled from the rehearsals on August 4th, the date of the opening of the engagement. As with ’48 Hours To Memphis’, this release has been prepared by Robert Frieser and Hans Slebos, who once again has done a fabulous job of collecting information and materials for the project. There will be additional information in the next few weeks.’3000 South Paradise Road’ provides a unique experience of Elvis rehearsing, 6 hours before the opening night at the Las Vegas Hilton on August 4, 1972. As disc 2 is captured on a personal tape recorder, the sonic quality is below standards, but historical significance more than compensates for its audio limitations.

    Disc 1 SHOW is a soundboard recording. Recorded live at The Las Vegas Hilton August 12, 1972. Midnight show.

    Disc 2 The Rehearsal; Recorded live on a cassette recorder at the Las Vegas Hilton August 4, 1972 rehearsal.”

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  • Long Tall Texans - Adventures (LP)


    Aikoja sitten loppuunmyyty albumi. Varasto löytö 3 kpletta!!!

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  • Presley Elvis - Another Saturday Night-Shreveport 1975 (CD)


    If one place is to be picked as the most important in the career of Elvis Presley, it is without doubt Shreveport in the northwest part of Louisiana. The exposure that Elvis got through the radio broadcast of The Louisiana Hayride in 1954-56 was one of the key factors of establishing the early part of his career. With the exception of Las Vegas, there is no place where Elvis played more shows, and his return to the city in 1975 was like a homecoming to both Elvis and the many fans he had there since he started out. We have chosen to release the soundboard from the evening show of June 7 – definitely a show that Elvis and the audience truly enjoy, and with a great set list featuring old and new favourites. The CD comes in a 5 digipack with an eight-page booklet featuring photos from the June 1975 tour. * Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis. June 10th 1975, A/S

    ** Municipal Auditorium, Mobile. June 2nd 1975, A/S

    *** University of Alabama Coliseum, Tuscaloosa. June 3rd 1975, E/S”

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  • Presley Elvis - From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tennessee (2CD) Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    ”Legendaarinen albumi vuodelta 1976.

    Recorded February 2-7, 1976 at Elvis’ home Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee.Guitar: James Burton, Bill Sanford (’Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain’), John Wilkinson, Charlie Hodge; Bass: Jerry Scheff, Norbert Putnam (’Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain’); Drums: Ronnie Tutt; Piano: Glen D. Hardin; Piano & Electric Piano: David Briggs, Bobby Emmons (’Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain’); Vocals: Kathy Westmoreland, Myrna Smith, J.D. Sumner & The StampsOverdubs: Guitar: Chip Young; Bass: Dennis Linde; Congas & Timpani: Farrell Morris; Moog Synthesizer: Shane Keister; Vocals: Wendellyn Suits, Dolores Edgin, Hurshel WigintonA & R/Producer: Felton JarvisExecutive producer: Elvis Presley Director of engineering: Larry Schnap Recording engineers: Brian Christian, Tom Brown, Ron Olson, Al Pachucki and Tom PickRecording technician: Roy ShockleyCompilation produced and art directed by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen and Roger SemonMastered by Vic AnesiniCompiled by Jean-Marc Juilland”

    From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee on Elvis Presleyn toukokuussa 1976 julkaistu albumi, joka äänitettiin hänen kotonaan Gracelandissa. Levy saavutti Billboard 200 -listan sijan 41, minkä lisäksi se nousi Country Albums -listan kärkeen.

    Albumin kannessa on teksti Recorded Live (Äänitetty livenä), mutta levy ei ole konserttiäänite, vaan studiolive.

    Elvis Presley – laulu, kitara
    David Briggs – piano, sähköpiano
    James Burton – kitara
    Dolores Edgin – taustalaulu
    Bobby Emmons – taustalaulu
    Glen D Hardin – piano
    Charlie Hodge – kitara
    Shane Keister – syntetisaattori
    Dennis Linde – basso
    Farrell Morris – lyömäsoittimet
    Norbert Putnam – basso
    Billy Sanford – kitara
    Jerry Scheff – basso
    Myrna Smith – taustalaulu
    Wendellyn Suits – taustalaulu
    JD Sumner & The Stamps – taustalaulu
    Ronnie Tutt – rummut
    Kathy Westmoreland – taustalaulu
    Hurschel Wiginton – taustalaulu
    John Wilkinson – kitara
    Chip Young – kitara

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  • Mad Sin - 25 Years – Still Mad (Ltd. Edition CD + DVD) (Käytetty CD)


    UPEA DIGI PAKETTI! TOIMII!!! DVD+CD and CD+DVD are exactly the same product. Only the packaging is different. So don’t be confused… MAD SIN are back!!! 25 Years – Still Mad” – the band’s first ever DVD release!!! ’25 Years – Still Mad’ is a near complete audio-visual celebration of Mad Sin’s hard-fought rise to mainstream album chart success, doing it entirely their own way, a fitting tribute to a band that have fought adversity every step of the way and still came out swinging. The audio CD/DVD set contains 166 minutes video + 78 minutes audio, featuring their anniversary show in Berlin, interviews, previously unreleased rare footage from 1987, video clips from earlier singles, a tour documentary, private tapes and a photo slideshow.”

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  • Cole Jerry and his Spacemen - Surf Age (CD)




    ”Could anything be better than surf music played by crazed spacemen? Not likely! And here’s the proof: guitar-wrangler Jerry Cole and His Spacemen’s stupidly rare 1964 LP,Surf Age! While most of Cole’s albums were cranked out at the astounding pace, Surf Age, his second LP for Capitol Records, was by comparison a production of epic proportions For the sessions, Cole and his hand-picked all-star crew of LA studio cats labored to create an album unlike any other, an endlessly inventive amalgam of surf and `60s pop The original liner notes say it most eloquently: One listen to the music of Jerry Cole and His Spacemen will tell you that theirs is the sound of the SURF AGE! Their beat is as dynamic as tomorrow’s crashing waves; their instrumental blend is as fresh and modern as tomorrow night’s surfing dance party; their tunes are definitely for swingin’ moderns.”

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  • Chatham County Line - Sight & Sound 2LP+DVD (LP)


    One summer evening in downtown Raleigh, NC, Chatham County Line set up shop at a stately theater filled with hundreds of their most devoted fans and captured for the ages what they do best: gathering around a single microphone to play and sing their own songs.

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  • Two Dollar Pistols - With Tift Merritt (LP)


    ”In 1999, The Two Dollar Pistols frontman John Howie, Jr. and North Carolina native, Tift Merritt, joined forces to try out some country duets they were working on – and more than a decade later, Yep Roc Records is releasing the album on vinyl. After performing the songs to an enthusiastic audience at Chapel Hill venue Local 506, the duo decided to record a seven-song EP. The Two Dollar Pistols and Tift Merritt paid tribute to country greats and duet partners held in high esteem, as well as introduced John and Tift’s first two songs penned together. The EP includes ”Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last,” originally recorded and written by George Jones and Melba Montgomery, Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton’s classic ”Just Someone I Used to Know”, and ”One Paper Kid” as recorded by Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris. With ”If Only You Were Mine” and ”Counting the Hours,” John and Tift made a first indelible mark on the duet tradition with their own compositions.”

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  • Ventures - Super Psychedelics (180 gram) (LP)


    Gatefold kuten alkuperäisessäkin painoksessa v. 1967.

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  • Mad Dog Cole (Ex. Krewmen) - Son Of Satan (CD)


    Toinen soolo albumi! After one of the most surprising comebacks in recent Psychobilly history back in 2007, all things MadDog Cole have been quite quiet for the last five-or-so years. Gossiped to be lost again beyond the Psychobilly horizon and rumoured straying from the path of rockin’ (dis)grace, it’s now safe to say that the former Krewmen lead singer just took his time to work on the material for his follow-up release and to recruit a line up that works best with him.Son Of Satan consists of twelve brand new tunes recorded at Western Star Studio, with Alan Wilson himself responsible for the perfect production and the final touches of the sound. The whole affair impresses with an ever-present straightforward Psychobilly feel on the full album, solid variations of the theme and healthy changes in speed with arguably one of the most remarkable voices of the genre always in the thick of the action.Saying all that this is rather the lost album of the McMillan/Cole era than a 21st century product of traditional Psychobilly tones, spiced up with a fat rhythm section that now also features Mark’s former old band mate Dominic Parr back on drums, decent sharp and twangy guitaring by newly acquired Lee Gorrïnge, catchy melodies and a super tight sound all over the place.Songs like The Darkness, Son Of Satan, Better Off Dead, Did I Make You Scared and Captain Black cement that this Crazy Love release is not only an essential part in this year’s Psychobilly panorama but a clear message to all them disbelievers that you can be sure… that the mental MadDog’s back!”.”

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  • Presley Elvis - G.I. Blues Vol 1 – Special Edition 2CD (FTD) (CD)


    Eka osa G.I. Blues elokuvan matskua. PAREMMILLA SOUNDEILLA KUIN IKINÄ!! Ja upea kirjanen! 7 single pakkaus!!”

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  • Various - The Wildest Live Show At Weber`s (CD)


    Live taltionti joulukuulta 2011. Hyvä soundista Live materiaalia…

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