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  • Bonsai Kitten - Occupy Yourself (white) (Käytetty LP/12)


    Killbilly since 2007! The Berlin outfit Bonsai Kitten will release their 3rd full length album Occupy Yourself!” in February of 2014. This record is a call for liberation, change and revolt, starting with a revolution in your own head. After the release of their debut EP in 2007 for the Japanese market only, their first and second longplayer ”Done With Hell” and ”Welcome To My World” came out via Wolverine Records. Since then Bonsai Kitten toured Europe excessivly and played international festivals. The feisty foursome regularily stages drama-packed live sets, bursting at the seams with explosive energy. Tiger Lilly Marleen, Highko Strom, Krczycz and Alexx Delarge are a street-smart force to be reckoned with! Bonsai Kitten will be your new favorite band!

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  • Hola Ghost - Chupacabra (Käytetty CD)


    Kööpenhaminan gringot” ovat omaksuneet meksikolaisen perinnemusiikin, ja yhdistäneet siihen psychobillyä. Yhdistelmä on nerokas, ja pirun hauskan kuuloinen. Bändissä vaikuttaa myös kaksi entistä Nekromantix-jäsentä, Peter ja Kristian Sandorff, joten soittotaito on ainakin kohdillaan.”

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  • Presley Elvis - Sweet Home Alabama (2CD) (Käytetty CD)


    Finally out now is the 2 CD set Sweet Home Alabama”.

    After a quick sell-out of our first title ”Goin´ Back To Houston” and again with a little help from our friends at ”Audionics” – probably THE premium and still active label when it comes to rare recordings in best possible sound – we decided once more to pick two shows from ”Tour Number 14” (May 30 – June 10, 1975). On this brandnew double-cd set (Release Date: January 15, 2013) you are going to hear both concerts Elvis did right after a couple of great ”warm up”-concerts in Huntsville, AL. Elvis then went on for Concerts number 6 and 7 of ”Tour Number 14”. Both shows took place in Mobile, Alabama. And the town went nuts for The ”King”. As a matter of fact everybody had to admit that Elvis might have been the only entertainer in 1975 who was able to play a sold out crowd on a Monday afternoon! Both Mobile-Shows have been released before, the afternoon performance even came out by the legendary ”Madison”-Label. Anyhow if you have missed the show´s first releases from approximately 10 years ago or if you want to owe them in even better sound than before plus exactly the way they were recorded (without the standard ”2001 Theme / See See Rider” opening) you should not miss this great new double cd! You can also expect a great booklet full of photos and information including newspaper articles and original paperwork.”

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  • Movie (Jerry Lee Lewis, Mamie Van Doren...) - High School Confidential (DVD)


    High School Confidential

    (Black & White)

    Starring: Russ Tamblyn, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jan Sterling, John Drew Barrymore, Mamie van Doren, Diane Jergens

    Director: Jack Arnold

    Genre: Detective Film

    Theatrical Date: 1958

    Original Language: English

    Run Time: 85  Minutes

    aka: High School Confidential

    Flags: Not For Children

    Studio: Republic Pictures



    Producer Albert Zugsmith serves up another all-star expose with High School Confidential. Delivering a superb performance under the circumstances, Russ Tamblyn heads the cast as typical” high-schooler Tony Baker. Usually seen in the company of his voluptuous ”aunt” Gwen Dulaine (the truly impressive Mamie Van Doren), Tony convinces one and all that he’s looking for kicks of the controlled-substance kind. In truth, however, our hero is really an undercover narcotics agent named Mike Wilson, bound and determined to smash the operation of drug lord Mr. A. (Jackie Coogan). The once-in-a-lifetime cast includes such worthies as John Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s daddy), Ray Anthony (then married to Mamie Van Doren), Charles Chaplin Jr., Michael Landon and Jerry Lee Lewis as ”Himself.” This updated Reefer Madness is not to be missed! ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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  • May Imelda - Tribal (Käytetty CD)


    Uusi albumi! Upea albumi!! Toimii taas ihan kybällä!

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  • Burnette Johnny - And The Rock`n`Roll Trio LP (180 gram) (LP)



    • One of the first and maybe the greatest rockabilly LP ever!
    • Includes The Train Kept A’Rollin’ – later recorded by the Yardbirds, Aerosmith and many others!
    • Includes many of the greatest guitar solo from the early days of rock ‘n’ roll!

    Johnny Burnette died in 1964 after scoring several pop hits in the early Sixties, including Dreamin’, You’re Sixteen, and Little Boy Sad. If, in the days or weeks before his death, he had been asked how he would be remembered, he would probably have said for those hits or for the songs he’d written for Ricky Nelson. And he would have been wrong. Today, Johnny Burnette is chiefly remembered for some sessions he cut in 1956 that resulted in no hits, but just about defined rockabilly as an art-form – in fact as a new musical life-form. This album, one of the first-ever rockabilly LPs, is still the best-ever rockabilly LP. From the early 1960s, collectors were paying big money for it. When musicologists and musicians deconstruct rockabilly and when revivalists reconstruct it, they’re trying to unravel the magic of Johnny Burnette and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio. The guitar solo on Train Kept A’Rollin’ alone is one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll guitar solos ever!

    The afterlife of this music is astonishing. In 1965, the Yardbirds recorded The Train Kept a’Rollin’, and in 1966, British Decca reissued the original Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio LP. Most of the Trio recordings have been in print since, and the list of covers grows year by year. Aerosmith did The Train Kept A’Rolling, as did Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and many others. Los Lobos revived Lonesome Tears in My Eyes. You can hear echoes of this LP in every rockabilly and roots revival band, and you can hear their indirect influence in the most unexpected places (John Lennon’s little coda instrumental coda at the end of The Ballad of John and Yoko is adapted from Lonesome Tears in My Eyes).

    Now Johnny Burnette And The Rock ’n Roll Trio is back where it always belonged – on shimmering 180g vinyl, newly remastered and sounding better than ever!

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  • Setzer Brian - Rockabilly Riot! – All Original (CD)


    Upea albumi Brianiltä! Kunnon rockabillyä!

    “I think the only way you can make a better rockabilly record is if you get Elvis to sing…” – Brian Setzer

    Iconic guitarist, songwriter and vocalist BRIAN SETZER will release ROCKABILLY RIOT: ALL ORIGINAL–a straight-ahead rockabilly album from start to finish–via Surfdog Records Tuesday, August 12. The new album, featuring the high-octane first single “Let’s Shake,” marks SETZER’s first studio album since 2011’s Grammy Award-nominated album, Setzer Goes Instru-Mental!.

    ROCKABILLY RIOT: ALL ORIGINAL thrillingly comes alive with 12 new and original songs in pure rockabilly fashion. SETZER brings his trademark twang and fretboard fire, and he’s backed by three musicians that he says “are the best in their craft”: Mark Winchester (bass), Kevin McKendree (piano) and Noah Levy (drums). Recorded in Nashville, the album was produced by Peter Collins (who’s handled the same honors for SETZER albums Vavoom! and The Dirty Boogie. “It’s funny how English people seem to have a more sensibility about what rockabilly music is, even though it was invented in the South says SETZER. “They seem to know what it should sound like. Peter Collins is experienced and an accomplished producer, he’s done a lot of records, but he loves rockabilly music and he knows what it should sound like.”

    As SETZER explains about ROCKABILLY RIOT: ALL ORIGINAL, “I think this album sounds to me a little bit like the first Stray Cats record…it’s rockabilly songs. It’s not just blues songs in the rockabilly style. People like to call it ‘neo-billy’ I suppose, which is some invented word that somebody came up with, but if that’s the word they want to use, I’d like to go with that because it sounds to me like it’s very modern and fresh sounding rockabilly.”

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  • Demented Are Go - Original Albums Boxset (3CD/1DVD) (CD)


    One of THE great psychobilly bands, Demented Are Go blazed a furious trail through the 1980s with their increasingly rampant blend of rockabilly, punk rock and outsider instincts. This four disc set brings together their first four albums, originally issued on ID and Link Records, with a two show live film (including a recording from the Legendary Klub Foot).

    These albums continue to be in demand from new blood psychobilly fans and collectors alike, and the scene continues to thrive around the world. It is currently enjoying a huge renaissance in South America and Russia, for example, and remains very popular throughout Europe and in pockets of Asia.

    •    Albums packaged in mini LP replica wallets, and presented – along with a booklet – in a hard clamshell case.

    •    Mastered by The Sharks’ ‘Alan Wilson’.

    •    Contains countless classic originals and remarkable cover versions.

    •    Four albums and two live films across a 3CD/DVD set

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  • Meteors - Original Albums Collection 5CD Boxset (CD)


    Vihdoinkin uusintajulkaisu. 5 Anagram albumia samassa paketissa.

    ince the dawn of time, psychobilly originators and figureheads The Meteors have set the standard for the angry blend of rockabilly, punk and dirty sci-fi horror blues that continues to find new fans around the world. Beloved of bikers, punks, rockabillies, goths, rockers, cowgirls and indie boys alike for over thirty years, the gaggle of pissed off boys who emerged from a succession of London rockabilly bands as the grim 70s lurched into the 80s has slowly mutated into a worldwide phenomenon, legends in their own lifetime and Godfathers of a scene that refused to die.

    This set – comprising five studio albums originally released between 1984 and 1988 – captures the band in their heyday, pummelling their way through seventy five album tracks, single mixes and b-sides. Packaged in individual LP sleeve replica wallets and a hard clamshell box, these records are ripe for rediscovery and re-examination, as is the psychobilly movement as a whole.

    ➢    5 Albums originally released in 1984-1988
    ➢    Plus bonus tracks – single mixes and b-sides
    ➢    LP sleeve replica wallets
    ➢    Booklet contains sleevenotes, relevant single sleeve packshots etc
    ➢    75 tracks, including b-sides and single mixes

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  • Various - Rockabilly Roads Vol 4 (Käytetty CD)


    Jo neljänteen osaansa ennättänyt Rockabilly Roads” esittelee jälleen kerran parasta otantaa tämän päivän rockabillysta ja sen liepeiltä. Tällä kertaa mukana mm. JLT (John Lindberg Trio), Reverend Horton Heat, Los Straitjackets ja Suomea edustava 20th Flight Rockers.”

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  • Presley Elvis - The King Holds Court 3CD (CD)


    The King Holds Court
    Tuesday, August 28, 1973 Dinner Show & Wednesday, August 29, Dinner & Midnight Shows, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

    Following the remarkable success of our earlier 3CD set ”On A Winning Streak”, Straight Arrow is pleased to announce another 3CD collection featuring three more unreleased shows from the Summer 1973 engagement in excellent quality audience recorded audio.

    The three shows are all strong shows, with Elvis vocally strong (much more than in February ’73) and delivering a very varied selection of songs at each of the shows. It’s clear that he is in his element here, as his entertaining interaction with the audience and his knock-out vocal performances amply demonstrate. The presence of his daughter Lisa Marie inspires Elvis to give his best. These shows are a delight, and especially in this clear vibrant audience recorded audio that gives you a true ”you are there” feel, they make for captivating listening. The August 28, 1973 D/S and August 29, 1973 D/S and M/S are previously unreleased. A few highlights from the (previously released) August 28, 1973 M/S were added. All 3 shows are taken from 1st generation copies of original audience recorded cassettes, made back in the 70s by English super-fan Rex Martin. Every second was digitally restored, every click manually removed, every drop-out fixed to achieve optimal listening pleasure. Ask your local dealer for samples to judge for yourself! If you enjoyed the ”On A Winning Streak” set, then you will definitely not be disappointed by its sequel, ”The King Holds Court”!

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  • Berry Chuck - Rock And Roll Music Any Old Way You Choose It – The Complete Studio Recordings 16-CD + 2 BOOKS BOXSET (CD)


    16-CD boxed set (28 x 28 x 6 cms ) with 2 hardcover books (356 total pages) in a clothbound slipcase, 396 tracks, total playing time: 21 hours and 11 minutes.

    ”If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ’Chuck Berry.'” (John Lennon)

    Since our launch in 1975, we at Bear Family have wanted to honor Chuck Berry. There have been endless Chuck Berry compilations—more than anyone could possibly tabulate, but we wanted to do the ultimate Chuck Berry compilation, containing:

    • Every single and LP track, starting with a rare pre-Chess single with Joe Alexander from 1954!
    • All the celebrated and legendary Chess singles and album cuts from 1955 to 1966 and from 1969 to 1974.
    • All the Mercury recordings, and the Atco album. Every surviving alternate take as well.
    • Classic Live Recordings from 1956 to 1972.
    • Exclusive introduction by Sir Paul McCartney.

    But there’s more!
    Expatriate British photographer Bill Greensmith lives in St. Louis and a few years back he found the photo archive of Chuck Berry’s uncle, Harry Davis. Included are many previously unseen images of Chuck performing in St. Louis and hanging out with friends and family. In these images, Chuck is unguarded and relaxed. We also see him performing at blues nightspots in and around St. Louis before he was famous. These photos, included with this set in a high quality 104-page hardbound book, will open your eyes to Chuck Berry as you’ve never seen him.

    Plus, there’s a second 252-page hardbound book with a definitive essay from Chuck’s biographer, Bruce Pegg, additional texts by Mike Snow and Roger Fairhurst, a comprehensive discography by Fred Rothwell, hundreds of published and unpublished photos, including several images made by respected French photographer Jean-Marie Perrier in 1964.

    In other words, everything you want by Chuck Berry in one place!
    The last word on the first name in Rock ‘n’ Roll.

    More facts on Chuck Berry:

    • In Rolling Stone’s list of The Immortals—the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, Chuck Berry is listed at Number Five.
    • Six of his songs are in Rolling Stone’s Greatest 500 Songs Ever Written.
    • In Rolling Stone’s Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time, Johnny B. Goode is Number One.
    • He was a Kennedy Center honoree in 2000. He received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1984.
    • When he was in the first round of inductees into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, his induction read: While no individual can be said to have invented rock and roll, Chuck Berry comes the closest of any single figure to being the one who put all the essential pieces together. It was his particular genius to graft country & western guitar licks onto a rhythm & blues chassis in his very first single, ’Maybellene’.
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  • Matchbox - The Magnet Records Singles Collection 2CD (CD)


    Hieno single kokoelma! Kaikki Magnet singlet samassa paketissa!

    •    First ever round up of every A & B side issued by Rockabilly revival legends Matchbox during their heyday with Magnet Records

    •    This 32 track double CD includes all of their UK hit singles – ‘Rockabilly Rebel’ (No.18), ‘Buzz Buzz A Diddle It’ (No.22), ‘Midnite Dynamos’ (No.14), ‘When You Ask About Love’ (No.4), ‘Over The Rainbow’ (No.15), ‘Babes In The Wood’ (No.46), ‘Love’s  Made A Fool Of You’ (No.63) and ‘One More Saturday Night’ (No. 63)

    •    Also features a very rare duet with the legendary Kirsty MacColl on the single ‘I Want Out’

    •    Two previously Japanese only A sides have also been added and make their debut on CD

    •    A further six tracks included here are also appearing on CD for the first time

    •    Booklet contains detailed notes on each single plus pictures of all relevant sleeves and the whole project has been mastered to the highest standard by Tim Turan

    •    The band are still gigging to this very day, appearing at all of the leading Rock N Roll Festivals across Europe, particularly in Scandinavia where they remain a major attraction on the live circuit

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  • Johnny Trouble - That’s Love (CD)


    Vihdoinkin uusintapainos! Viimeisenpäälle loistava albumi!

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