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  • Various - American Music Library – The Hits Of 1959 (3CD Boxset) (CD)


    The American Music Library is a major new series from Fantastic Voyage and is sure to be of considerable interest to music lovers with an interest in accumulating a substantial collection of hit singles and in particular our British Hit Parade collectors. The American Music Library celebrates US hit singles big and small. Concentrating on only those singles that did not chart in the UK, it deliberately avoids duplication of tracks on compilations like the British Hit Parade series, which many collectors have assiduously purchased over the years.

    The Hits Of 1959 is a 90-track 3CD set which features:

    All 37 US Pop 10 hits from 1959 that didn’t make the UK chart

    All 10 additional US Country and R&B chart-toppers that evaded the US Pop Top 10 (and again didn’t make the UK charts)

    An additional 43 hits from the US Pop Hot 100 that didn’t make the UK charts

    Subsequent volumes in the series, which is compiled and annotated by Austin Powell, will celebrate the hits of different years from the Fifties and Sixties, and it is our intention to also release companion volumes, which will dig deeper into the rich pickings that are the US Pop Hot 100, as well as singles that stalled in the Bubbling Under The Hot 100 chart. By doing so, the American Music Library will present all the biggest hits of each year and a substantial number of lesser hits, including many hard to find on CD.

    America was the engine room of the world’s pop music in the late fifties; their music industry was far more mature than that in any other country and a plethora of small independent labels were able to compete quite efficiently with the likes of RCA, Decca, Capitol, MGM and the other “majors” that had been in business since the forties or even earlier. So, a Top 10 hit in America would translate into a hit in many other world territories…most of the time. Eleven of America’s number ones that year made the UK charts and many of the Top 10-ers did the same, but far from all of them replicated their American success in the UK, as this collection amply demonstrates. If an American Top 10 hit of 1959 made the UK charts, you’ll readily find it on the two British Hit Parade releases on Fantastic Voyage (FVQD036 and FVQD037). Here we present a real overview of the American music scene of 1959, all the Top 10 hits that didn’t make the UK charts, the biggest country and R&B hits that also failed to chart in the UK, as well as a selection of other Hot 100 hits for your enjoyment.

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