01. When You Come Around 02. Get With It 03. Bottle To The Baby 04. Tongeud -Tied Jill 05. Why don't You 06. Everybody(s Lovin' My Baby 07. One Hand Loos

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  • Feathers Charlie - Jungle Fever 1955 – 1962 Recordings (CD)


    This special collector’s edition contains 30 remastered recordings by Charlie Feathers, consisting of a selection of the magnificent tunes he made at his peak for different labels (such as Sun, Meteor, Kay, Wal-May and King Records) between 1955 and 1962. All of his most famous songs and enduring singles are featured on this great CD, which is a quintessential testament to the true genius of rockabilly’s main man, the late, great Charlie Feathers. PERSONNEL: CHARLIE FEATHERS, lead vocals & guitar, plus: JERRY HUFFMAN, ROLAND JANES, guitar JODY CHASTAIN, bass JIMMY SWORDS, drums Recorded in Memphis, Nashville and Cincinnati, between 1955 and 1962. INCLUDES 16-PAGE BOOKLET 75 min of rockin’ Rockabilly !

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