1. Sunny Afternoon 2. Bull 3. I Won't Stand In Your Way 4. Bitchcraft 5. Runaway Boys 6. Makes Me Happy 7. It's Still Rock n' Roll To Me 8. Melina 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 10. Cal

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  • Drake Bell - Ready Steady Go! (CD)


    Executive Produced by icon Brian Setzer / Produced by the legendary Peter Collins. Drake Bell is one of the most popular TV stars in Nickleoden’s history, but his talent goes way beyond acting with music being his first love. Drake has just made the most rockin’ and exciting album of his career. Wait till you can hear this collection of melodic pop, and at the same time hard-hitting rock n’ roll on his new record coming May 26, 2014. Drake’s millions of fans around the world (and many new ones to come) will be very happy with what they hear and so will you! Star of Drake & Josh TV show and 3 movies: Has won 10 Kids’ Choice Awards and has been writing and recording his own songs since he was a teenager, including the theme song to Drake & Josh. His first guitar was a Brian Setzer Gretsch, who has been his guitar god since he was 12 yrs old & was taught guitar by Roger Daltrey. He was the voice of Spider-Man in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man!

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