01. Blue Suede Shoes 2:20 02. I Got A Woman 3:20 03. All Shook Up 3:07 04. Love Me Tender 2:38 05. Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel 2:44 06. Heartbreak Hotel 2:22 07. Hound Dog 4:48 3:57 08.

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  • Presley Elvis - The Return To Vegas (CD)


    1969 vuoden Live keikka Vegasista. Taattua matskua.

    FTD is pleased to announce its new June 2014 releases. Both ’The Return To Vegas’ and ’Nashville To Memphis ’61’ will be released the last week of June.

    This is the official release of the soundboard recording that Joan Deary planned as a double album release back in the late seventies. It’s the earliest known professional recording from Elvis’ 1969 engagement in Las Vegas. The original tape box has ’opening night’ written on the back, but that’s not the real date. Some experts believe it’s from August 3, but we have no information whatsoever to suggest a certain date.

    However, the arrangements seem to suggest that this show is definitely several days earlier than the shows RCA recorded from August 20 and onwards. Why Joan Deary edited and mastered this for release is another mystery, since she of course had all the shows RCA recorded on 8-track tape with audio in substantially better quality.

    This release comes in a 7″ digi-pack with a 12-page booklet, featuring great photos from the collections of Steve Barile & Jim Patino, and a foreword by Ken Sharp.
    – See more at: http://shop.elvis.com.au/prod982.htm#sthash.6fj8dAlT.dpuf

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