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  • Dees Sam - It’s Over – 70s Songwriter Demos And Masters (CD)

    • In the 1990s we released two critically acclaimed and massively popular CDs by the great singer/songwriter Sam Dees. These were sourced from his work as a recording artist and songwriter for Clinton Moon’s Showtime Productions based in Birmingham, Alabama. Some were demos and some finished masters, possibly recorded for a second album following the one released on Atlantic in 1975.


    • More tapes of equivalent quality from this period have come to light and these are included with some tracks which only made it onto compilation CDs at the time, his Clintone 45 release, and a couple of alternate takes from “The Show Must Go On” LP to make the third and final release from this creative and productive era.


    • A teaser track, ‘Married But I’m Still In Love With You’, came out on our recent Sam Dees vinyl LP and this first-rate ballad makes its CD debut here. Totally new compositions are the ballads ‘We’ve Got To Get It Together’ and the sparse but beautiful ‘Child’s Play’. Songs such as ‘Today Is A New Day’ and ‘Singing In Poverty’ are representative of Sam’s socially conscious period. There are uptempo offerings, ideal for the dancefloor including ‘Total Love’, ‘A Case Of The Boogie’ and the sensual ‘Gimme A Little Action’, and there are just great Dees-penned songs of universal interest like ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’ and ‘What Good Is A Love’.


    • Recordings that Sam Dees fans will recognise but not in this format are alternate mixes and instrumentation of ‘So Tied Up’ and ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ from his “The Show Must Go On” LP. There is also a new version of Alpaca Phase Three’s ‘Someone To Run To’ featuring an unheard Sam rap, while ‘Touch Me With Your Love’ is extended from our previous CD release by a minute or more. There are only 19 tracks as two or three of the new finds were deemed below Sam’s very high standard but we have well over an hour’s worth to augment and finish Kent’s involvement with this productive period of inspired soul music.
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