1. Dream of Christmas Day 02:58 2. (Have I Been) Naughty or Nice 03:07 3. Ride Santa Ride 02:50 4. New Year's Day My Way 02:47 5. Holly Jolly Rock & Roll Party 02:24 6. Crime Scene Christmas 0

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  • Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene - It’s a Crime Scene Christmas! (CD)

    On ”It’s a Crime Scene Christmas,” we find a vivacious Kerry Pastine exuding the spirit, joy and good cheer with which the yuletide season is usually equated. Of course, the men piloting this hot rod sleigh are the one-and-only ”Crime Scene.” This unruly gang of roots rock & roll instrumentalists perform with a verve that has not been felt since the days of the swingin ‘60s! Oh yes, Pauly Six, Mad Dog and Lance Romance produce a magical winter wonderland of sound, of which Kerry effortlessly skates across to bring you the sweet sounds of these wondrous modern holidays.

    On this offering, the Crime Scene is simply overflowing with the spirit of the season. The band clocks in a whopping eight original tunes that are certain to become an integral part of the traditional holiday music canon. Or, in the case of the Crime Scene, is it more of a holiday music ”cannon?” Mindful that Christmas albums normally highlight the religious and the solemn, Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene chose in this album to instead stress the festive aspect of the holidays. Hence the liberty employed in the band’s selection of songwriting topics. As if to ask: Why not enjoy the spirits, joy and happiness of Christmas all of the year ’round?

    So here is ”It’s a Crime Scene Christmas” — eight happy, winter songs, delivered in such a way that suggests that yours be a rockin’ Christmas and a swingin’ New Year!


    released November 4, 2015

    Kerry Pastine – Lead & backing vocals
    Pauly Six – Guitars, vocals, keys
    Lance Romance – Upright bass, vocals
    Mad Dog – Stand-up drums, vocals

    All songs written by Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene.

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