1. All The Time In The World - Stevie Kimble

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  • Various - Don’t Blow Your Cool! More 60s Girls From UK Decca (CD)


    With the original vinyl compilation Girl Zone in 1986, Ace Records became the first reissue company to plunder Decca Records 1960s female catalogue.

    No-one really knew whether there was a demand, so it was something of a gamble. Happily, reaction was positive and the album sold well. Fast forward 30 years, and their similarly themed Love Hit Me! collection became one of their top-selling releases of 2016. Having established that there’s still a demand, Ace now present Don’t Blow Your Cool!, their latest sumptuously packaged all-female Decca anthology. Along with a hand-picked selection of proven fan favourites, with the more avid of collectors in mind, the compilation includes ultra-rare French language versions of Summer Nights by Marianne Faithfull and You Just Gotta Know My Mind by Dana Gillespie, plus other new-to-CD tracks by visiting American Joy Marshall, folk-rocker Beverley, Marvettes lead singer Margo, much-loved girl group the Orchids and, with her Goldfinger -style theme from cult favourite TV series Adam Adamant Lives, lip-gloss queen Kathy Kirby. Compilation and notes by girl-pop buffs Mick Patrick and Ian Chapman (just like back in 1986).

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