CD11. Poor Little Jesus2. Balded Headed Woman3. Motherless Children4. I Knew Where I’m Going5. The Foggy Dew6. I

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  • Odetta - My Eyes Have Seen / The Tin Angel / At The Gate Of Horn + 10 bonus tracks (2CD) (CD)


    • Martin Luther King, Jr. called Odetta the Queen of American folk music. She was one of the first female singers to forge the bond between traditional tunes and more contemporary forms, such as the blues, gospel music and protest songs. With her strong, booming voice and spare guitar, she sang songs about the lives of blue-collar workers and convicts, housewives and peasants, blacks and whites.

    This essential 2-CD set includes three of Odetta’s finest studio albums from her most inspired years: the influential LP My Eyes Have Seen (Vanguard, 1959), plus the equally splendid and long unavailable albums, The Tin Angel (Fantasy 1958), and At the Gate of Horn (Tradition, 1957). These three long-plays are widely regarded as landmarks of the late-’50s folk & blues revival. They have been remastered and packaged together in this very special collector’s edition, which also includes 10 bonus tracks from the same period.

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