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  • Mario Cobo And His Guitar Posse - Burnin’ Daylight (CD)

    Mario Cobo had been trying to get this LP done for years, but between his projects with Hispano-rockabilly legends the NuNiles, Texan spitfire Kim Lenz & her Jaguars, instrumentalists Los Mambo Jambo, Western swingers Los Locos del Oeste and his current gig with the king of Spanish rock and roll Loquillo, not to mention a host of other collaborations, there was just never time … But now, after months of intense work, we can finally bring you BURNIN’ DAYLIGHT WITH MARIO COBO AND HIS GUITAR POSSE on Sleazy Records.
    To quote Cobo himself, the album “is a tribute to those styles of music that have been part of me for years – listening to them, researching them and, obviously, playing them. To make the record I used a number of string instruments that I had to hand: electric guitars, an acoustic baritone guitar, a Fender Bass VI, a four-string bass, a steel guitar, a ukulele and even a Clavioline, one of the earliest portable synthesisers from the 1940s. During the recording I experimented with various different amps, mics and, of course, different recording techniques”.
    The lone star of the project takes us on a journey across a landscape of his personal tastes, with echoes of artists like Les Paul, Grady Martin, Jimmy Bryant, Jerry Byrd, Santo & Johnny, Link Wray, Buddy Merrill, Hank Garland, Chet Atkins, Phil Baugh, George Barnes, Roy Lanham and many others of the six-string magicians from the early fifties to the mid-sixties who gave the instrument a voice so personal yet so universal that the recordings found their way into millions of record collections across the world.
    Mario Cobo is accompanied on the record by a selection of friends from his many recording sessions of the past few years.
    Anton Jarl (drums – Los Mambo Jambo)
    Ivan Kovacevic (stand-up bass – Los Mambo Jambo / The NuNiles)

    Josep Lluis Perez (guitar / steel guitar – El Último de la Fila / Los Rápidos )

    El Lega (Guitars – Legacaster)

    Dani Nel.lo (Sax – Los Rebeldes / Los Mambo Jambo)

    Agustí Burriel (backing vocals – The Velvet Candles)

    Javier R Cortés (stand-up bass – Los Locos del Oeste)
    This is a record for dancing to, listening to and just generally enjoying. The aim is to get back to the fabulous sound of the electric guitar through great tunes and unforgettable riffs, with one eye on the past and both feet in the present. It’ll take the listeners over a range of soundscapes and aural experiences, letting their imaginations fly and soar … you know, maybe this is too much talking. Maybe the best thing is simply to drop the record onto the hi-fi, turn up the volume and just let yourself go with Mario Cobo and his BURNIN’ DAYLIGHT.
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