Side 1 The Way I Walk (Jack Scott) Everybody’s Movin’ (Glen Glenn) Please Give Me Something (Bill Allen)

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  • Various - Look What The Cramps Dredged Up Rock’n’Roll Pearls From The Big Beat Deep – 2LP (LP)


    Rock’n’Roll Pearls From The Big Beat Deep

    Over four sides of vinyl, Lucky Parker unearths nuggets from the rock’n’roll era, as resurrected by American band The Cramps. Formed in 1976, with singer Lux Interior and guitarist Poison Ivy, the two constants in their line-up, The Cramps were part of New York’s diverse CBGB punk scene. Favouring a stripped-down rockabilly/garage sound, their repertoire of originals and cover versions displayed a penchant for rock & roll and rhythm & blues, and a predilection for retro science fiction and horror imagery, which saw the band come to be regarded as pioneers of the psychobilly genre, although the tag woefully fails do them full justice.

    As well as original songs, The Cramps’ albums habitually included cover versions, and Look What The Cramps Dredged Up features 32 of the tracks that were covered by the band. Although most fall into the loose category of rock’n’roll, they all possess a unifying deviancy; rock’n’roll at its most wildly primal and juvenile, the freakish teen music Lux & Ivy idolised and aspired to refashion.  Despite their cohesive character, these discoveries vary widely in style, from the peerless balladry of Ricky Nelson to the abandoned rockabilly of Johnny Burnette and the frankly unhinged sound of Fat Daddy Holmes. Rhythm & blues numbers range from Andre Williams’ greasy Bacon Fat to Little Willie John’s timeless Fever and The Top Notes’ pre-Isley Brothers original of Twist & Shout. Throw into the mix Link Wray’s sinister instrumental Rumble, the B-movie horror of The Frantics’ The Werewolf, plus classic sides by Carl Perkins, Richard Berry and Wanda Jackson, and you have a fantastic cross section of The Cramps’ jukebox.

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