"1. Deep Elem Blues 2. A Rip Rip-Snortin; Two-Gun Gal 3. Monkeys Is The Cwaziest People 4. Gonna Have A Feast Here Tonight 5. Hi-Falutin Newton

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  • Montana Patsy - And Prairie Ramblers (Käytetty LP/12)


    The tunes on this 1984 entry in Columbia’s Historic Edition” series are as colorful as the album cover. Not exactly ”Western Swing,” but the line begins to blur between some of this stuff and related areas such as ”bluegrass,” ”hokum,” and ”honkytonk.” Patsy’s biggest hit ”I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” is here, among 11 other ”good-time” tracks that feature the fabulous Prairie Ramblers, also known as the ”Sweet Violet Boys.” Everyone here is having a great time. One number, ”There’s A Man That Comes to Our House,” featuring great clarinet by Willie Thawl, is worth whatever you have to do to acquire a copy of this record. Patsy and the Ramblers probably deserve a page of their own, but one (*sigh*) can only do so much.”

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