Side A: 1 Stubborn Kinda Fella 2:452 Pride & Joy 2:393 Hitch Hike 2:334 Get My Hands On Some Lovin’ 2:275 Wherever I Lay My Hat 2:1

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  • Gaye Marvin - That Stubborn Kinda Fellow (180g) (LP)


    • Known throughout the mid- and late ‘60s as “The Prince of Motown”, Marvin Gaye (Marvin Pentz Gay, April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984) won the hearts of countless fans for his soulful crooning. One of the reasons he became the top-selling male vocalist for Tamla/Motown Records was his insistence on having things done exactly the way he wanted. Blessed with a mellifluous tenor and a three-octave vocal range, Gaye was one of the most consistent and enigmatic of the Motown hitmakers. His career exemplified the maturation of soul and African-American pop into a sophisticated form spanning social and sexual politics. Gaye’s unwillingness to compromise forever changed the game with Motown, and paved the way for other artists to write and produce for themselves and to be free to make their own decisions.

    This collector’s edition contains Gaye’s second LP, That Stubborn Kinda Fellow, which was released in 1962 by Tamla Records (a subsidiary of Motown Records). Unlike his first album, The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye, which consisted largely of jazz and blues, Gaye’s second effort was pure soul and R&B. It sold much better and received more critical acclaim than his first LP. The songs contained on That Stubborn Kinda Fellow constitute the first hits of Gaye’s career (including the first version of “Wherever I Lay My Hat”) and helped establish him as one of the most important artists of the legendary Detroit record label. Two further songs have been added as bonus tracks: ”Hey Little Schoolgirl” (which was produced by and features the legendary Bo Diddley), and a rare song which was cut during Gaye’s time as a member of the R&B group Harvey & The Moonglows (under the direction of Harvey Fuqua).

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