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  • Smith Connie - The Hurtin’s All Over – RCA Country Hits 1964-1972 (CD)


    Connie Smith is still the only female vocalist to have taken her debut single and album to #1. To this day, that single `Once A Day’ holds the record for the most weeks at #1 for a record by a female singer – 8 in total, running from November 1964 until January 1965. `Once A Day’ was also the biggest selling country 45 of 1964.

    Connie received three individual Grammy nominations in 1965, for Best Country Single, Best Country Artist and Best Female Country Performance and two consecutive Billboard awards for Most Promising Female Country Artists in 1964 and 1965 – another unequalled achievement for Ms. Smith.

    All but three of the 27 RCA singles that followed `Once A Day’ into the charts peaked inside the Top 20. Equally impressively, 20 made the Top 10, showing that her fan base was both loyal and lifelong. A total of 24 of them can be found in this welcome collection of recorded highlights of Connie’s RCA tenure.

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