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  • Don Diego Trio - Roadhouse Stomp – 17 Great Truck Griving Song (CD)


    The DON DIEGO trio
    featuring the deep voice, the flying guitar and the powerful drums of the Adels

    Jim Heat (Reverend Horton Heat): Diego is a ripping guitar player!!!

    Mark Harman (Restless, Space Cadets): I first met Don Diego about four years ago when he invited me to come to Italy to play with his band the Adels. I’d already heard about this red hot guitarist and vocalsit from Sicily throught the Rockabilly Grapevine and I was happy to go out and stand toe to toe with him and play some good Rock ’n’ Roll. I was amazed at just how great the band was…it was easy for them to play whatever I wanted to play…………..but I was even more amazed at the incredible talent that is Don Diego. As good a guitar man as anybody in the world, he is a true musician with his own untouchable style. He is also true to his music, which when you hear, you will instantly realise comes directly from his heart. I’m proud to say that over the years we have become great friends and we rip it up together as often as the fates allow. I hope we continue to do so, well into our old age and beyond!!!

    Chris Casello (Nashville’s telemaster): I have worked with Don Diego he is a dedicated musician who can bring fire and humor into both his show and his playing. He’s good, perhaps a little too good. Truly a guitar threat from Sicily!

    Don Diego Geraci: Guitar / Vocals
    Sandro Pittari: Drums
    Luca Chiappara: Slap  Bass

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