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  • Howlin` Bill - Hungry (CD)


    It’s not easy to pin down a band like Howlin’ Bill in a few words it would not do them justice. They mainly perform original songs, with occasionally some carefully chosen covers thrown in the mix for good measure. The Howlin’ Bill recipe is a blend of Blues, Rock ’n’ Roll, Boogie and Rockabilly. This band travels the Blues Highway, but also dares to wander of the beaten path to explore little know back roads, visiting different styles of Rhythm N’ Roots along their journey. There is however always a common denominator present every song on the set list possesses a high dose of hip-shaking content.

    Howlin’ Bill has worked hard to achieve his musical goals; writing, recording and relentlessly playing in every nook and cranny of the Benelux countries. The band released their debut album Cool It in 2003. Exceptionally well received by fans and media alike, it encouraged Bill and his cohorts to record the follow-up, entitled Strike in 2006. In 2009, during a sold-out concert at Belgium’s Temple Of Rock, venue, the Ancienne Belgique, Howlin Bill recorded an electrifying live album. That night, Howlin’ Bill became larger than life, quite a feat considering the man himself stands six feet five tall on bare feet. This live album accurately documented an exhilarating performance of pumping roots-based Blues and Rock, with lyrics about good women gone bad, booze, worn-out shoes, and the trials and tribulations of romantic love in short, the album featured sixteen songs about real life as most people know it. And the band kept on touring: performing no less than three times at the Belgium Rhythm ’N’ Blues Festival in Peer, playing at the Cahors Blues Festival, Terri Thouars Blues Festival, and Blues au Chateau in France, while in Sweden they were welcomed to perform at the Mönsterås Blues Fest, the Norrtälje Blues Fest, the Linköping Jazz & Blues Festival and the Åmål’s Blues Fest. In Germany, Poland and Switzerland, they were respectively billed at the Blues in Lehrte Festival, the Jesien & Bluesem Festival and the Frauenfeld Blues. Howlin Bill was pronounced winner of the 1st European Blues Challenge in Berlin in March 2011 and was subsequently invited to perform at yet more prestigious festivals around Europe, including the Notodden Blues Festival in Norway, the Lucerne Blues Festival in Switzerland and the Blues sur Seine Festival in France. In celebration of their victory they released the 12 vinyl EP Howl , produced by Kai Strauss. Next came Date With The Devil, released in 2012, an album, once again, lauded by aficionados and critics alike. In 2013, in view of achieving larger sales figures for future albums, Howlin Bill and Blues Boulevard Records decided to collaborate on the release of ’Midnight Hero,’ a two-disc compilation with disc one containing tracks culled from all three previous studio albums, as well as four tracks from the vinyl LP which were previously unreleased on compact disc, and disc two featuring the entire live album recorded at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Backed by drummer Daddy T and bass player Walkin Winne, his rock solid rhythm section, and with ace-guitar-player Little Jimmy, who recently re-joined the line-up, Howlin Bill and his bottomless deep voice and howlin harp continue to entertain and razzle-dazzle audiences everywhere. On November 1, 2014, Howlin Bill will perform at the Theadrôme (Heistraat 56, 2610 Wilrijk/ Antwerp, Belgium), celebrating not only his 15th anniversary as an entertainer pur sang, but also the release of Hungry, the brand-new studio album showcasing the artist s unique mixture of Blues, Rock & Roll and Rockabilly. This might just set him up for the next 15 years…or more!

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