- A -1 Bustin' Surfboards 2:282 Beyond the Surf 2:193 Moon Dawg 2:184 Shootin' Beavers 2:005 Bumble Bee Stomp 3:146 The Gremmie 2:327 The Inebriated Sur

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  • Tornadoes - The Best Of – Beyond The Surf (LP)


    The Tornadoes ‎- Beyond The Surf – Nobody from the tidal wave of surf combos inundating Southern California in the early ’60s did it any gnarlier than the Tornadoes, in hot water immediately for titling an early single ”Shootin’ Beavers.” Whatta sound!!! Whatta band!!! Our new vinyl release collects the hit ?Bustin? Surfboards,? adds the best of the group’s material from their ultra-rare album and scarce singles and gives you a couple originally-unissued massive reverb swats! A limited edition from the original masters, pressed on blue vinyl!! Shoot That Beaver!!!!!

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