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  • Various - Beale Street Saturday Night (LP)


    Beale Street Saturday Night is much more than a music recording. It is an audio documentary which allows us to travel back in time and hear the story of Beale Street and the blues from people who actually lived the history. Recorded in 1976 and first released in 1978, the project was curated by James Luther Dickenson and was a fundraiser to help save the historic Orpheum Theatre. Beale Street was in serious danger of disappearing due to urban redevelopment. Thank goodness that did not happen. And with this recording, we get to hear stsinger-songwriterories and songs that might otherwise be lost. Participants include Sid Selvidge, Sleepy John Estes, Furry Lewis and Teeny Hodges along with Dickenson himself and his band Mud Boy& The Neutrons.

    This is the first re-release of the classic album, curated by Luther Dickenson and the Dickenson family. It is full of authentic music and fascinating tales and belongs in the library of every blues lover or music historian.

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