"1. The Peace River Rangers: Teen Age Boogie; feat. Bob Regan guitar2. Keray Regan: Vibratin'3. Rudy Hayden & The Country Boys: Want Me A Woman4. Rudy Hayden & Th

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  • Various - Real Gone Aragon – Vol. 1 – Roots, Rockers & Rockabillys (CD)


    Al Reusch, d.j. and musician/big band leader, started Aragon Recording Studios in Vancouver on Canada’s west coast in 1946. Aragon Records followed in ’47, when a Scottish piper wanted to make some recordings. The label found its niche with the fourth release, Keray Regan’s local country smash, My Home By The Fraser. a song that’s still requested locally today! In 1957, Al taped some of the first Rock-A-Billy and Rock ’n’ Roll recorded in Canada. Like Sam Phillips in Memphis, he would sometimes sell his sessions to other labels. That’s how Keray Regan’s first stab at Rock ’n’ Roll, Vibratin’, ended up on London Records. Musicians or their managers, like Allen Parker (aka Sipson P. Kloop) would contract the studio, then arrange their own releases ie. Les Vogt’s The Blamers/Moon Rocketin’, released on Sparton Records.

    The biggest international hit record to come out of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Terry Jacks’ Seasons In The Sun, was recorded in the Aragon Recording Studios. But the music on this compilation comes from earlier, rockin’ times. There was a sense of adventure in the air. Elvis was appearing in Vancouver, and Canada’s west coast had that great, shakin’ fever. The world of rock ’n’ roll archaeology still has some surprises. One of them from Vancouver! Sadly, though, Al Reusch, Mister Aragon, died on February 14, 2000, aged 86, and thus didn’t live to see this part of his musical legacy live on.

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