01. A Butcher’s Tale02. Eat Your Soul03. Hyperdrive04. The Deal05. El Camino Del Amor06. Midnight Madness07. Love Junkie08. Dynamite Lust09.

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  • Cenobites - Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions) (CD)


    Five years it has been since the ‘puzzle box’ of full-length albums has been opened, but now it’s time to unleash the Cenobites again and let them raise some hell with their brand new album “Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions)”!
    Just like the city of Rotterdam, the band’s hometown, the Cenobites have always been notorious, vicious and raw. Stompin’ throughout the world for over two decades already!
    You think touring, partying and wreckin’ for over 20 years would tame these maniacs down, but none of that! On “Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions)”, five years after the band’s last full-length “No Paradise For The Damned”, the Cenobites sound harder, faster and more demonic than ever before, bringing you the real psychobilly right here on Rebellion Records!

    So quiff up, it’s time to get down with the Cenobites again! Rotterdam psycho’s to the bone!

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