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  • Moonlight Trio - Cumbiabilly 2 (CD)


    As originators of a unique blend of musical styles called ’Cumbiabilly’, Moonlight Trio captures the sound and essence of Southern California by playing a mix of old school rock & roll, rockabilly, cumbia, and traditional Mexican music performed with a rockabilly twist.

    Founded in 2000 as Moonlight Cruisers, Moonlight Trio is comprised of L.A. music scene veterans, Tony ’T-Mac’ Macias on upright bass and brothers Aaron & Al Martinez on drums and guitar, respectively. All three members of the group trade off on lead vocals and all lend a voice to rich harmonies, while keeping the music upbeat and solid.

    The group’s first full-length album, ’Cumbiabilly Volume 1’, was released in June 2011 under FKO Records, which brought ’Cumbiabilly’ to the masses.

    Their newest FKO Records album, ’Cumbiabilly Volume 2’, was released in May 2013 and really showcases the group’s musicality and diversity with a healthy dose of original songs, traditional Mexican songs and of course, more cumbias! Moonlight Trio frequently tours Northern and Southern California, along with the Southwestern United States and European tours to such countries as Spain, France, Belgium and Netherlands. No matter if it’s a small pub, huge festival, wedding or county fair, Moonlight Trio will get you up and moving! So grab your best dance partner, a cold cerveza and get ready for a fiesta, Cumbiabilly style! Moonlight Trio ”brings the brown” to your town!

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