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  • Husky Ferlin - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD)


    From his years in Los Angeles in the 1950s recording as Terry Preston, to his time as an early pioneer of
    the Bakersfield Sound, to his extensive tours with Elvis Presley, to his alliance with Alan Freed, to his
    outrageous recordings as comic alter-ego Simon Crum, Ferlin’s talent for rockin’ and boppin’ is on full
    Explore a very different side of the smooth-voiced crooner whose 1957 recording of Gone helped usher
    in the pop-influenced Nashville Sound.
    Packed with 32 tracks, including six charting hits, two previously unissued recordings, and rarities
    released on CD for the first time.
    Beautifully illustrated booklet packed with many rare and never-seen photos.
    Extensive liner notes by Scott B. Bomar, featuring in-depth biographical information and insights culled
    from unpublished interviews with Ferlin, Jim Ed Brown, Dallas Frazier, Jan Howard, Ken Nelson, Jean
    Shepard, Leona Williams, and many others!
    Ferland Huskey was born in southeastern Missouri, and went on to be known by many names during his
    career: Ferlin Huskey, Tex Terry, Terry Preston, Ferlin Husky (without the ’e’), and Simon Crum, a
    comic alter-ego whom Ferlin demanded be treated as a separate person. The musical ground he traveled
    was as diverse as his various identities. Adept at smooth countrypolitan polish, rough-hewn backwoods
    toe-tappers, funny off-kilter novelties, earnest recitations, or rockabilly-infused boppers, one could pick
    virtually any theme and assemble a solid collection of Ferlin Husky material.
    This compilation features 32 examples of Ferlin’s ability to capture the verve of country bop, protorockabilly,
    and the rural strains that informed early rock and roll. He pulls it off, not because he’s
    putting us on, but because this music is truly one of the many sides of the multi-talented Country
    Music Hall of Famer who was known as ’Mr. Showman.’

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