01. Lost Our Blues In The City Of Rome02. Complicated Love 03. The Blues Ain't Never Fun 04. Dance Like This 05. 2.00 a.m. 06. Drink My Wine 07. Down By The S

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  • Tognoni Rob - Birra For Lira (CD)

    Originally from Australia, that other Blues master from Down Under, Dave Hole, introduced Rob
    Tognoni ((a.k.a. The Tasmanian Devil) to the rest of the world in 1994. Seventeen albums and forty
    years later Rob’s explosive blend of Classic Rock and Blues, which he plays with invigorating zeal and incomparable attack, is now being compared with the finest work by the great legends of the genre.
    Whilst a mind-blowing guitar player, able to bring on crashing power chords and driving riffs, which he plays with invigorating zeal and unrivaled attack reminiscent of the likes of Jimi Hendrix and AC/DC, there is also a subtle side to Rob’s playing, reflecting broader melodic influences that include B.B. King, and even Tony Joe White.
    Besides his fancy fretwork of catchy riffs, crushing chords, and explosive solos, Rob Tognoni possesses something that only few guitarists have; character, and his very own, very unique, instantly recognizable sound and style that stands out from anyone else’s playing. This makes him one of the most exhilarating
    electric guitar players around today, and has established him as one of the few truly electrifying Blues–Rock guitar heroes of the 21st Century. 
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