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  • Black Raven - Rockbox Revival (CD)


    Even for us it is hard to believe – it’s been exactly 10 (that’s an one and an o, so to say TEN!) years since we released our last album ”Rock in Threes”! But here we are, 5 years of hard working have come to a succesful end. In coorperation with the one and only Mick Nash of the 70ies cult band Rockin’ Devils and their unique label Hot Stuff Records we are more than proud to announce that the 4th Black Raven album you are looking at right now is out on Hot Stuff right now.

    Sure this is going to be another collector’s item soon – get it now and make us as rich as we deserve it! No need to mention that this means very very rich.

    Includes: All lyrics on th einner sleeve and of course a wonderful vinyl medium. And a brand new song from songwriter legend Kris Kristofferson that hasn’t been recorded so far and that he wanted us to record.


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