1. Here Comes My Baby

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  • West Dottie - Here Comes My Baby / Dottie West Sings (CD)


    Dottie’s first two highly acclaimed RCA albums available for the first time on CD.

    Dottie West the first female diva in Nashville to write much of her own material. Born 11th October 1932, Died 4th September 1991 in a car accident. Won a Grammy for her recording of’Here Comes My Baby’ being the first country female to do so.

    ’Here Comes My Baby ’was released in 1965 and contained two hit singles, the title track and’Didn’t I?’. ’

    Dottie West Sings ’from 1966 also contained two hits’Gettin’ Married Has Made Us Strangers’ and’No Sign of Living’. Both albums were produced by Chet Atkins

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