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  • Ashley Greg - + The Western Playboys (LP)


    Greg Ashley has tracked across the States’ metropolises, fringes and sticks for years now, releasing records under his own name and earlier on with black magic psych cult The Gris Gris. Now together with the Western Playboys, you can hear the dusty technicolor Rio Grande flowing in the veins of these new recordings. Many of these songs are Greg’s indomitable take on waltz, country swing and golden honky-tonk songwriters like Cowboy Joe Babcock and Hank Mills, but lest we forget the cover of Estrus Records’ finest garage rock nihilists The Makers. This 12″ EP plays out from start to finish like a band in a washed-out juke joint at a desert outpost from a Barry Gifford novel – strung out, sharp-witted and never dull.

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