Juke box boogie Bully wully boogie (take 3) Sunset limited Boogie in the bandbox Night life Down beat boogie Minuet in g boogie

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  • Brooks Hadda - Queen Of The Boogie and more (CD)


    Hadda Brooks has the triple distinction of being the first artist signed to the fledgling Modern Music Company, the first to release a 78 rpm single and the first to have her own album, Queen Of The Boogie on Modern. This was a collection of 78s housed in a special book, the style used until the long playing vinyl album format was introduced in 1948. Queen Of the Boogie was a showcase for Hadda’s pianistic prowess and her only album released during her first tenure with Modern. Although Ace has issued Hadda’s Modern repertoire extensively, they have never released Queen Of The Boogie as it was heard back in the mid-1940s. To coincide with Modern’s 70th anniversary they have restored the original six-track album to catalogue and augment it with a further 18 tracks, 14 previously unissued, from Hadda’s vast Modern inventory. Apart from Bully Wully Boogie and Juke Box Boogie none of these have appeared on CD before. Several are recent acetate discoveries, unearthed in the course of Ace’s ongoing research into the Modern catalogue. Whether swinging a blues or boogieing up a classical storm, Hadda was always great value musically. The four CDs that Ace has issued so far are a testament to her popularity and artistry. This fifth one further reinforces her importance, and her influence on those who followed in her musical footsteps.

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