01. Rattlesnake Man (02:43)02. Sometimes (04:13)03. The Great Pretender (04:06)04. Glory And The Grace (02:19)05. Don't Mind If I Do (04:44)06. Long Gone Love (02:3

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  • Bell Luke - Don’t Mind If I Do (CD)


    A mish-mash of several blends of old time music. Everything from Rockabilly to Honky Tonk to Western Swing is represented here, and excellently so!

    All the great styles are solidly anchored by Luke’s strong songwriting and a voice that finds one foot firmly planted in the past and one striding into the future. ”Don’t Mind If I Do” is a record that glories in the old, while still feeling fresh and new. It feels at once like something my grandfather would have listened to, and at the same time, my 6 year old nephew finds himself toe tapping and singing along! An excellent record, and I look forward to digging deeper into Luke Bell’s sure-to-be-impressive catalogue.

    Keep up the great music, Luke!

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